A little fantasy...

This is a work of fiction. It's a small window into a huge world of fantasy for me. Enjoy!

It was a wonderful day. Kristy had just moved into a new town and settled into a new job as an accountant for a local practice specializing in debt recovery and settlement. Kristy had spent the last 2 years in school and had finished to start life a new and on her own. She grew up under the yoke of her mother and older s****r. Kristy wasn't like other girls as Kristy was really born a male. At an early age Kristy displayed signs of being very feminine and showing interest in very feminine things. She used to wear her s****rs and sometimes her mothers clothes at age 11 or 12. She was soon discovered by her mom one day after school when she was home alone and lounging in a dress and panties. Her mother was very understanding and allowed her to do it as long as she kept it a secret. She even used it as an opportunity to bond and grow with Kristy. She showed her make-up, color coordinating, hair styling, etc. Kristy's s****r was eventually brought along and was also very supportive. She was almost 10 years older than Kristy and very mature. When Kristy's father found out, and worse, found out it was supported by the rest of the household, an argument followed between warring parents and the father, frustrated and confused, packed and abandoned his f****y.

Kristy, her mother, and s****r were left to fend for themselves. In the end, it wasn't so bad. Kristy became more and more bold and accepting of her new role in life. She matriculated a fairly good High School that showed little, if any, intolerance to her new gender role and was very supportive. She even went with a boy to dances now and again just for kicks and had a good time doing it.

Through college, Kristy met others like her. She went to parties, sl**p-overs, study groups, and even clubbing with others like her. When it was all said and done Kristy returned home for a brief stay with her mom and s****r, bid them farewell, and moved to a new town that had a very nice job offering and lodging as well.

Kristy had both boyfriends, and girlfriends over the years but nothing terribly serious. She couldn't really see herself totally tied down. But now, she is ready. She hopes to either meet a very strong and supportive/open minded woman or a strong, supportive and.. dominant man for her to care for. She browsed online dating sites catering to her specifics. She even browsed forums and BDSM sites with tight knit communities. Eventually she came to a meet a man who saw some of her pictures (which were very risque but not showing TOO much!). They would become friends and spend most their time chatting and toying with ideas of if they ever met. Eventually she would cam and take photos only for him.

When the time came to meet, they were to have coffee at a local coffee bar in her town. It turns out this man only lives an hour away from town.

Kristy had butterflies the whole morning at work and even left early to get ready. Kristy was always and still is very 'femmey' as her s****r put it. She was only 5'6ish and barely 115 lbs. She was naturally slender, with dainty wrists, small hands and feet, yet a nice round butt. Her hair was blonde and her eyes dark blue. Her skin very soft and fair. Her legs also thin and smooth. Her body was almost naturally hairless and what did grow was promptly removed.

Kristy spent hours fiddling with her make-up and hair as well as an outfit. She went with dark, smoky eyes and liner. A dark fuscia lip-stick to cover her naturally full lips. She picked a little black dress that was very soft and a little loose below the waist. It was haltered at the top and had a nice almost muted sheen to it in bright light. She wore a black satin, seamless thong and a black satin bra. With that, she wore vertical-striped sheer-black/opaque black stockings that made her legs look longer and more sexy adding to her already strong feminine aura. She finished it with black satin garters to hold up the stockings, and a pair of 6-inch black stiletto's. She painted her nails and toe-nails black the night before. She wore a stretch-lace black choker which made her thin and somewhat long neck look even thinner. Her hair was dyed a solid black and her bangs cut. For tonight, she wore a small gold bracelet and medium gold hoop earrings. Satisfied she finally grabbed a small black purse, and walked out to her car. She had spent years mastering how to walk in heels and did it very naturally.

She arrives just after sun-down at the coffee bar and as instructed, waits at a small table in the patio section. She crosses one leg over the other and folds her hands on the table, patiently waiting for her date. During the wait, she notices the gawks and stares of some of the guys around her. Shes gotten used to it over the years and didn't mind it at all.

Her date arrives and she is taken back slightly. He was tall --well over 6 feet. Fit, built, had a shaved head, and a powerful look in his eyes. He was fair-skinned and had very dark blue/green eyes. He was wearing a very smart and handsome charcoal grey suit that complimented his physique very well.

Kristy stood and he grinned as he approached her. His tall and masculine figure cast a shadow over her thin frame that made her quiver for a brief moment as she had to take off her sunglasses to look up at him. He was very gentlemanly and took her hand, kissing the back of it and introduced himself. Kristy was captivated from that moment on...

They had sipped coffee and chatted for a couple of hours. Kristy would flirt and make teasing-advances and wouldnt take her eyes off of him. She noticed that piercing look he has. As if dominating her with just his eyes aided by his deep voice and confident way of speaking. He invited her to dinner, dancing, and drinks at a little private club downtown. It's only open for special people and trusted guests. Kristy was delighted and accepted without pause. He e****ted her to his car and off they went!

They arrived at an upscale hotel in downtown. The valet took the car and they walked in arm-in-arm. Kristy felt herself getting turned on by just the warmth of him as they walked in. They walked through a ballroom, some hallways, and eventually to a long hall with 2 elevators. These elevators only went down and two large bulky men in 3-piece suits and black shades stood by the doors. Kristy's date produced a card of sorts from his pocket , as well as a wad of bills. One of the men pushed a button, the elevator made a 'dinging' sound and the ornate doors slid open.
Kristy and her date went in, the doors slid shut and the elevator quietly hummed as it very slowly went down. As to how far? Kristy didnt know. What she did know was the hands of this man latched onto her sides, spun her around and slowly moved her back against the wall in the corner.
He grinned and began feeling her up while kissing her neck and jawline to her lips. She lifted her leg and wrapped it around his thigh. She quivered and moaned softly and finally the elevator came to a stop proceeded by that dinging noise. They composed themselves and Kristy was fixing her dress and garters when the doors slid open.

The sound was that of the deep bassy thump of dance music. The room was filled with people dancing on the floor, sitting at the tables and some at the bar. It was dark save for the dance floor lights which flickered blue and purple and all other cool dark shades. The thumping music was accompanied by the cacophony of a myriad of conversations, laughter, any other sounds commonly found within a club or major party. The club had a theme and it took kristy a moment to realize it. Many of the patrons were clad in pvc, latex, rubber, leather, etc. Some were more elegant, some scantily clad. There were both girls and transexuals. There were people led around on leashes, some standing, few crawling. The man led Kristy through the club and oceans of people. She could feel herself being grabbed, prodded, in small amounts here and there. Men and women alike were undressing her with their eyes. She was dizzy with all the attention and excitement. She was eventually brought to one of the many side rooms where a girl, wearing only her boots and a black g-string was restrained by her wrists which were tethered to a pully that went through a loop in the ceiling. Her ankles spread apart and secured to anchors in the floor by leather straps. Her thin body glistened with sweat, small red marks criss-crossed up and down her back, sides, chest , and stomach. She was perfectly static save for the deep yet long heaving of her upper body from her long deep exhausted breaths. A crowd was watching, as a muscular , shirtless man with leather pants, collar, and mask was being told to whip and punish this girl for the amusement of the large crowd. Kristy was introduced to a tall amazonian woman in a tight pvc dress and boots. She had dark curly hair and a piercing gaze as well. Kristy felt very timid and fearful around this woman. She just gushed with a deep powerful aura of dominance and sadism.

Kristy's date and this woman spoke and finally Kristy was introduced. She was told to kneel and kiss the ring on the right hand of this woman. Kristy hesitated. The sinister and confident smirk of this woman quickly turned into a scowl. A deep, almost murderous glare etched over this womans face. Kristy, shakily knelt down, took the strong hand in both hers and kissed the ring. Her eyes locked onto the dark sinister glare of this seemingly powerful Mistress.

The woman shares a few words with the man and Kristy is told to stand. She is e****ted to a spot in front of the whipped girl, at her sides are 2 men. They look similar to the one whipping the girl earlier. They seem very disciplined and look straight ahead like statues. Kristy felt a trembling in her knees. People gathered around as the woman began to announce proudly , politely, yet firmly:
"Master Steele has acquired a new pet. A new servant. A devout young sissy slut to serve his needs and the needs of others above her. She will accept his collar and the privilege to serve his every need no matter what."

Kristy was in shock! She felt the color drain from her skin as if it leaked out of her feet! The men beside her took her hands and she was ordered to sit at her knees. She was lowered to her knees and her hands held apart, away from her body as the men wrapped, fastened, and buckled thick leather bondage braclets with glossy steel metal hoops in them. Her new 'Master' pushed her hair around to the front of her and a collar of very thick, heavy black leather with metal hoops was fastened to her neck. Her hands were brought behind her and her bracelets secured together , thus binding her hands at the wrists behind her back.

Her master walked in front of her, using his finger to lift her chin so she looked up at him. Her eyes wide and fearful, Her gaze locked by his. She couldn't look away. It was as if she was staring into some deep dark abyss that captivated her by fear and a darkness most sinister.

While this was happening he unfastened his pants and freed his hardening cock. He grips a fistful of Kristy's silky black hair pulling her face to his dick. She had never done something likt this in front of people and not after really getting to know someone.

"Please me, you filthy slut. I don't believe for one moment that you are some modest and innocent type of sissy. You're a cock craving, cum drinking whore. It's what you were born, bred, and corn-fed to do. Now, let's see how you take to your purpose..."

Kristy resisted at first. She tried slightly pulling away or turning her head. The man grinned down at her, the slaves at her sides grabbed her by her arms, back of her head and neck slowly fforcing her face to the hardening cock in front of her. She began to whimper and squirm. Her mouth was shut tight but that didnt stop her Master. He rubbed his cock all over her smooth soft cheeks and jawline. Over her lips while his cock smeared small amounts of pre-cum on her face. She felt humiliated, and even more so knowing that people were watching, taking pictures, giggling at her and so on. Her nose was pinched closed and she was firmly held in place.

"Be a good girl and open wide. It's time for you to learn the life a sissy slut!" The sinister voice of that dominant woman rang out from behind her, getting closer with each word. Kristy couldnt hold her breath anymore and her mouth open and at that instant as she made a desperate gasp for air, her masters cock slid neatly and swiftly into her mouth. She closed her eyes, blushing a deep red. The guys holding holding her began to feel her up and whisper things in her ears that terrified, disgusted, and humiliated her further. She opened her eyes and was captivated by the sinister grin of her master. His thick, pulsating, pre-cum dripping tool filling her mouth to capacity. It takes all her strength and know-how to hold her jaw stretched to its limits to take in this massive cock. Through it all,she was very turned on. She was already beginning to feel a wet spot in her satin thong. She tried to resist the urge to give in and did so for as long as she could.

Her master clamped his hands on either side of her head, gripping her hair and beginning to deeply throat fuck the submissive and defenseless Kristy. Her eyes welling with tears as she gags and chokes every so often on the thick throbbing cock spearing into her throat and pulling back slowly. He pulls his cock all the way out, thick tendrils of mucus and saliva stretch from Kristy's mouth to his cock, which stretch, hang, and break. The mixture either falls tot he floor, on her thighs/stockings or snaps and clings onto her chin and neck only to run down the front of her dress very very slowly.

Kristy's make-up begins to run in small dark random streaks. She gags and chokes loudly. Her face and throat fucked more and more mercilessly. The lack of air and all the strength Kristy uses to supress her urge to throw-up and keep her mouth stretched open start to take their toll. She grows dizzy and her body becomes more limp. At this point, the constant thrusting and spearing into her throat goes completely unopposed untill finally, Kristy's head is pulled back, making her face almost straight up and is held by a sweaty fistful of her hair. Her masters cock pointed at her open mouth as his free furiously strokes his slickened cock. With a loud deep series of moans a sudden burst and squirt of thick sticky cum shoots across Kristy's face. The first gushes produce long thick incredibly sticky strands of cum that immediately adhere to and stretch across Kristy's face. The rest either shoots around or into her mouth and other parts of her face and neck.

He lets go of her hair and her body teeters briefly and then collapses on its side on the floor. Her master steps back, pulling up his pants and fixing his clothes. He takes a seat in a big leather chair by the Mistress who Kristy believes is in charge of the male slaves in the room.

The crowd gathers a litle closer to see kristy's small frame heaving and breathing deeply. Her face streaked with cum. Her hands still bound together behind her. Had she the energy to care she would move.

As she lay there, 3 of these masculine and silent men surround her. She barely has the strength to look up, and lets out a very soft, broken, and exhausted yet desperate moan. She begins to beg and plead with these men as they grab and feel her up. Her dress is shoved up exposing her further. She is propped up on her knees. One of the men leans her forward holding her upper body in place by her hair in one hand and using his free hand to shove his cock into her mouth. She gags and chokes desperately at first and then she starts to struggle and try to buck and pull away as another man settles in behind her pressing his hips against her ass and wasting no time, pushes aside her thong, hocks and spits a thick wad of mucus and spit onto her ass and uses his thumb to rub it in. The last man helps hold her in place. The one behind her very hastily and roughly shoves his hardened cock up her ass, he grabs her head by her hair pulling her head back, the other mans cock pulled from her mouth witha loud wet *POP!*

Kristy shrieks into the air as a massive and thick pulsating cock is rapidly jammed into her ass. Each thrust and push violently lodges the offending cock deeper into her ass until buried to the hilt. Kristys face is pulled back down and her mouth again filled with the first mans cock. Both the male slaves begin slowly fucking her face in perfect sequence. Kristy shudders, jerks, and sometimes squirms but eventually the f***e of them both causes her to just give in and go limp. Her slender frame glistened with sweat. Her dress bunched up at her midsection, her thong yanked aside, her stockings scarred with runs, and spotted with spit and cum. the bra she had on, is almost totally shredded and hangs uselessly from her body.

As She was fucked and observed, others would soon join. She would be passed around, half conscious ans completely exhausted. She would be filled with cum from front and back, sprayed with it along her body, even her own when she sometimes came at the same time as the men fucking her. She eventually slipped into u*********sness and would wake hours later, bound and gagged, blindfolded and locked away in some dark little corner somewhere ready to be retrieved and used at the whim of her Master.
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11 months ago
sounds similar to a real life experience of mine, different only that it involved 4 men, three dogs
handcuffs, and a lost four day weekend, I am going to be writing it up in the future, going to be towards the end of a short series I just started titled "remembering uncle buddy" thanks for sharing this story, very hot stuff
12 months ago
thank you
1 year ago
very hot!