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[Story] Done by Dad

This isn’t your usual fantasy story about a young girl having sex with her dad, this is true.

I will start with a little bit about me, for the sake of a name I will call myself Christa, I am a 50 year old woman married with 3 grown c***dren, none of which still live at home thank goodness, I am (dyed) blonde 5ft 3inchs tall I have a pretty good body for my age so I am told, I am a 36d cup 28inch waist and 38 inch hips coupled with the fact I have an extremely high sex drive, I am constantly wet and in a state of sexual arousal if I cant have sex then I will masturbate probably twice a day... Continue»
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[Story] sex with my mother in law

Christmas was coming up and it was our turn to have the f****y dinner, my wife (Jane) had told me that my mother in law (June) would be staying with us over Christmas instead of at her bothers as he didn’t have any room for her due to renovations, I didn’t have a problem with this as I had always got on well with her even though I felt some what sorry for her since her husband Robert passed away 3 years ago she seems lonely at times, she is still a very attractive woman even at age 65 she has huge breasts probably from what I can tell 36E and a slim waist, in her youth she would ha... Continue»
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[Story] done by my stepson

I awoke last Friday morning to the sound of my dogs barking to be let out, I laid in bed thinking that my husband would let them out as today was my 50th birthday and he had promised me a sl**p in and something special as a present. After what seemed forever the dogs were still barking so I angrily threw off the covers and not bothering to put on my house coat wandered through the house in just the long t-shirt that I always wear to sl**p, not finding my husband I let the dogs out and went to get a coffee, there on the table was a note from my husband saying that my present was in the walk in ... Continue»
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