e****ting a special lady

This is for a certain lady , i e****t a young lady to a local pub , her fantasy is to have strangers cover her in come . but she wants to feel safe im her minder should i say, we start off getting a drink, she is dressed in a short black dress ,she has lovely gorgeous legs, slim figure ,beautiful blonde hair, whenever she walks into a room everyone notices, the bar is full of older men , shes only 18, sweet looking but also slutty at the same time. we take a seat all the men are looking at her legs crossing and uncrossing,she can see them all staring and drinking to hide the fact .they start talking to me saying im a lucky man . were not together i say. and graduly tell them she likes men mastubating over pictures of her . they all prick up there ears, and i say " go out into the beer garden , ill see want i can do " i tell her the time has come, out she walks to see 6 men they all look her up and down studying her form ,she lifts up her dress and gently strokes her shaven pussy she lies down on one of the picnic tables ,and says " WOT you waiting for you bunch of lazy wankers cover me in come " out comes a bunch of all sorts of cocks long ones, thick ones, bent ones ,but all hard, as they wank they push against her pussy ,legs,mouth, everywhere,the spunk starts to fly it lands on her pussy, her hair ,her mouth,cheeks, all over . all the men return to the bar , i on the other hand take her home , and start an evening of long hard sex.
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4 years ago
good but short & lacking details