An Awesome sl**pover..[Part 3..:]

..."You guys are lookin' sexii!" Paris said.
"Thanks, haha. Me and Lindsay were thinking of going to a strip club. Do you guys think we should go now? We could go in free because my aunt owns this place."
"LETS GO!" Lindsay said happily. :]

While at the Strip Club I noticed that the dancers are totally hot and the costumers are totally sexy. On stage is a girl named Kacey, a.k.a The Naughty Schoolgirl. I know her, yeahh there are perks when you know the owner & are a potential hot pop tween-sation. She's really hot and sweat, & she's a stripper because it's actually her dream. :]
"Ooo, that's hot on stage." Paris told me.
I gasped because Kacey's face was literally in some got guys face and she was moaning and screaming all over the place.
So, lets make long story short, not much happenned at the strip club. The real stuff happened at home.

At home we changed into our vaginas- excuse me, i mean pajamas. I'm wearing shorts and a T-shirt without a braw. basically everyone else is wearing the same thing but different colors.
"So what are we gonna do now?" Paris asked While we all sit down on the couch. "We should watch a scary movie. Speaking of the devil, I brought Saw 5."
Everyone agreed so while we were watching the movie, Paris and I were next to eachother cuddling on the couch. While Lindsay & Megan cuddled up on the floor.
I was aroused. I touched and carressed Paris' thigh. Sooer or later Paris got scared and dove in my arms and hid under the covers. When she got up from under the covers, she stared deeply & passionettely into my eyes. Then she shoved her tongue down my throat. She massaged my toungue for 2 mins. Lindsay and Megan suprisingly didn't hear us, so we went to my bedroom. [See part 4, for the grand finale!;]
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4 years ago
good story line