An Awesome sl**pover [Part 4..:] Grand Finale!

Paris was all over me, she made out with me. Unllike any other boy i've met. It felt so damn good. So I ripped her clothes off. I left a trail of kisses on Paris. She moaned & moaned, it turned me on. I kissed her pussy, Paris gasped. I licked, flicked, and bit her clit. "OOOHHH MY FUCKING GOD!! OH! OH! OOOOHHHH!!" Paris screamed. I just needed to stick a couple fingers in her beautiful pussy to make the ultimate orgasm & to make her cum. I stuck one finger, in & out, in & out. 2 fingers out & in, out & in. "OH FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK! I THINK I'M GONNA CUUM!!!! OHH SHIT!!!" I loved to see her waste her breath, gasping for help. I did't stop. Not 'till she bursted with sweet, love fucking cum-juice. She came. And I got every bit of it. Every ounce of all that squirting cum. I passed it on to her mouth. We kissed passionetely and she tasted herself. "That was amazing, Vanessa. I'll just recover the faver. Thank you.." I gasped out of shock because she stuck a finger inside me She moved so fast, I couldn't believe how amazing it felt. "OHH FUCK! SHIT, THAT FEELS GOOD! OH, OH, OOOHHHH FUCK!!!" Suddenly Megan Fox and Linsay Lohan walked in. "What is all this noise!" Megan said. "I deffinately wanna join!" Lindsay said. Back on earth, I said,"You guys are deffinately welcome to join. Now who wants to 69 me. Haha." "I do." Megan said, She took every bit of her clothes off. Flawless. C cup breasts. A booty that will make you wanna eat every bit of her pussy. And a waste-line so small, it will make you wanna lick every ounce of juice out of her. "You ready?"
"Hell Yeahh."
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4 years ago
ok short but nice