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We don't talk at first, seemingly struck dumb by what just happened. But you reach over and hold my hand, and it's the sweetest thing you could have done for me. I kiss it gently, and you reward me with a smile.

My mind is filled with possibilities.... We turn on to a dirt road, and you drive quickly, raising a cloud of dust. Past plenty of trees, an open field or two, but no houses. I wonder if you know what you're doing.

You do. You stop without warning. Pulling a blanket from the back seat, we move through a copse of trees to a delightfully secluded meadow, thick with wild flowers. The sunlight feels so warm here, and off in the distance I can hear the faint roar of the ocean, but I can't see the shore.
My mind is swirling. It almost seems unreal, that I couldn't be here, with this wonderful sensuous woman. This beautiful woman. But the softness of your hand in mine tells me this is not a dream.

We kiss while you're still holding the blanket, and I'm breathless once again. Your lips are so sweet and full, and I love how they feel pressed to mine. Soon our tongues are fencing playfully, and I'm smitten.

I love how you undress.... At once shy and knowing. I should be doing the same, but I'm transfixed.... I gasp at the sight of your breasts.... You seem to bloom before my eyes like a delicate rose. And then you slowly undress me.... Peeling the Lycra from my legs, kissing me softly. And the blanket is laid out.
When we're both naked, I hold you to me, kissing you again, this time excited by the eagerness, the urgency I feel there. I feel your soft hair, your gentle scent... You are so lovely....
My mouth finds your neck, so supple and fine.... As I blaze a trail down to your breasts, full and warm... I kiss your nipples, feeling them harden beneath my mouth... My tongue circles your right nipple endlessly, before I suck it eagerly it into mouth, hearing your first faint moan.... And then I do the same with your other nipple, only the moans are mine.
As I slide lower, I kiss and lick your tummy... Every part of you is so sensual, so tender.... And I can feel your body urging me on impatiently as I move closer and closer to your mound.......
I kiss you, gently at first.... Tracing your pubis with my mouth... And I reach behind you, and pull you closer so I can fully explore your lovely pussy.

You do exactly what I want you to do.... Placing your right leg over my shoulder, inviting me in.... My first kisses are just that ... Kisses.... But I'm soon overwhelmed by the urge to taste you... To feel you come around my mouth....
>I start licking, probing your soft folds, encouraged by your moans. By the time I'm licking around your wet opening, I feel your hands in my hair, pulling me tightly against you. Soon, you sink to the blanket beneath us, and I lower myself to you.
>I start licking.... Pressing my tongue against you... And tracing a long, slow, languorous path to your clit.... Again and again.. And then I'm pulling at your lips, sliding my tongue along them, tracing their dips and contours.... I feel your excitement growing, the urgency in your movements... So I find your sweet, liquid center, and start thrusting with my tongue... Shallow at first, then deeper... Probing, searching.... Faster, faster... I hear your moans, mingled with mine.... Oh, Gina... You taste so sweet and exotic.... I'm intoxicated by your taste, so turned on, so eager to hear your come....
My tongue leaves your pussy, but my fingers don't... Two are thrusting inside of you as my mouth moves to your clit... A few deft licks at your swollen pearl, tongue circling.... Mmmmmm, Gina..... You are so beautiful.... When I suck your clit into my mouth, you thrust against me.... I can feel your passion building rapidly.... I surround your clit, tongue licking, fluttering.... You grind yourself hard against me... Moaning, gasping.....

I hear my name over and over.... I don't stop... Licking, swirling... Caressing... Bringing it on, faster... Your pussy is so sweet, so delicious..... And I feel your contractions begin, squeezing my fingers while as you writhe beneath me... Humping my face.... And I savor your cum, so turned on by your orgasm..... And I never want this moment to end.
..... Finally, you pull me up toward you, kissing my mouth, licking your juices from my chin... We hold each other tightly... A brief respite... Before long, I feel your hand slowly sliding over my hard-on. Another minute more, and you're over me, grasping the base of my cock with your hand so you can kiss it..... . I gasp again, lost in the feelings I haven't known in so long. You seem to love giving me pleasure - my reaction makes you smile. With your tongue, you tease my cock, swirling, licking, sliding, while your hand milks the base.
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