Lola and the plumber

"I'm supposed to repair a blocked sink." I told the doorman
"Ah yes, the elevator is over there, 9th floor, the apartment on the right."

As I left the elevator I was greeted by a security guard. A tall guy in his 40s
"I'm here to..."
"I know." He opened the door. "I'll be right here if there's any kind problem." he said ambiguously.
I entered the apartment and closed the door behind me.

"Hello? ... I was called to repair the blocked sink in the bathroom..."
No answer.
This is the top floor, so maybe they're on the rooftop or there's no one home, I thought. People who rent these kind of apartments sure can afford a security guy sitting outside all day long.

It was a relatively small apartment usually used by a single person who's in town for a few weeks only, or as a secondary home by someone who has a bigger place in Staten Island or elsewhere.

I took a look at the sink in the small bathroom next to the door. It worked fine so the problem had to be the one in the main bathroom.
As I walked across the living room I noticed quite a few clothes lying around, several magazines and books, mostly about fashion, and a big pile of blu-rays on the table. Passing the kitchen I entered the corridor that led to the bedroom.

Still no answer.
The door on the right side had to be the bathroom.
I opened it and immediately froze.

There was a young woman sitting in the bathtub, her iPhone in one hand, an earbud she'd just taken out in the other. She noticed me in that same moment. She seemed surprised but certainly not shocked or scared.
I took a step back and turned around.
"I'm sorry... I... just... I..."
"Are you here to repair the sink?"
"Oh, that was quick."
"Listen, I'm really sorry. I thought no one was here because no one answered when I..."
"No problem."
"I'm going to wait outside, so you can..."
"No. I need this done as soon as possible. How long is it gonna take?"
"I don't know, 5-10 minutes maybe."
"Alright then, just come in and start."
I turned my head around. She didn't look like she was joking.
"If you don't mind me sitting in here, of course." she said with a bit of a grin on her face.
I nodded and slowly entered the room, took a quick look a around and lay down below the sink to do what I was paid for.
The girl continued to wash herself while humming a song that sounded quite familiar. This continued for a couple of minutes.

"Excuse me?" The girl had turned around and was looking at me now.
"Could you please get me a towel?" she pointed at a closet on the other side of the room.
I got up, opened the closet and took one of the big white towels.
As I turned around I froze once again. The girl was now standing in the bathtub, completely naked, wearing only a small necklace and covered in foam here and there. She wasn't super thin but certainly not chubby. Just a well-formed, womanly body.
"Thanks!" she said with a smile as she reached out for the towel.
I gave it to her and got below the sink again to finish my work.
It would be an understatement to say that I was insecure what to think of the whole situation. That whole plumber thing may be quite popular in the world of porn but after almost 5 years in this job I had never experienced anything like that. And after all, this was obviously a teenage girl.

Just as I had finished and wanted to check everything one more time the girl came over and knelt beside me, still wrapped in a towel only.
"So, how's it going?"
"Everything should be working fine now."
I couldn help but glance at her cleavage which she noticed.
"Do I make you feel uncomfortable?"
"Well, not in a bad way..."
She giggled.
There was a short moment of silence as we smiled at each other. Then she leaned in and kissed me. Softly at first but when she noticed my response she opened her mouth. Within seconds it turned into a very passionate kissing session. This girl sure knew what she was doing. And she knew what she wanted: While one of her hands stayed on my cheek the other one quickly found its way to my pants, opened them and freed my cock which had been rock hard from the moment I had first seen her.

She broke the kiss, sat up, removed the towel and got on top of me. This was the first time I got to see her in all her glory. Her beautiful face with full, red lips framed by her black hair, still wet from the bath, her big breasts with nipples fully erect now and her perfectly bald pussy.

I didn't move as she guided my cock in between her pussy lips and lowered herself on it, slowly taking in more and more of my hard member. The feeling was sensational. Her pussy felt incredibly warm and tight. When she finally got all of me inside her she leaned down again to kiss me while slowly moving forward and backwards on my hardon. My hands were caressing her back before finally settling on her perfectly round ass. I started kneading her ass cheeks.

We continued like this for a while until she sat up again and started going up and down faster. Her firm tits were bouncing, so naturally I grabbed them, kneading them with both hands. She was moaning softly while going faster and faster. I sat up as well and started kissing and sucking on her breasts.

A few moments later I noticed her tense up - she was about to cum. I was close as well but not quite there yet. Suddenly she gasped, threw her head back with eyes closed and mouth wide open, her arms tightly around my back. We stayed like this for a couple of seconds, not moving an inch. Then she started breathing again and looked at me happily. Instead of starting to move again though she got up and sat on the edge of the bathtub.
"Get up and cum on my tits!" she said with a horny smile.
I had no reason to object so I stood up and started jerking off in front of her while she was kneading her breasts with both hands, her nipples between her thumb and her index finger while her eyes looked up at me. I didn't even have time to think of a titfuck because after a few strokes I started to cum. Several ropes of cum spurt all over her tits, her neck and her shoulders. As much as loved the sight of that I couldn't help but close my eyes just like she did moments before because the sensation was just too much.

I managed to take a few steps back before I collapsed on the toilet. I was breathing heavily and so was the girl who was now leaning against the wall to her left while smiling at me. As I was trying to find the right words to say we heard the main door opening.
"Lola?" asked a female voice.
"Oh... that's my mother."
She didn't have to say anything else. I knew it was time to go.
I pulled my pants up and quickly packed my toolbox while she wrapped the towel around her again and checked in the mirror if there was any cum visible.
As I was about to leave she pulled me in again, kissed me and whispered "Thank you for you great work!"
I smiled and left.
In the living room her mother looked at me quite surprised.
"The sink is working perfectly fine again. Have a nice day!"
"...have... you seen my daughter?"
"I think she's in the bathroom now." I said as I left the apartment, the mother looking at me unsure what to think of the situation.
I closed the door behind me.
"Everything fine?" Asked the security guard
"More than fine" I said as I quickly entered the elevator, contemplating whether the woman I had just seen in the living room was actually Madonna.
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