Joey's King For An Hour

Joey's King For An Hour

The elevator doors opened and Joey stepped in, wearing workout clothes and sunglasses.
"All the luggage in the car?" she asked me.
"We're ready to leave whenever you want."
"Good." she said, then turned to the mirror and took a selfie.

"I've been obsessed with doing these before & after selfies recently."
"So this is your 'after-workout-selfie'?" I asked.
"No, actually this is the 'before-workout-selfie'"
"I thought you've been to the gym?"
"True. But after a couple of minutes I noticed that this wasn't the workout I really needed now." she said, winking at me.
"Oh" I replied, realizing what she meant.

Let me explain: Not too long ago, I was offered a job as a driver/security/jack-of-all-trades for a young actress. Since I was already used to a life in hotels and lots of travelling I jumped at the chance. Turns out the young actress was Joey King and the job included one thing I didn't expect at all: I became her fuck buddy. All the travelling made it almost impossible for her to have a normal boyfriend and she didn't want to become the subject of gossip anyway so she decided that I was the right person to fulfill her newly grown needs. We both treated this agreement like it was another part of my job so it didn't affect our relationship. She set the rules. Whenever she needed my special services, I'd be happy to provide whatever she was craving. That being said, Joey isn't a bitch and always wanted this to be equally enjoyable for me.

So, once we were in her room we kissed, I started feeling up her tight young body while she went straight for my crotch. She opened my pants, pushed me down on her bed and pulled them off. My cock wasn't fully erect yet so Joey got down on her knees in front of me and I watched in awe as her soft, pouty lips slowly engulfed the tip of my growing cock. When she noticed me enjoying this view she took her sunglasses off and threw them on the pillow behind me so I could look her in the eyes as she eagerly sucked on my cock. She used one hand to jack me off while the other hand disappeared between her legs, preparing herself for what was to come.

Once my cock had reached its full size Joey slowly licked the whole length from my balls to the tip, then got up and quickly pulled her leggings off. She didn't bother putting on a show because she was really horny by now. I tossed my shirt off and slid further up on her big bed. She climbed on top of me, pressing my cock up to my body, sliding her pussy lips up and down on its length before finally aligning it with her wet lips and slowly sliding down on it, pushing it deeper into her tight, young pussy inch by inch. She had closed her eyes for this and held her breath. When she finally had my full length inside her she opened her eyes to look at me and let out a soft moan as she started to slowly move up and down on my cock. Her pussy felt amazing. Soft and warm and incredibly tight of course. Soon we'd found our rhythm and Joey was moving faster. I enjoyed watching her gyrating her hips but soon I sat up and helped Joey out of her white shirt and the blue crop top, freeing her amazing breasts. They had grown in the last few months. Although not as big as her s****r's (yet?) they fit her perfectly. A nice big handful which she doesn't usually show off much. Now though, I was able to enjoy them in their full glory. I immediately started kissing them, circling my tongue around her erect nipples and then sucking on them.

Joey's moans were getting louder and her riding faster so I lay down again, kneading her breast with my hands. She had her eyes closed and I could sense that she was close so I grabbed her bubbly young buttcheeks helping her slamming down on my cock even faster. Lo and behold she came. She arched her back and threw her head back, her mouth wide open. Then, a few seconds later, she collapsed on top of me burying her face in the pillow right next to my head.

"Oh my God, that was fucking amazing." she whispered.
"It was but we're not quite done yet"

I flipped her over on her back, grabbed her spread legs, put them on my shoulders and started thrusting into her even harder than before. Her breasts were rocking back and forth and once she'd come down from her orgasm and caught her breath she grabbed the sunglasses on the pillow beside her, put them back on and started cheering me on:
"Oh yes! Fuck me, baby! Fuck me hard! Give me your hot cum!"

That was it. I pulled out and climbed on top of her. Joey lifted her head up, opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out. I shot my first two loads right across her face, the third one landed on her tongue while the rest dribbled down on her tits.

I collapsed right beside her. Joe rubbed my cum all over her breasts and licked her fingers clean. Then she turned around.
"You better prepare the car, I'll be ready to leave in 10 minutes."
I knew she wasn't k**ding, so I got up. Once I was dressed and ready to leave I looked at her again as she lay on the bed, head resting on her hands, legs up in the air and smiling.
"I'll be in the car, waiting" I said, gave her a quick slap on her naked ass and then left.

On my way down I received a message. It was picture of Joey in front of the bathroom mirror, the same look on her face as 20 minutes ago in the elevator. But this time she was naked, her left hand holding one of her breasts. It was tagged #after.
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4 months ago
4 months ago
hot as hell.
4 months ago
Seriously fucking hot, dude.
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thanks, glad you enjoyed
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Fucking loving it!