from a friend :)

from a friend, pretty hot!

So when you go to work wearing hot lingere, assume nobody knows. Have you ever gotten so hot you've gone into the washroom and fingered your boiclit and cum?
Just the thought of you doing that is hot and gives me a nice hard cock. I'd love to follow you in and as you finger yourself I stand over you and you take me into your mouth and suck me till I gush a nice load of cum into your mouth and you drink me back, every drop! Then you shoot all over your belly, clit and thighs. I refuse you to clean it off and make you wear your cum all day. You give me your house keys and I go to your place and wait for you to come home from work.
Oh fuck, you put on the tan stay ups, lacy withe bra chemise and the same, but now crusty, thong. Your balls, clit and thighs have a haze of dried cum on them...I take your hand and we go into your bedroom and I push you down and you watch me strip; my very hard cock springs out, dripping pre-cum. I walk to you sitting on the edge of the bed, licking your now ruby red lips after you've put on some hot lipstick to coat my cock with. YOu look up and me and I grab your head and shove my cock into your open mouth and you suck and lick me. I fuck your mouth fast and hard getting closer and closer. I pull out with a wet sucking pop and push you down onto the bed and with your legs over my shoulders I lean forward and begin to kiss you roughly, forcing you to take my tongue. I rub my very hot and throbbing cock against your boiclit and you respond by kissing me back harder moaning into me; slathering me with your tongue. You want cock inside you badly.
I jump up and while my hardness sways before you I make you get in the doggy position. I stradle between your legs, and you lean down, looking back and moan as you lick your lips. YOu reach back and pull your cheeks apart as I pull your thong aside and shove my cock into your waiting anus. I fuck your hard and you almost cum, but I pull out and push you down and tell you to get completely naked for me. You do and you give me a hot show as you take off the last piece, your dirty thong. YOu rub your legs and feet against my chest playfully biting your lips and begging me to fill you up and fill you with my sperm. I slide behind you and lift your leg high and you feel my cock rubbing aginst your crack that's when you notice the camera I've set up. I turn the TV on and you can see us the camera perfectly framing our bodies. You smile as you turn your head and begin to kiss me but cry out as you feel my dick begin to enter you. You watch the screen as I shove myself completely inside you, all 8 inches. I stop and leave my throbbing cock inside your boicunt, you feel my heat and the throbbing. We tongue kiss out tongues playfullly darting around. YOu reach back and pull my head closer and whisper for me to fuck you hard like a slut and to fill you with cum. I begin to fuck you harder and harder deeper and deeper, your leg high in the air you point your toes and bend and straighten your sexy leg. I reach forward and begin to slide my hand up and down your boiclit matching my dick stroke for stroke. Your hips roll back and forth as we get closer, we are both moaning and grunting, our hips thrusting as my cock and your clit get thicker and you scream into my mouth as your clit shoots a hot white rope of jizz splashing against your belly. Pump after pump shoots out as I rub your clithead and feel your slippery cum allover my hand. I massage it into your thick clit, lightly stroking you as you continue to shoot. All this cumming pushes me over the edge as I shove my cock all the way deep inside your anus and my cock starts to throb and twitch as the first hot splashes of my sperm begin to fill your ass. YOu feel me cum inside you and kiss me hard, your own clit still oozing your white hot thick honey, it is dripping over my fingers and knuckles and your clit, belly and thighs glisten with it.
I continue to twitch inside you and slowly pull out still shooting my cum and cum all over your clit and balls and ass. I slide between your legs and my cock rubs against your clit and our sperm mingles together. you roll around and face me as we intertwine our bodies together, our sticky cum sliding all over between our bodies as we slowly and tenderly continue to kiss eachother, running our hands over each other, and we fall asl**p like that.

OMg, as you can see the errors in the story, it's because I had to keep touching my self as I looked at your pix and tickled my cockhead while writing this.
I came all over my hand and it splashed and sprayed down my dick and all over my balls and shaft! I wish you were between my legs right now licking me up and cleaning me off, perhaps in my lap and I can play with you fingering your asshole?
Do you like sperm? Do you swallow?
Oh fuck. guess what? I have to jerk off again. :P
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6 months ago
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