on your bike

I would love this to happen . im out for a cycle when i spot a lady outside her car, she has a flat tyre, so being the gent that i am i offer to change it for her. plus she is a bit of a hotty, 45 yrs old but looks a lot younger, i can tell she is a bit flustered. she seems a bit upset ,so i ask her is every thing alright , after a little while it all comes out ,shes found out about her husbands affair , i tell her that im so sorry to hear that, and he must be a total idiot,she laughs a little and says she wondered why there sex life had been a total joke for the last 2 years, i take a close look at her she has short shoulder length hair,blue eyes ,light freckles on her cheeks. she's beautifull. i glance at her lovely breasts ,i can just see a faint shape of nipple . when she catches me looking . i turn a little red, when she just comes out with it God i could do with a Fuck!!!. The next turn has a picnic spot i say ill race you , as i speed off she drives behind me for a few 100 yards, watching my ass as it goes up off the saddle. she then overtakes me and turns in, as i catch up with her . she's parked and waving her white knickers out of the window. the car park is empty so i lead her onto the bonit of her car.my cock is looking large through my cycle shorts.she opens her legs i slide my cock in slowly she's so moist, and i can smell the desire on her body , as i fuck her ever so gently she moans with ectasy,i fight the need to go faster,and manage to get her to start urging me on "oh this is so good" "fuck me fuck me " i build up a bit of speed now ,she starts to judder her orgasm has started, as her orgasm subsides i pull out and turn her onto the car ,doggy style. now i have my wicked way, and fuck her as hard as i can i shoot my load into her pushing every last drop into her pussy, give her a little slap on her ass kiss her on her cheek, and we make our way back home
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4 years ago
short but good