The butchers assistant

This was how it all began, i worked as a butcher in a very nice butchers shop with a slighty older woman i was 27 she was in her 40s,large tits blonde hair and with a twinkle in her eye. she would always get on to the subject of sex.which i enjoyed, she was a very sexy woman ,one day she asked if i would rub her shoulders,as i rubbed her shoulders she new what she was doing talking about exploits, asking about mine,then she asked if there was any stiffness,"oh yes i can feel stiffness" at which point she pushed her ass towards my groin ,I can feel your cock she said push it into me .only happy to do so i sarted feeling those lovely large tits .I was in heaven with people walking past on the street outside this was happening behind the counter in the shop.she then said her fantasy was to watch someone jerk off spying on them ,I had never thought of this, never been exposing my cock to anyone I said i could do with a wank hoping she would follow me. she did not ,so from the back room i called her in . I was standind there with cock in hand standing proud ,she came in slowly not looking at my cock but at my eyes.I said ive got my cock look.... her eyes went down slowly her eyes widened,she changed, she rushed for my belt undid my trouser and started feeling my balls Im going to come ... on my hands she said, oh my god it was good she played with my spunk in her fingers . Your a dirty boy i cant belive you did that she said, neither could i . that was the beginning of lots of mutual mastubatation over the next few months then she stopped working there. hoping that one day something like this will happen with one of the customers. "NOW WASH YOUR HANDS " as every good butche does
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4 years ago
things did happen read my blog