My First BBW experience

I was living out in California at the time enjoying the beach and drinking at the beach bars.

This particular day I left work early to get to the beach. The weather was hot but there was a nice sea breeze. I was laying on the beach enjoying a beer watching the waves when I noticed a very cute faced blonde with tits busting out of her top. She gave me a smile that sent a rush straight to my cock. I instantly got hard thinking of what I could do to that BBW body.

She got up from her towel and started heading off the beach, I knew I had to say something because my cock was rock hard at that point. I invited this hottie back to my apartment off the beach and she accepted with a giggle and a look that was the equivalent of "I'm gonna fuck you raw".

We had a few drinks back at my apartment on the couch. She went to the bathroom and came back. Moments later, while I was grabbing a drink, Hannah had spread her legs on the couch rubbing her plump pussy. She was moaning loud and bucking into her fingers as her juices began to flow. WOW what a find! She looked into my eyes, gave me a big smile, and told me to join her. My cock was throbbing at this point.

Her plump pussy was swollen and soaking. I lowered my head and licked her sweet pussy. She was screaming "MORE, MORE". Her plump body and huge tits were bouncing as she thrust her pussy into my tongue. Moments later she was squirting her sweet juices all over.

I bounced up from my knees and instantly sank my cock into her as she let out a loud moan of pleasure. I grabbed her thick thighs and spread her legs apart thrusting harder and harder until I couldn't help but fill her slit with foaming hot cum. She couldn't help but have a taste of my juices.

After a short break we were back at it again. This time I bent her over, lubed up her tight asshole and experienced my first anal sex. What a PLEASURE! We enjoyed one more session in the shower later that day.

What an amazing first BBW experience! I have never looked back since! I still get hard thinking back on this story and how Hannah opened my eyes.
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2 years ago
mexaaaaa nice Story dear..> Thank For Posting
2 years ago
Awesome plumper experience, thanks!
2 years ago
2 years ago
Good story, hope there's more to come.
2 years ago
BBW know how to please a man in more ways then one. Thank you from one BBW that you have open your eyes.
2 years ago
thanks for sharing a good story