Finally fucked my mature crush!

WOW, so it has finally happened!
i have fantasised about this moment many nights, stroking my hard cock over a friend of my mothers that i once caught a glimpse of drying in the shower when i was a teen... seeing her body was amazing i remember how tiny and petite (5'1) she was with a really cute bum, she had nice little b cup breasts and big pink nipples that i immediately wanted to suck on, but the best of all was this wild untamed bush that i got stuck staring at when she finally noticed me, she went bright red and so did i, quickly walking out and shutting the door behind me.
We never spoke of it again but i would see her often and would imagine getting to hold her in my arms, wishing i could just taste her and feel every inch of her smooth skin and hot hot body with my mouth and wanting to bend her over and grab her small ass in my big hands...
tonight i received a phone call informing me that my mothers friend would be stopping by to get a quote for a job off me after work, i have to admit when i got the phone call was immediately turned on, here was this woman whom i've been wanting to fuck for years and now she will be alone with me in my house, at the same time i was trying to think realistically and didn't want to get my hopes up or expect the unexpected, she was just coming to get a quote for a job and if i tried to make a move on this woman, (who is also married i might add) things could get awkward fast, so i thought of a number of reasons why it wouldn't happen and reassured myself that just a glimpse of that hot ass would be enough for me to remember what her body looked like anyway, and id do better to just store it in the wank bank for later. waiting for her to arrive i couldn't help remember that first day i saw her!, and while i was day dreaming for what seemed only a second turned into half an hour, i snapped out of it too a knock at the door, it was her i thought. i got up and made sure i looked fresh and calmed my nerves before opening the door, i greeted her and told her how nice it was to see her, and complimented her look and figure, i let her walk in front of me down the hall and my god, it had been ten years since i had seen this woman who is now 53, she hasn't aged a day and if i say myself looks just as, maybe more attractive then when i first laid my eyes on her that day naked in the shower. as we continue to walk i can see she is wearing a G string as i stare at her ass that she moves from left to right as i follow her down my hall.
after some small talk i made her some tea and we sat in my dining room to discuss business but almost immediately she stopped me when i stood up... "i remember when you walked in on me naked, maybe it is my turn now?". She sat looking coy and laughed., i had a huge erection earlier and thought it would be all right if i just tucked it up when i went to answer the door, turn out it must have slipped down from my belt and when i stood up it was standing tall and poking and you could see my through my pants, i froze and looked in her piercing blue eyes as my cock grew hard again, i wanted her too see it!. "I've had a huge crush on you ever since i was a teen". it sounded stupid to me but that's all i could say, the sexual tension was so strong, i could see the look in her eyes she wanted to rip my clothes off as bad as i wanted too hers. I watched as she looked down at my pants and my swollen cock pressing up against them she reached her hand up and stroked my cock through my pants. "take them off, i want to look at your hard cock".
i reached down and undid my trousers as i unzipped them, her hand slid straight into my briefs and looking me in the eyes she told me how nice and fat my cock felt before pulling it out and looking at it for a minute and stroking it, complimenting it and licking my shaft, she then proceeded to vigorously sucked up and down my hard cock. she held her hand at the base as she went deep and held it in her throat before pulling up fast and then back down again gagging and getting my cock soo wet with her mouth, after a while i felt like i was going to cum, i stripped her off and sucking on her neck and nibbling her ears while i took off her shirt then taking her big nipples in my mouth and biting and sucking on them hard, occasionally sliding my tongue passionately over hers as i take her skirt off i bring her closer. "i want to taste you!" i say. i pick her up and lay her on my dining table, i take her high heels off and slide my tongue over her toes holding her legs together while she lays back on my table before i slowly bring my tongue from her thighs down too her ass and then spread her legs kissing back up her thighs teasing her wet pussy as i kiss around her lips and softly kiss her clit, i hear her breathing heavily as i spread her lips and look at her perfectly shaped pussy before i slide my tongue inside her and then up to her clit before i slide it back down and tongue her ass, i continue to do this for awhile before i take her clit between my lips and suck on it nice and hard sliding my fingers inside her tasty pussy as i finger her g spot and hold my other hand on her stomach so she cant move as she squirms and moans. after awhile she tells me she is going to cum if i keep going, i stop sucking on her clit and then kneel above her holding my other hand on her stomach still. i noticed she is really wet but she tells me she can't squirt, i tell her i want to try anyway.. i fingered her g spot so hard and fast to the point i thought my fingers were going to break haha, she was kicking everywhere and came about 5 times but on the fifth time she started to arch her back and moan really loud and hard, i keep beating her cunt until i literally felt her pussy flexing so squeezing, pushing my fingers out, she covered my arm and my desk in her cum, i never knew girls could squirt so much, it was like a fountain and the hottest thing i have ever seen!.
she curled up moaning while her legs were still shaking for about 5 minute haha i thought she was going to pass out, " that was the most intense orgasm i have EVER had" she said. still struggling to breathe as she slumped back down, we continued to kiss and touch each other before i picked her up my hard cock slowly rubbing against her wet pussy while i suck on her neck and grab her ass while i pinch her nipples, i pick her up in my arms, i feel her warm silky wet lips against my hard knob and have to breathe deep, "i don't want to come before i even slide my cock inside her" i thought, yet i was lusting to fill her tight little snatch full of my hot man juice. looking me in the eyes Sheree tells me to slid my cock deep inside her, without hesitation she guides my cock inside her tight pussy i feel it flex around my fat cock and hold her tiny ass in my hands as i long stroke her tiny little pussy and watch as her lips stretch around it when i slowly pull it back out before ramming it back deep inside her as she moans and tell me to stretch her out, i was sliding my tongue over hers and fucking her deep and fast when i slid a finger into her ass, she didn't complain but told me to put another finger inside her, hearing that made me nearly spill my load but i kept my cool and gave her what she deserved for that remark a good hard thrashing to the point she was screaming and squeezing me as her legs went to jelly in my arms, i didn't stop, though i thought im going to fuck this milf slut like i have always dreamt of fucking her like. laying her on the edge of my table while i grabbed her by her tiny waist and fucked her deep and hard looking her in the eyes as our foreheads touched, "fuck me fuck me" she begged, both of us dripping in sweat as she grabbed my hair and scratched my back finally i couldn't hold off, " I'M GOING TO CUM!" i screamed. she grabbed my ass as i pushed my cock as deep as i could inside her and grunted, "arggh fuck yeah". still slowly fucking her and pushing my cum deep inside her cunt we both slumped to the side and continued to kiss for about 5 minutes before her phone rang. "Oh shit!" she exclaimed, her husband was ringing her and worried that she wasn't home from work yet, i listened with my head on her shoulder, her hand was over mine as i rubbed her clit slowly and kissed her neck. she got changed and sprayed some perfume on herself quickly fixing her hair and putting her g string on still with a pussy full of my cum and as i kissed her before she left she said, " i would have loved to have see you in the shower but the time slipped my mind, next week?".
"Of course" i said. Now im off to have a shower and a pull over this right now :) again cannot believe this actually happened!!!, im going to fuck her even better next week ;) XXX
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5 months ago
Reminds me of my first time with an older Woman...
5 months ago
Loved your story. It reminded of my parent's friend who lived with us for awhile. I saw her coming out of the shower with just a towel. It covered her breast but stopped just above her beautiful hairy pussy. I never got to go any further but still remember it vividly after 30 years.
5 months ago
That was HOT!