An Awesome sl**pover (Part 2..:)

...I heard a knock at the door.Back on Earth, I walked to the door & there she was. The one and only, sexy, Megan Fox. "Hey!"
"Hi, I've..-" She gave me a peck on the cheek,"-been dying to meat you, come sit! Lindsays here."
Megan gasped,"Lohan!!"
"Yep!" I answered.
Megan hugged Lindsay, I could tell that they missed each other for some reason. Lindsay rubbed Megans lower back almost rubbing her ass which got me even more turned on.
"So, the only person we're waiting for is Paris?" Lindsay asked while taking a seat. We all sat down on my couch. Megan was in the middle. I made my first move, I touched Megan's knee and glided down to her pussy, very slowly. Carressing it, making sure every move was ment to arouse her. "Yeahh, but when she comes i don't know what we'll do." I said answering Linsay's question. Lindsay said she had to pee, so i told her where the bathroom was, so it's just me & Megan. I carressed her thigh still, & I was so close to her pussy. I was so wet & by the way she looked at me I could tell she was ready to explode. I touched her pussy as Megan moaned.Lindsay walked in so i stopped. I was angry at myself for a very long time.
But when I heardthe knock at the door, i ran to it, opened it and emediately hugged Paris Hilton.
She started to laugh and that was the best welcoming ever. "Uhh, Hii!! Your Vannessa right?"
"Yes, & it is a deffinate pleasure to meat you! Come in, there are some guests,"
"Ohh, wow. Hey, Lindsay & Megan Fox I've heard a lot about you!" They hugged each other.
"Since I litterally don't know what to do, do you guys have any suggestions?" I asked.
"Oh wow you guys are looking pretty sexii!" Paris said. [Watch part 3 for the rest!:]
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4 years ago
nice but still warming up