my first weekend with charlie and susan

i thought my world was falling apart, i had nowhere to live and my boyfriend had left me.
luckily a friend of mine new a couple that lived in gloucester and might take in a lodger.
while i was with my friend she rang up the couple who i found out there names were charlie and susan.
she asked charlie if him and susan would be able to take in a lodger.
luckily charlie said they would be able to.
my friend took me around to charlie and susans and i soon hit it off with both of them. charlie said i would be welcome to stay and that they would only charge me £40.00 a week.

i moved in on the wednesday and very soon realised just how lucky i was, the house itself was beautiful, and my room had a fantastic view out over the back garden.

on the friday charlie said to me that a few of his friends were coming to stay over the weekend, and told me that they would be having lots of drinks. and that i was not to be shocked with what i saw.
i didnt have a clue what charlie meant but agreed with him anyway.

that night we had a take away meal and a few glasses of wine, he seemed to be giving susan lots of the wine and it was not very long before susan was very d***k,
it was at this point charlie asked me what my attitude to sex was.
to which i replied that i liked it but didnt get nowhere near as much as i liked.

at this point susan was virtually unconcious and charlie said to me it would be easier to show me rather than try to explain.

charlie went on to explain how susan didnt like sex but once she was d***k she would do any thing and better still couldnt remember a thing the next day.

he then said that he hoped that i didnt mind but he wanted to play with susan. i said goodnight to him and went upstairs to my bed, and for the next hour or so i was totally shocked, and also incredibly turned on.
just as i shut my door i heard charlie say to susan, fucking suck my cock you dirty bitch, i had to leave my door slightly open as i heard charlie obviously fucking susans mouth.
he did this for a while then i heard him say get on your back and get those fucking legs apart.
all i could hear for the next 10 minutes or so was the obvious sounds of charlie having sex with susan, it sounded so erotic that i was soon sliding a couple of my fingers in to my wet and waiting cunt.
i was laid back on the bed with my legs wide apart and two fingers sliding in and out of my cunt,
i suddenly heard a cough, and to my horror charlie was standing there gazing at me fingering my cunt.

charlie told me not to stop and carry on what i had been doing, i was so turned on that i did, and it was not long before i was coming.

once i had finished coming charlie sat down on the bed next to me and went on to explain.

he told me that susan hated sex when she was sober which was why he got her so d***k so as he could do whatever he wanted o her. and the best thing about her being d***k was that she couldnt remember a thing the next day.

he went on to say that this is the reason why his friends were coming round at the weekend as he had discovered how much he loved watching other men fuck his wife, safe in the knowledge that she would not remember a thing.
i must admit that the thought of a rather posh susan being abused by multiple cocks really turned me on, and i told charlie this. he said that he was sure that we would all be very happy living together, and then asked me if i would like to join in with the fun at the weekend, i told him that i thought that i would like to but wasnt to sure.
charlie told me that i would be fine and began to run his fingers up and down my cunt lips, he very soon made me cum, and saying to me what a naughty little slut i was he went back downstairs and for the next hour or so i could hear him fucking susan.

saturday evening finally arrived and five of charlies friends turned up all carrying lots of beer and wine, charlie told susan that they would get a chinese delivered, susan was more than happy with this and began to drink glass of wine after glass of wine.
the chinese soon arrived and was served with more wine for susan.

it was not long before susan was really d***k, and charlie said to me that if i wanted to go upstairs that was fine, but if i wanted to stay and watch that would be even better.

just the thought of watching susan being fucked by charlies friends really turned me on, so i told him that i would like to stay and watch.

with this charlie told me to come and sit on the sofa next to him, i went and sat next to him and that seemed to be the signal for the men to start on susan, she was very soon totally naked, and then they told her to undress them,susan seemed to be loving it and soon had five very hard cocks in front of her.
she was f***ed down onto her knees and very quickly had a very hard cock f***ed into her mouth.
all five of them face fucked her none of them coming but they all seemed to love forcing her to suck their cocks.

my cunt was getting wetter and wetter as i watched the men abuse her mouth, at this point i felt charlies hand forcing its way between my legs, not that i needed to be f***ed as i was loving it.
charlie very soon was expertly fingering my cunt as susan was made to lie on her back and the first of the guys began to fuck her.

the first guy was really violently fucking susan and it was not long before he filled her up with his cum he pulled out and was soon replaced by the second guy,susan was grunting with each thrust of the guys cock, and each time his cock went into her cunt a loud squelching noise was heard.

charlie was still fingering me and it was not long before i was cumming, just as i was coming the first guy who had fucked susan pushed his cock into my mouth and made me lick and suck his cock clean.
all of the guys did the same to me and once they had finished with susan i was told to get on my knees and lick her cunt clean.
i have always loved eating pussy so i soon had my tongue deep in susans cunt and was trying to get all the cum out of her.

i was happily licking away at susans cunt when i felt the first cock being slid into my soaking wet cunt. i was loving it as each guy fucked me and filled me with cum.

once they had all finished with me i was told to get astride susans face and rub my cunt all over her face, i loved doing this to her, all the time thinking what charlie had told me about susan not being prepared to do anything.

it had been great to watch her being face fucked and then fucked in her cunt and filled with cum.
rubbing my cum filled cunt all over face soon had me coming again, and i collapsed onto the floor.
they continued to abuse susan for another hour or so before they got dressed thanked charlie and left.

what a fantastic evening i had watched susan being fucked in the mouth and deep in her cunt, and i had been fucked by five guys, and i had the pleasure of licking susans cunt.

i went to bed at that point and fell into a deep sl**p.
in the morning i came down and charlie and susan were sitting in the front room drinking coffee.
charlie had to go out so i chatted away to susan and to my astonishment i realised that she couldnt remember a thing.
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1 year ago
Fantastic weekend. Let Susan know I hqve plenty of wine. Hop the fun times roll on.
1 year ago
wow....what a story..the first of many it would seem..
1 year ago
50 shades but better xx
1 year ago
Great post , so exciting !
1 year ago
That was...a odd BUT good story. Lol
2 years ago
2 years ago
Damn! Now if I could find a girl like you to move in with with the wife and me...
2 years ago
Wow! That was hot!
2 years ago
Grt nite... where was my invite.. ;)
2 years ago
They sound like Fred and Rosemarie West in some ways....
2 years ago
Fantastic story. I can imagine how hot the weekends are from then on.
2 years ago
Fantastic story, I can imagine your sweet body being used well and often ! wish I was your neighbor :)
2 years ago
Sounds like a great adventure. Keep it up!
2 years ago
Holy fuck !! That is one horny story !!!
2 years ago
god i loved that...... couldnt hold it till the end, emptied my balls half way through! x
2 years ago
Mmmm... that was hot. I stroked my cock all the way through. Thank you.
2 years ago
How could your boyfriend dump you... your stunning and filthy... a great combination... nothing sexier than seeing your girl get used by a gang of dirty guys!! x
2 years ago