Watching people is what I do. I'm a cop. She first caught my attention
a few days earlier. I was watching a pawnshop that we thought was involved
in a fencing operation. I saw her get out of a car and make her way down
the sidewalk toward me. She was young, that was obvious, but she moved as
if she was carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders. I guessed
her age at maybe eighteen or nineteen, but I recognize I am the worlds
worst age guesser. By the way, my name is Jimmy Deacon. Most of my
friends call me Deek. I'm single and have no intention of changing my

I saw her the next day also. She got out of the same old car. I
noticed that there was a black man driving and another black man in the
passenger's seat. Not that seeing a white girl with a black man is unusual
these days of liberal enlightenment. I have a live and let live approach
to things like that. Of course in my business the 'let live' part is
sometimes ignored by others.

There was something about her that arrested my attention. I saw that
she was cute, not exactly pretty, just cute, but her expression was
strained. Melancholy maybe. Resigned may even be a better description.
For someone so young she looked like someone who had seen too much and had
too much of the world's weight on her.

The second time I saw her I shifted my position to watch where she went
and saw that she entered a coffee shop a block on down the street.

I was off duty a couple of days and when I got back to the stake-out I
saw her for the third time. Nothing about the way she moved or looked had
changed. She still looked cute and still concerned. On that occasion she
got out of the car and again there was two black men in the vehicle. I
couldn't see them well enough to see if they were the same two as before.
The beat up old car was the same, I was sure.

Shortly before noon I was relived for a lunch break and I decided to try
the coffee shop. I didn't have any trouble finding her. She moved
listlessly from table to table taking orders and delivering food. I saw,
when she got to my table that the name tag she wore said 'Kate'.

"Hi Kate," I said. "Cheeseburger all the way with fries."

"'Kay," she muttered, "What to drink?" I told her that Coke would be
fine. She nodded and shuffled away with my order. Since I wasn't in any
hurry to get back to the mind numbing task of sitting in a car watching a
pawnshop, I lingered over my lunch.

Apparently that day was payday. The manager handed out pay envelopes to
the waitresses and cook. About fifteen minutes after the eagle had flown,
two black men came in and took a seat at the counter. Kate went over and
put her pay envelope in the outstretched hand of one of the men. Neither
of the three said a word, and the two men left.

Over the next couple of days I saw Kate being delivered to her coffee
shop and each time I felt something stir in me. Pity, maybe. No young
person should have to look so fucking sad and world-worn, but as far as I
could tell there was nothing i*****l about the situation. It was simply
none of my business, so, of course, I made it my business anyway.

For the next week I ate lunch at the coffee shop everyday including my
days off. Kate didn't appear to notice me or any other patron of the shop.
Some days she came with two black men and some days just one.

"How you doin' Kate?" I asked one day. Her eyes slowly rose from her
order pad to look at me. I noticed that one eye was a yellowish purple
where the makeup didn't cover it. There was also a small bruise on her
cheek. It was obvious that Kate had been smacked around.

"Fine. What'ch need?" I ordered my usual burger and fries. She brought
my Coke without me asking, so I figured she had recognized me.

"I see that you aren't wearing a ring," I said when she brought my food.
"Care to take in a movie or something?" Kate looked startled a moment and
shook her head.

"Can't," she muttered. "I got.someone. Come back again," she added and
left me. During that exchange I revised my appraisal of her. Probably
twenty or so. She had a nice figure under the de-feminizing waitress
uniform. Her hair was untidy like she hadn't seen inside a beauty shop in
a while, but she smelled clean. I made a point of looking at her arms to
see if I could see tell-tell needle tracks. I wasn't about to waste my
time on a junky. I didn't see any sign of needle tracks, but I knew that
didn't prove anything. However her skin tome didn't indicate a heavy d**g
user. Without giving it too much thought, I made Kate a project.


Because I'm single I got a lot of overtime. When over-time money ran
out I got compensatory time. Comp time was the department's way of
screwing the troops without the benefit of a kiss. It simple was the
promise of equal time off for time worked. It sounds good in the shower
but it doesn't work out that way. You never get the time off. At least
that's how it used to be. Recent changes in the law now made the police
department play fair. Suddenly the department had to give the time or pay
overtime for the accrued hours on the books. Since there was no money in
the budget I got time off.

Over the years I had accumulated over three hundred and forty two hours
of comp time. Eight and a half weeks of paid vacation to do whatever the
hell I wanted to do. The chief of detectives nearly shit when he found out
how much time I had coming to me. When he hinted that I should wipe the
time off the books and just keep working, I ignored him. I knew there was
no way he'd actually insist I do it. Besides I had a project to work on.


"So, Kate," I said to her. It was my first day of vacation and the
lunch crowd had left the café. "Have a seat and tell me all about Kate."

"Not allowed," she answered busily wiping the table next to mine.
"Besides it would take too long."

"I have nothing but time," I assured her. "I'm on vacation."

"Must be nice," she said carrying the dirty dishes past me. She
disappeared into the kitchen , but soon reappeared. "Vacation from what?"

"I'm a cop," I told her. That was the first time she had shown any
interest in me at all.

"What kind of cop?" she asked standing beside my table.

"The kind that protects little girls," I replied with a smile.

"From what?"

"From whatever danger they may be in."

"God, I wish I could believe that," she said with a wistful look. "Been
my experience that that don't happen often. You carry a gun?"

"Sure," I told her raising my shirt to show her. "Have a seat and let's

"About what?" she said, but pulled a chair out and sat down across from

"Anything you want to talk about. Maybe about the two black dudes that
bring you and comes get you everyday." She looked startled.

"You been watching me?" She didn't seemed upset so I told her I had, but
not intentionally. "Oh," she said when I finished telling her about the
stakeout. "I was hoping that." her voice faded. "Never mind." She finally
said. "Where are you going on your vacation?"

"Where ever you want to go," I said. "How about Florida?"

"It's not very nice to tease people," she said angrily.

"I'm not teasing you," I said. "Look, Kate. If you want to take a trip
with me, you're welcome. If you just want to get away from.whatever, I'll
help you do that, too. Are you involved with either of the two black

"That's one way of putting it, I guess," she answered bitterly. "You
don't want to get involved with me or my problems."

"I think I'm already involved, Kate. If you want to boogie, I'm your
ticket out of here. If you want me to slap the two clowns around, I'll do
that, too. Doesn't make me any difference." I could feel the intensity of
her gaze. I knew she was apprising me. Probably wondering if I was some
horny blow-hard, making deals he couldn't deliver on.

"You don't know a thing about me," she said in a soft, sad voice.
"Maybe you wouldn't want to get involved with somebody like me."

"I know all I need to know," I answered her.

"Where in Florida?" she asked after a few moments.

"It doesn't matter all that much to me," I answered. "I have an old
Navy buddy in Winter Haven. That's close to Disneyland. Key West,
Daytona, Miami, you tell me."

"I've always wanted to see Disneyland," she said looking off into some
middle distance. "I've never seen the ocean, either. Hell, I've never
seen much of anything. Why?"

"Why what? Why I've taken an interest in you? Truthfully, I don't
know. Does it make a difference?"

"No, I guess not," she answered. She glances at the clock and back at
her hands that were bust twisting a napkin into shreds. "You have no idea
how much I want to run away. You couldn't know. I'm scared shitless that
Marcus will find me."

"Marcus? That's one of the two black guys?" She nodded. "Look at me
Kate," I said. "Do I look like someone who is scared of somebody like
those two yahoos? I'm not, but if I were, I could pick up the phone and
have fifty cops here in just minutes. Marcus is a punk like I deal with
every day."

"I don't know about that. They're bad news. The other one is Cisco and
he's a bad dude."

"Not to me," I said with a laugh. "I eat punks like them for breakfast.
Do you need to go pack? Florida calls." She looked at me, then lowered her
head. Not before I saw the tears. "I'm serious, Kate. Let's get out of
here. Marcus and Cisco haven't been more than twenty blocks from here in
their whole life. They won't find you, I promise." When she raised her
head to look at me I saw something I hadn't seen before. Hope.

"I can't go pack," she said softly. "They'll be home now."

"So what?" I laughed. "You think they'll give me any shit? Let's go,
Kate. Adventure awaits us."


Marcus and Cisco were not happy campers that I was taking Kate away.
They wanted to stop her in the worst way. They really wanted to try me and
I could see it in their eyes. I wanted them to try and I guess they could
see that in my eyes.

While Kate gathered up her few belongings they stared at me with a look
that could kill.

"Where you think you're going?" the one I had identified as Marcus asked
Kate. "You think this white boy can give you what you need? Where you
goina hide that I can't find your ass? Shit, this is my town, bitch. I
can lay my hand on you whenever I want. You know that's the truth, you
white slut." Kate ignored him and finished putting her things in a worn out

"Him bein' a cop, don't make no difference, bitch," Marcus snarled. "He
ain't got no black cock like you like. You'll be comin' back when you see
his little white dick. You'll be beggin' me and Cisco to fuck your cunt."
I took a long step closer to Marcus.

"This would be a good time to shut your big mouth," I said to him.

"Man, you can't come in my place and tell me to shut up!" he said, but
took a step backward. I followed him, keeping an eye on Cisco. He was the
quiet one and the more dangerous in my opinion. I made sure up front that
they knew I was armed and it wouldn't be just a shoving match should they
start something.

"I'm ready," Kate said standing by the door.

'Not yet," I said. "Give her the money you took from her," I told
Marcus. I'll give him credit for not pretending he didn't know what I was
talking about. He took some bills out of his pocket and threw them at her.
Even before they fluttered to the floor I was telling him to pick the money
up and hand it to her. He did so, but without much grace.

"I'll be seein; you cunt," Marcus said as we left the rat-hole
apartment. "You'll be back when you need some big black cock in your snow
white whore cunt."

It didn't take me long to pack. I was about half way packed to leave
anyway. Kate was quiet as we left them. In fact she was quiet as we drove
out of town.. I gave up on conversation long before we got out of town.
It was interesting to watch her change as we traveled. The farther away
from Marcus and Cisco we got the more she seemed to come alive. By the
time we reached Atlanta she was taking a lot.

We stopped for the night just south of Atlanta. I wasn't sure exactly
how to handle the sl**ping arrangements. I didn't want to come on too
strong but I damned sure didn't want to pay for two rooms either.

"So, Deek," Kate said when I brought our things in from the car. "It
looks like only one big bed. I don't have any pajamas or night gown. I
haven't needed them lately."

"Don't worry about it Kate," I said. "I can control my a****l urges.
We'll sl**p together, but it's up to you if we 'sl**p' together or not, if
you get my meaning." I mentioned we should find a place to eat and she
agreed but asked if she could shower first. "Why don't I just go get
something and bring it back," I suggested. She thought that was a good

"Well Jimmy Deacon," she said while munching on the pizza I brought in.
Pizza and cold beer is always good. "Tell me about you." I told her about
me. I told her about growing up, enlisting in the Navy, and being a cop.

"Apparently no woman in your life," she said when I finished telling.
"Why not?"

"Just never met one that I wanted to spend that much time with," I
answered truthfully. I didn't mention that being a cop and being married
hadn't worked out too well with most of the men I worked with. I noticed
that she had helped herself to one of my shirts while I was gone. I had
several so I didn't mind. In fact she looked good and I was sure that was
all she had on.

"Do you always find damsels in distress and help them?' she asked,
handing me another beer and getting one for herself.

"No, actually you're my first damsel in distress," I answered. "All new
territory for me. What's your story?"

"I'm not sure you want to hear it and I'm not sure I want to tell it."

"Fair enough," I said. "Tell me as much as you want to tell. Do you
have a last name?"

"My Name is Kathryn Dubois. I'm twenty and I was raised in a little
town in Virginia that you never heard of. After high school I went to a
small community college for a year and decided that I needed a larger city
to be in. I went to New York. That didn't work out too well because I
nearly starved to death. I was trying to make it back home, but didn't
quiet make it back. Had to get a job to earn enough money to eat on.
That's how I happened to be in your city."

"Can I ask how you happened to be with Marcus and Cisco?"

"Just luck," she answered. I noticed she hadn't specified bad luck.
She had gotten up and was putting the trash off of the bed. When she bent
over I could see she didn't have anything on under my shirt. At least no

Kate tells her story:

Okay, Deek, you asked for it and here it is. I had enough money for a
bus ticket and that was all. I spent my first night in the bus station
sl**ping on a bench. The next day I started looking for a job. I managed
to get a job waiting on tables in a greasy spoon. It didn't pay enough to
pay for a place to stay, but the old bitch offered me a cot in the back.
She made me pay her back nearly half what I was making. It was just before
Christmas and cold out, so I didn't make a big deal out of it. I planed to
just be there long enough to make enough to get a bus ticket on home. I
wanted to be home by Christmas but I could see that wasn't going to happen.

The ptomaine pit closed at nine every night and since I was living in
the back room it became my job to clean up. The owner's name was Lola
Paris. Lola didn't pay me anything extra for cleaning up either.

One night a couple days before Christmas, Lola stayed and helped me
clean up. I should have known something was up because the lazy bitch had
never offered to help before. She asked a lot of questions about me.
Where I was from, where I was headed, and things like that. Since I didn't
have anything to hide I told her the truth. Then she asked me if I had a
boyfriend. I told her I didn't have one at the moment.

"How about a girlfriend?" she asked me. I thought she was joking so I
laughed. "I'm serious," she said. "You never made it with a woman?" I
told her no, I hadn't ever done anything like that. I told her I liked

"Boys are okay," Lola said. We were finished and my feet were tired. I
wanted her to leave so I could lay down. "But a woman can take you places
a man can't." I ignored her and hung my apron up and went to the back room.
Lola followed me. "I like men, too," she said, leaning against the door.
"I got a thing for you, Kate," she said. "I want to eat your pussy."

It wasn't the first time a woman came on to me, but it was still
unsettling because she was my boss. Normally I would tell a woman who was
trying to put the make on me to beat it, but this wasn't going to work-out
that way. I tried to be nice and tell her I wasn't interested but she

"Tell you what, Kate girl," Lola said. "You be nice to me and I'll be
nice to you. You do this my way and I'll let you keep your job." Can't get
any plainer than that, but I told her I wasn't interested. I told her that
women didn't turn me on. I got on the cot and pulled the cover over me
without undressing. I thought surely she would get the message. Lola
didn't say anything for a couple of minutes.

"Maybe you didn't understand me, Kate," she said. "You give it up for
me or you take a hike. Is that plain enough for you to understand?" I
didn't know what to do. I had saved about forty bucks and that wasn't
enough to get out of town or a place to stay. I was laying there trying to
figure out what to do when Lola jerked the cover off of me. She had my
dress up, my panties down, and her face between my legs before I could do

She sucked and licked my pussy for about fifteen minutes all the while
fingering herself. After a while she tossed the cover back on me and left.
I just lay there in a daze. I won't lie about it. I've always liked to
have my pussy eaten and she was good at it. I came a couple of times while
she ate me.

The next day she acted like nothing had happened, but she was back for
more that night. This time she had me get naked while she did me. That
time was even better than the first time because she used her fingers on me
while she are me. I couldn't hide the fact that I liked what she did so I
didn't even try.

On Christmas eve we closed up early. Lola told me I would be going home
with her for dinner and that I would be staying all night. Honestly I
wasn't too upset over the prospect. Almost anything would be an
improvement over that hard cot. The offer didn't come as much of a
surprise and it beat being alone on Christmas eve.

What did surprise me, Lola was married. She had never mentioned a
husband before. His name was Tim and Tim was a long distance truck driver
home for the holidays. I soon found out that I was Tim's Christmas present
from Lola. Not that she didn't help Tim enjoy his gift.

I guess you could say that Tim had a good time unwrapping his present.
He must have been expecting me because he wasted no time. Lola took my
coat and Tim took my dress, nearly at the same time. I didn't have time to
protest. Even if I had wanted to.

"You'll love her pussy," Lola told Tim. "Tastes good and I should

"I ain't interested in eating her pussy," Tim said laughing. "I'll
leave that to you. I'm goina fuck her pussy." He picked me up and took me
to the bedroom. He helped me take off my bra and it wasn't hardly out of
the way before he had a nipple in his mouth. I have real sensitive breasts
and he had me wet in short order. While he sucked, licked and bit my
nipples, he had a finger in my pussy.

"Get your clothes off, Tim," Lola told him. "I'll keep her hot for
you." Lola was naked and it was the first time I saw her that way. For an
old bitch she had a pretty good figure. Her boobs sagged, but not much.

Lola sucked my pussy while Tim got naked. Lola had a lot better figure
than Tim did. He had a trucker's gut. His dick wasn't very big, but it
was sure hard enough. He watched his wife eat me for a few minutes,
stroking his dick while he did. After a while he pushed her out of the way
and jumped on me. Lola held my legs open while Tim fucked me. She was
standing over me and I was looking up at her hairy snatch.

I knew she was going to happen even before she lowered her old pussy
down to my face. Even though I knew she was going to, I tried to twist my
head out of the way. It didn't work for very long. She just kept grinding
her cunt down on me.

"Eat my pussy, Kate or by God, I'll smother you," she snapped. "Lay
still and take it like a whore bitch you are." I finally gave up and ate
the old hag. I didn't have much choice in the matter. It wasn't as bad as
I thought it would be. She was clean and didn't smell bad. Just a womanly
musk odor.

When Tim shot his load in me, Lola pulled me into a sixty-nine and
sucked his cum out. After Lola had a couple orgasms I thought it would be
over, but I was wrong. They fucked me all night and into Christmas day.
Merry Christmas, Kathryn Dubois. Merry fucking Christmas.


"Did you forget to take the hanger out of your pants, Deek?" Kate said
with a laugh and looking at my throbbing hard-on. There was no disguising
it so I didn't bother trying. "That really turned you on, didn't it? Come
here and I'll take care of it for you."

Kate was laying on the bed, the shirt above her crotch. I could see her
bare pussy. She unbuttoned the shirt displaying a nice set of tits. I
didn't need a second invitation I quickly dropped my pants and shorts and
got on the bed beside her. Her hand went directly to my cock.

"Nice," she said. "You have a nice cock, Deek. Nice and big and hard.
You want me to give you some head?" I can't even imagine any man saying no
to that question. I lay absolutely still as her warm mouth descended over
my throbbing cock. My cock was so hard I didn't have enough skin left to

"You can cum in my mouth if you want to," she said lifting her head long
enough to speak. "I like it when a man cums in my mouth." Her mouth
captured my cock again and it didn't take long for me to blast a load in
her hot sucking mouth.

Kate didn't give my cock time to get soft. She mounted me and shoved
herself down on me. She fucked me like there was no tomorrow. Even after
I came a second time she didn't stop until I begged her to.

She got off of me, gave me a soft sweet kiss and got under the covers.
Damn! It had been the wildest fuck session I ever had. I turned off the
lights and went to sl**p thinking about Kate.


My intentions were to drive on straight through to Winter Haven. That
didn't happen. Kate wanted to see the Swanee River and everything else
that she saw advertised along the way. Since I wasn't in any hurry, I was
happy to let her have her way. I called a halt to it after the second
alligator farm. The second one was just like the first. The guide had to
be a b*****r to the first one.

We ended up spending the night at Sliver Springs and of course we spent
the day there also. Okay, I'll admit I enjoyed it, but nowhere as much as
Kate seemed to. She was like a little c***d, filled with wonder at
everything she saw.

"Thank you for the best day of my life," Kate said when we got to the
motel room.

"Shit k**, you ain't seen nothin' yet," I told her. "All this is just a
warm up for Disneyland."

"Maybe so," she said. "But this is great. Thank you for buying me the
clothes, too."

"Think nothing of it," I said wiggling my eyebrows. "I'll take it out
in trade."

"Boy, did you make a bad deal," Kate said with a big smile, "You could
have gotten that for free." I didn't tell Kate, but I actually enjoyed the
shopping trip with her. Her enthusiasm was contagious.

Visiting the attractions and on the trips Kate told me more about her
adventure with Lola. I managed to get that Lola, while being referred to
as 'an old bitch' probably wasn't but late thirties or maybe early forties.

During the days Kate worked at the café and at night was a plaything for
Tim and Lola. Kate told me that Tim wasn't attractive, but was a pretty
good man to have in the sack. She told me that Lola loved to suck Tim's
cum out of Kate's pussy and spent a lot of time doing just that.

"That ol' bitch would suck on me for hours. Sometimes I had to make her
stop because she would have my pussy raw. Tim would fuck my butt and Lola
would suck on my ass until she had all his cum out. She was one weird ol'
bag. But what the hell. I had a better bed to sl**p in when I got to
sl**p. It wasn't bad," she said with a grin. "Actually, it was fun."

I had a sort of schedule when we left, but that was pretty well shot to
hell. I called my old buddy several times to update our arrival in Winter
Haven and finally told him we would get there sooner or later. On Sunday
afternoon we made it back as far as Ocala where we spent the night.

Laying in bed that night Kate told me some more about Lola.


Kate's story continues:

A couple of days after the new year Tim went back on the road. He
invited me to go along, but Lola put a stop to that plan in a hurry.

"Get your own damned pussy, Tim," she told him. "I'm keeping this one
here with me."

I would have gone with him if he had been headed south, but he was going
back up north then west to LA or somewhere, so I didn't consider his offer
seriously. He pulled out leaving me at the mercy of Lola, the cum sucker.
I wondered what she was going to use for cum with Tim gone, but I didn't
have to wonder very long.

The very night Tim left, Lola brought a guy home. This guy was fatter
than ol' Tim but his dick was a little bigger. I don't even remember what
his name was. He and Lola shared me a couple nights and then he was gone.
Over the next month or so there was a parade of faceless men coming to her
house to fuck me. I remember some were skinny, some were fat, and none of
them were particularly well hung. I guess I compared every dick to my old
boyfriend, Hal. Hal had a dick that was seven inches long and thick.

Hal wasn't my first, but up to that point he was the best. Hal could
fuck all night and never loose his hard. I thought every man was like
that. Boy was I wrong! Very few are even close.

Of course Tim came home from time to time. One night he came home and
found Lola and me with a man. That was my first experience with more than
one man. At first they just took turns with me, but I guess one got tired
of waiting on the other. Next thing I knew I was sucking one while the
other one fucked me. Ol' Lola was happy as a pig in mud. She had twice as
much cum to eat out of me. Tim stayed around a few days and took off
again. I guess Lola liked the idea of having twice as much cum to deal
with. After that, she started bring two or sometimes three men in to fuck
me. I never knew what to expect from night to night, but it was always fun
stuff. At least it was fun until I got knocked up.

Lola was pissed that I got pregnant, but she paid for the abortion and
got me on birth control pills. I guess it's a thousand wonders that I
hadn't got knocked up long before that. I guess Lola had been pretty good
at cleaning the sperm out of me until one wiggler got past her. I was
pretty sad about the baby. I still think about him some days. I have no
idea what sex it was, but for some reason I always think boy.

Lola gave me a couple days off to rest up from the abortion and then she
started right back in again. I had the abortion early, but I carried the
fetus long enough to start lactating. Lola loved to suck on my tits until
she got a few dribbles of milk. Some of the guys liked it too. I kinda
like it because my boobs were bigger then they had been. More sensitive,

The thing with me and Lola was a love hate thing. I'll admit that I was
living better than I had been and I did learn a lot from the ol' bitch.
Things were better at work, too. I think the other girls knew that Lola
had a thing for me, but they kept their mouths shut. I learned to eat her
ol' snatch but it never was as much fun as having a big ol' dick in my

For several months things just rocked along. Three weeks out of the
month I was a cum dump for a bunch of horny men and something to suck on
for Lola. Then one night she brought Marcus home with her.

Marcus was the first black man to fuck me. It was the same, but a lot
different if you know what I mean. Marcus had a big dick and he liked to
use it on white women, and there wasn't anything gentle about him. You've
heard the expression, wham, bam, thank you ma'am? Marcus was a wham, wham,
wham and kept on whamming, kind of man. He was a like my old boyfriend,
Hal. The only difference was, Marcus would cum, and cum a lot, but he kept
on fucking. Lola really like it because she had a bunch of cum to eat.
Marcus came more than any three men and he became a regular visitor to
Lola's house. Of course it was all right with me, because he was a great
fuck. I found out that I really liked black cock in my white pussy

One night in early spring, Marcus brought Cisco to the house. That
changed a lot of things. Cisco is hung like a bull. His cock, and that's
what I was told to call it, was over nine inches long and as thick as my
wrist. He couldn't last as long as Marcus, but when he was up, he was
something else. When they both were there I knew I would be fucked for at
least two or three hours straight.

Lola wouldn't let the men who came by fuck her. She would suck their
dicks and let them play with her, but she wouldn't let them fuck her. Some
sort of off-the-wall loyalty to Tim, I guess. We didn't talk about it and
I really didn't care. I figured it was more dick for me.

One night Marcus, Cisco and another black dude they called Diamond was
there at Lola's. They all had taken a turn with me and Lola was down
between my legs slurping away when Diamond rammed his cock in her. You
should have heard her squall. It took Marcus and Cisco both to hold her
while Diamond fucked the ol' bitch. Then Cisco fucked her. I guess things
would have been all right except Marcus decided to fuck her ass. Lola was
pissed and stayed pissed for several days. That ended the black guys
coming around for a long while. We went back to old white guys.

I'll admit that I missed the black guys and their big cocks. Especially
I missed they way they could endure. One old white guy, Al something, was
pretty good at holding off, but nothing like Marcus or even Cisco.

It was late in the spring when Lola got sick. I didn't know it at the
time but she had cancer. Whatever kind it was it killed her damned quick.
One week she was alive and eating my pussy and the next she was gone. I
managed to locate Tim and he made it back home the day she died. Next
thing I knew I was out of a job and a place to live.

Tim let me stay on for a few days, but later he sold the café and the
house and I was about to be on the street again. If it hadn't been for
Marcus, I don't know what I would have done. He came to the house the day
it was sold and told me to pack my things and go with him.

At first it was just Marcus and Cisco and occasionally Diamond. I had
all the black cock I could handle, but it wasn't long before there were
others. It started one afternoon. Marcus and some of his friends were
watching a ball game on TV. They got into some serious betting and Marcus
put me up as part of the bet. He lost and I had to go with his friend who
was a fat ugly dude. His name was Charles, and Charles had won me for the
rest of the weekend. Charles fucked me until he couldn't get it up and he
sold my ass to his neighbor for fifty bucks. Before the weekend was over
Charles made a couple hundred dollars off me.

Marcus was pissed when he found out that Charles had pimped me out, but
I guess that gave him an idea and he started peddling my ass. It was a
good thing I didn't have a regular job at the time because I didn't have
time for it anyway. Marcus kept a steady stream of men coming to the
apartment all hours of the day or night. It wasn't unusual for him to wake
me up in the middle of the night to service some guy. A few times he
didn't bother to wake me up. I'd be jarred awake by some asshole trying to
shove his dick in me.

Marcus wasn't mean to me, but Cisco would sometimes slap me around.
Sometimes Cisco would tease me with his big black cock. He knew I really
liked it and when I'd beg him to fuck me he'd use his big beautiful cock
like a dildo and just barely stick it in or maybe just run it up and down
the outside of my pussy. He got a kick out of watching me grovel for his

Sometimes they would have a gang-bang for some of their friends. They
were the gang and I was the bang. Marcus said it was good advertising to
give away some pussy every now and then. I didn't mind the gang-bangs.
Most of them were a lot of fun and I'd get off a lot. Marcus even made
videos and put them on disks. He's shown them to about everybody within
fifty miles of us. They are pretty hot, I'll admit.

Cisco was one weird dude. Sometimes after my customers left Cisco would
get pissed off for no apparent reason and either slap my tits or stick his
big cock in my ass. It was like he was punishing me for being a whore. He
and Marcus were the only ones allowed to fuck me in the ass. Marcus wasn't
any trouble for me to take, but Cisco, being much bigger, was. Every once
in a while, when Cisco wasn't in the mood to actually fuck my ass, he'd use
a big butt plug. He'd make me keep it in for hours. As bad as that was it
wasn't anything compared to the tit slapping.

The tit slapping always seem to make Cisco feel better, but it hurt like
hell. On several occasions he slapped my tits until they were red and
bruised. I had to buy a larger bra to wear when they were swollen. It's
funny in a way, but Cisco could also be sweet and gently with me. It was
like there were two different Ciscos. Needless to say I like the kinder,
gentler one best, but I never knew which Cisco would show up.

How did I end up waiting tables in that coffee shop? Simple, Cisco
didn't want me to be a whore during the day, but he didn't want me doing
nothing, so they made me get that job in the coffee shop. I don't know why
he didn't want me putting out during the day. I asked him, but he never
answered me. Mild mannered waitress by day and super whore for black cock
at night.

Everything was okay for a while until Marcus got jealous of Cisco. That
was about the first time you came into the shop. When you asked me out the
first time, I was tempted but there was already enough trouble in my life
at that moment. I don't know why exactly. I mean Marcus was sharing me
with Cisco and Diamond from the get-go, but something happened between
them. A couple of weeks before you asked me to leave with you, they got
into a big fight. They went at it like two strange dogs for a long time.
After Cisco left, Marcus told me he was selling me to Diamond to put on the
street. I was going to be a regular street whore. For some reason that
was different from what I had been doing. Yeah, I said it was strange, but
to me there was a big difference. I didn't want to be a streetwalker.

A few days ago, I overheard Diamond and Marcus talking about it. Marcus
wanted to wait until Cisco was out of town to make the deal. They were
discussing me as if I were a prize cow or something, and wasn't sitting in
the next room. I was pissed and made up my mind to cut and run. Then you
invited me to take off with you and here I am.


I thought her calm assessment of her previous situation was strange, to
say the least. She didn't seemed to be the least bit ashamed of what she
had been doing. In fact she acted like she was proud that she had been a
black man's whore.

I should have been disgusted, but I wasn't. Everything about her and
her life excited me. There was something strangely stimulating about her
and what she had done. I tried to analyze my feelings, but couldn't come
to any satisfactory conclusion. To me she was this highly sexual creature
that I happened to find. If I had found a treasure chest I couldn't be any

We finally made it to Winter Haven. I wondered how Kate and My buddy,
Lance would get along. Lance got married after we got out of the Navy, and
I had never met his wife, Connie. I knew she was third or forth generation

Apparently the trip and the sight-seeing had been good for Kate. Gone
was the girl who seemed down on life that I first saw. Hello, friendly
bubbly Kate. She and Connie got along fine from the very beginning.

"You old dog," Lance k**ded me. "What the fuck you doin' with that
young fox? She'll kill your old ass."

"Maybe so," I agreed, "But what a way to go, huh?"

Lance and Connie both worked for the Winter Haven Police department.
Lance was a detective and Connie a patrol officer. Both were able to take
a few days off and we went back up to Disneyland. Connie proved to be as
big a k** as Kate, who actually was a k**. It's impossible to see
everything at Disneyland in just a couple of days, but the girls sure tried
to. Between the two women, Lance and I were worn out.

On the third day, Lance got permission for me to ride along with him.
Connie had rotated into her regular three days off. While Lance took me on
my busman's holiday, Connie took Kate shopping and a couple short
sight-seeing trips.

It didn't come as any surprise that crime in Winter Haven was pretty
much like crime I had just left, except the insults were mostly in Spanish.
There are a lot of Hispanics in Winter Haven and the surrounding area.

"So tell me about Kate," Lance asked me. "Is she as good a fuck as she
looks like?"

"Yeah, even better," I told him. "Hot to trot all the time."

"I told you she'd kill your ass," lance said laughing at his worn-out

"How do you like married life?" I asked him.

"It's fine," lance said. "I like the idea of steady pussy. Connie is
sure steady pussy. Loves to fuck. Got that hot Hispanic bl**d, you know.
How long are you and Kate going to be able to stay?"

"Until you and Connie run us off, I guess. We may drive on down to Key
West for a few days."

"Don't be in any hurry," Lance said. "There's a bunch of things around
here to see and Kate and Connie seem to like each other. How did you meet

I gave Lance a thumbnail story about how Kate and I met. He got a big
kick out of the tale.

"You took her away from the b*****rs, huh? That's funny. I've always
heard that once they go black they never go back. I guess you're lucky,"
Lance said. "How long you think your little ol' white dick is going to
satisfy her? Feel free to let her sample my ebony rod." Did I forget to
mention that Lance is black.

"I hear you," I said. "But what are you going to do when Connie hands
you your detached ebony rod? Not going to do you any good in your shirt

"Well, there is that little knotty problem, I guess," he said laughing.
"I guess you are on your own. I'd like to keep my cock attached to me."

At end of shift we went back to Lance's house. Connie and Kate had
prepared a cook-out for us. Thick juicy steaks and lot's of cold beer.
Damned hard to beat.

"Deek, Kate told me about how you rescued her," Connie said after the
meal. "She's one hellava gal, you know."

"I do know," I assured her. "I'm a very lucky man and so is my ol'
buddy Lance. You're one hellava gal yourself." The beer was flowing and so
were the words.

"Now ain't you the smooth talking guy," Connie said. "Thank you, Deek.
Kate was telling me about Lola. That was a hot story. I'm still sweating
from hearing it."

"Who's Lola?" Lance asked. Kate filled him in on who Lola had been. He
was so enthralled with the story he forgot to drink his beer.

"Damn! That is one hot story," Lance said when she finished. "There's
something about two women that one hell of a turn on for me."

"You never told me that," Connie said.

"Never came up 'til now," Lance said. "The idea of two men makes me
want to puke, but two women."

"Whatever flips your switch," Connie said laughing. "For me it was Kate
telling about the gang-bangs. I'd sure like to have seen that."

"No problem," Kate said with a smile. "I swiped Marcus' disks when I
packed up my things. I have them if you want to see." Connie immediately
told her to go get the disks and meet us in the den.


"Oh my God! They have both dicks in your pussy!" Connie exclaimed. We
had been watching Kate's gang-bang disks for about half an hour. She had
four and we were just finishing up the first one. The picture was a little
shaky from the hand held video camera, but the lighting was good "That had
to feel wild!" Connie was sexually aroused, and so were the rest of us.

"Looks like you might get lucky tonight," I whispered to Lance.

"He gets lucky every night," Connie said. "Damn, Kate that looks so
hot. I've never had two men at the same time before."

"There's two men here right now," Kate said laughing. "You can have two
anytime you want."

"What does it feel like?" Connie asked.

"Two men are always better than one,' Kate answered. "What I like about
a gang-bang is there always more men with hard cocks waiting when your
fuckers are through. Lance, why don't you and Deek fuck Connie so she'll
know the feeling?"

"Okay by me," Lance said. "Won't be the first time me and Deek shared
some pussy. Right Deek?" He was right. We were stationed in Jacksonville
and I was dating a woman who's husband was overseas. She found out that my
buddy was a black man and she wanted to try black. We fucked her together
and separately for nearly three months until hubby came home.

"Seriously, you'd be all right with it?" Connie asked Lance.

"Hell yes," Lance said. "I learned a long time ago you can't wear the
thing out. Too much fuckin' ain't nowhere enough. Since Kate has some
experience at it, let's get her to fulfill another fantasy of mine."

"What fantasy?" Kate asked. "Having a woman eat her pussy? Connie's
ready, aren't you?"

"How did you guess that?" Connie asked her face turning pink.

"Vibes," Kate answered. "You were humming like a tuning fork from the
first minute we met. Since you're a lot prettier than Lola, I'll be happy
to lick your pussy. Not really my thing, but for a fox like you, I'll make
an exception."

Being Kate, she didn't waste any time. She got up from beside me and
pushed me out of the way and sat back down beside Connie. Watching two
women kiss is one of the hottest things I've ever seen. It's always an
instant turn-on for me. Lance, too, from his reaction to seeing his wife
kissing Kate.

It was better than any video because there wasn't one tiny bit of phony
acting. The two women were happily swapping spit and it was apparent that
they both were loving the hell out of it.

"Get naked!" Lance said, his voice husky. "Do it naked, girls." They
didn't need any more encouragement. Clothes flew in all directions and
they both were naked in seconds. In another few seconds they were on the

Kate ravaged Connie. There is no other word to describe it. She went
at Connie like a woman obsessed. There wasn't an inch of Connie's body
that Kate didn't lick, kiss, or caress. When Kate's tongue went into her
pussy, Connie went crazy.

The girl-girl thing may not have been Kate's thing, but damned if she
couldn't fool me. Kate ate Connie through a couple of crashing orgasms.
Kate looked like she also had a climax or two. She may have been faking
it, but I don't think so.

"She needs some cock now," Kate announced looking up, her face wet from
their combined juices. "Lance, fuck her cunt and. Deek, you face fuck

I don't know who appointed Kate, game director, but nobody complained.
Our clothes quickly joined theirs. Connie screamed in passion when Lance
entered her, but I soon put a stop to the squealing with my cock. I
thought she was going to pull my dick completely off with her sucking.

Kate let that action go on for a few minutes and told us to change ends.
Lance and I swapped places and I rammed my cock in Connie's soaking wet
pussy. It felt great but then strange pussy always does. Hell, any pussy
feels great, come to think of it.

We three were content to let Kate call the shots, and when she told me
to fuck Connie's ass, Connie told Lance to go get the anal lube. He was
back in a flash and I greased her asshole while she sucked Lance. I
noticed that Kate was fingering herself while Lance and I played with
Connie. Kate takes her pleasure anyway she can get it.

Connie's ass was tight, but I got my cock in her. After a few minutes
of that, Kate directed us into a double penetration. Me in her ass and
Lance in her cunt. Connie became explosive and had one giant orgasm after

"Fill her up with cum," Kate encouraged us. Frankly there was nothing
on earth that could have stopped me. Lance wasn't far behind me. Connie
flopped back on the floor after we took our cocks out of her. Her legs
were wide open and her asshole and pussy were gapped opened. But it wasn't
over for her. Kate leaped between her legs and buried her face in Connie's
cunt. I don't know how she did it, but Kate got another crashing climax
out of the poor well fucked woman.

Watching them, Lance and I both got hard pretty quick, and we took a
turn with Kate. After we came in Kate, Connie, without any encouragement
licked and sucked Kate clean. For the next four hours we fucked in just
about every combination that two men and two women can get into. Connie
proved herself to be an eager cunt lapper.

Lance went into work early long before I even stirred. I woke up later
with two women sucking my cock and balls. There are many worse ways to
wake up.

For the next three nights we switched bed partners. Oh, sure we did the
group thing, too. Connie was hot and a great fuck, but frankly she was no
Kate. I was happy to get Kate back in my bed., but that didn't happen
until after we left Lance and Connie.


"Hey, you," Kate said looking down at me from only an inch away. "I
missed you." We were in a motel on Treasure Island, close to Tampa.

"I missed you, too," I told her truthfully. "Did you get enough black

"For a while," Kate told me laughing. "Lance was a lot of fun. Did you
like fucking Connie?" I told her that Connie was a lot of fun, too.

For the next two weeks we did the tourist thing in almost every Florida
hot spot. We managed to work ourselves back to Daytona by the end of the
second week.

"You're going to have to go back to work in a few days," Kate said. We
were sunning by the motel's swimming pool. Kate was almost wearing a neon
red string bikini.

"I still have a few weeks," I told her. I was sure I knew where the
conversation was going and I was ready for it.

"You want to drop me off in Virginia, on the way north?" she asked.


"No? Why not?"

"I don't think I want my wife to be that far away from me," I answered
casually, smiling at her. She had raised up on one elbow and one tit
popped out of her top. She didn't seem to notice or maybe she didn't care.

"Wife? You're k**ding and it's not funny, Deek."

"I'm not k**ding, Kate," I told her seriously. "Why not? I love you
Kate, don't you love me?"

"Yeah, I do love you. You are the most wonderful thing that has ever
happened to me, but."

"But what? I know I love you. What more do you want? You know I'll
take care of you, don't you?"

"Look, Deek," Kate said with big tears in her eyes. "You know me. You
know what I am. I'm a slut, honey. I'm afraid I'll fuck you up and I
don't want to do that. I love you too much for that. I like a lot of sex.
More than any one man can give me. Can you live with that? Can you live
knowing that another man has hade his cock in me? That I came from his
fucking me?"

"Yes, I can live with that. I don't want to stifle you, Kate. I just
want to love you and take care of you. I know there will be other men and
that's okay."

"Even if I get back with Marcus or Cisco or both of them? Can you
handle that? Me being a cum dump for black men?"

"Yes I can, but I won't stand still for you working the streets. It's
too dangerous and I can't have my wife picked up by vice. Fucking for fun
only. Can you live with that?"

The next thing I knew she was on top of me, laughing and crying at the
same time.

Kate and I were married in Georgia and honeymooned the rest of the way

As it turned out, Marcus wasn't going to be a problem. He was found
shot to death outside his apartment. However, Cisco was glad to see Kate.
Her welcome home consisted of him fucking her on my, I mean our, kitchen
table while I watched. This was going to be one hell of a marriage. I can
hardly wait to see what happens next. I've already put in for vacation and
Connie and Lance have agreed to meet us for a island cruise. We may even
take Cisco. Connie will like his big black cock. Hot damn!
The End

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