My first fisting

My third meeting with my Mistress took place on a Monday, like all the others in the past, but unlike our prior meetings, this one did not take place in a hotel, no, but at my Mistress' home.

When I arrived, I was already dressed in my purple leggings that Miss loves so much. As I was e****ted in to her home and into the bedroom, I saw all of the devices that my Mistress had covering the bed. Various floggers, paddles restraints, and most important of them all was the collar that we had purchased just the previous week complete with a tag on it. One side of the tag had the date of our first session and my Mistress' name. The other, my name that Miss knew me by prior to even our first meeting. That name, CoMoSlave; a play on the name of my hometown.

No more than 15 minutes after I had arrived, I was stripping down to just my leggings with an open crotch for easier access to my ass and my cock and balls. Mistress followed suit very soon after I had stripped and brought out my toy bag. My Mistress put on a sheer piece of lingerie and then some make-up, "For effect" my mistress says. I could care less whether or not Miss had make-up on or not, in my eyes, she is a beautiful woman, with an equally beautiful body, a body that I enjoy playing with in any way that I can. We sat on the bed as Mistress applied her make-up, we chatted and Mistress got wet. I don't know if it was our conversation of what was awaiting both of us the following week: A meeting with 3 of us, Mistress, myself, and my Mistress' Master, or just the both of us being in the same room together. I didn't care what was doing it, as long as I could taste my Mistress' juices flowing from her pussy very soon.

Mistress ordered me to put on both arm and leg restraints and to lay in the middle of the bed so as to continue what we had started the previous week, but never got to finish. My Mistress knew that I had a dream of being bound and not allowed to move as she had her way with me, and that is just what she did. Mistress started with my wrists first and said the only touching I could do was as far as the restraints would let me. As Mistress moved to my ankle restraints she turned her ass toward my hands, on purpose I think. I eased my right hand to her round ass and waiting pussy and caressed both. I slid a finger into Mistress' dripping wet pussy. As I did this, my Mistress moaned with pleasure and even slid back some so i could get my finger deeper into her pussy and then move to her ass.

After I was bound, Mistress finally had her pet right where she wanted him, bound and tied to the bed with no movement possible. My mistress grabbed my balls and gave them a nice hard squeeze, which I loved and secretly wanted more of. After she had my balls in her hands. literally, she used her amazing oral talents to give me the best oral sex that I have ever had. My cock slid into and out of her mouth, and then I soon felt a sensation I had never felt before, my balls in her mouth. God, I was in heaven and couldn't even speak as I floated away into "subspace" as Mistress says. The feeling of my balls in her mouth I had never had before and I wanted more, but my Mistress had other plans....she wanted to get fucked...hard. She climbed on top of my throbbing cock and proceeded to take a ride. I assisted as best I could with being tied down as much as I was. We fucked for some time like this until I broke free of one of my restraints, but not on purpose. So, we decided to swap positions, but this time, Mistress would be on her knees and I'd be behind her.

As Mistress got comfortable, I stuffed her pussy with my cock and began pounding her pussy. Mistress said she wanted her ass filled, and of course, I obliged, with pleasure.
it didn't take long before Mistress had cum, and I followed suit soon by shooting my load deep in her ass. As we both lay there relaxing from a double orgasm, I slid out of her ass and my fingers soon took my cock's place. As I fingered her ass, my free fingers found her plump clit and started rubbing. Soon Mistress was squirming with another 2 orgasms. I didn't stop there, no. I moved from her ass to her pussy slowly working nearly all of my hand inside her pussy. Yes, I fisted my Mistress as I hoped she would return the favor. Miss wanted more though, so I re-entered her pussy for a couple of minutes then moved back to her waiting ass. As I filled her ass again with my cock, she moaned with pleasure. I spent the next 10 minutes moving from ass, to pussy, to ass, to pussy with every stroke until I finally shot my load again, this time I filled my Mistress' pussy. As Mistress, stayed where she was, I cleaned her pussy of both our juices. Then, we broke for lunch.

After lunch, I was dessert, well, at least my ass was. I was told to lie down on the bed as Mistress grabbed her harness with the largest toy in her arsenal. She lubed up both my ass and her dildo and slid right on in to my willing ass. I had never been fucked with a strap-on before and I loved the feeling. But, Mistress knew I wanted to be fisted and she satisfied my desires by lubing up again and driving her whole hand deep in my ass pussy. I moaned and begged for more. As Mistress fisted me, she also reached around and milked my cock, which was bone dry, no pun intended. I continued to beg for more and Miss obliged by punch fucking me. As she did, I backed into her fist almost willing her fist to go deeper and deeper.

When Mistress decided that I had had enough, she pulled out and I just laid there, my body on earth, but my mind in outer space at what I had just very first fisting. After I had laid there for maybe 10 minutes I flipped over and found a hand on my cock trying milk a 3rd load in just 3 hours. After 20 minutes of jacking and having the Hitachi wand used on my cock and balls, still nothing. It wasn't until Mistress used her amazing oral skills again to bring me to orgasm again. As I shot my load into Mistress mouth, I went into subspace again, but came back down as we kissed and I got a taste of what Mistress was saving for me, my own cum.

We both got dressed, I packed up the car and we kissed and hugged one final time before telling each other that we'd see each other next Monday.
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