Diary 2

After the movie we all went to a local bar and had a few drinks. I kept on thinking about what had happened yet nobody else spoke about it or even mentioned it. About midnight we decided to go to Cheryl's flat which was pretty close to the bar. We all walked and paired up as we had originally done at the start of the evening. When we got to her flat she put on some coffee and a bunch of slow jazzy CD's. after the coffee Cheryl got up and started dancing with Tom. He was all over her, caressing her back and ass and she leaned into him and was kissing his neck. Colin got up and pulled me up as well and we started to dance too. It wasn't long before his hands were roaming over my body in the same manners Tom. Ian and Lee were't far behind us . The room wasn't very big so by the time three couples were dancing we were all pretty close to each other. It wasn't long before I could feel other hands touching me and I started to get excited as I had earlier. before long I felt someone starting to undress me and as I looked around I saw that Cheryl and Lee were in the same state of dress or undress. The guys quickly divested themselves of their clothes and we had six naked bodies all dancing and rubbing against each other. Colin dropped to his knees and started to lick my vagina and I felt hands on my breasts and when I looked down I could see that it was Tom. I could also feel his cock rubbing between the cheeks of my ass.I looked around and found that Cheryl and Lee had Ian on the settee and were taking turns sucking his cock. Tom took my hand and gently pulled me into another room where I saw a large bed. He lay me on my back and spreading my legs, proceeded to prod his tongue in and out of my vagina. It didn't take long for me to have an orgasm and when I did Tom lay on his back and asked me to return the favour. I took his cock in my hands and caressed it, cupped his huge balls in my hand and sucked on them one at a time. I ran my tongue up and down his shaft and realized how big and thick it was. After a short time I slipped the tip into my mouth and swirled my tongue around the head. I slowly took more into my mouth and as I slid down his cock he thrust gently up which choked me as it closed of the back of my throat. I gagged and Tom slid back to allow me to breath. After a while I felt him stiffen and he started to come in my mouth, filling it up, as much as I tried to swallow, until It oozed out the sides of my mouth and ran down my cheeks. His ccl was still hard so I climbed up the bed and straddled him. I lowered myself onto his cock until it was fully inside me and I started to rise slowly up and down. I took it right to the tip before sliding down until he was fully inside me. He just lay and enjoyed it for about ten minutes before he started to thrust up into me hard and deep. He drove his cock in and out getting faster as time past. I had another orgasm and collapsed across his chest with his cock still deep inside me. As I lay there Colin came into the room with Cheryl. She lay beside me on the bed and caressed my sweaty back. Colin got behind me rubbed my as and I felt his fingers slip into my vagina which was still filled with Tom's cock. He said that the cum was running out and I felt him rub it into my skin and all around my anus.He was kneeling between my legs and before I knew what was happening he slid his cock into my anus. I screamed as I had never had anul sex before and it felt like he was splitting me in two. He was nice enough to leave his cock in me without stroking in and out until I got used to the feel of it. He asked me if I felt ok now and I said yes but please be gentle. He slid in and out in very short gentle strokes but eventually he got faster and began longer deeper strokes until he was fucking my ass as hard as Tom had fucked my vagina. I pushed my body upwards , resting my hands on Tom's shoulders and when I did Cheryl slid her head between Tom and I and started to suck my nipples. Oh my God, I had never had a woman touch me before and wit Tom still in my vagina and Colin driving in and out of my ass I thought I was in heaven. In the next twenty minutes I had two more orgasms. Colin eventually filled my ass with his cum before sliding out. I rolled off of Tom's body and just lay on the bed. Cheryl went down on Tom and started to suck his cock while Colin got behind her and started to suck her vagina. I got off the bed and sat in a big bean cushion in the corner and watched them for quite some time. Tom and Colin took turns fucking Cheryl in her vagina and her ass. At some point Ian and Lee came in and joined in. After some time I joined them all on the bed and the rest of the night was and orgy of fucking and sucking. I was fucked and sucked by all three guys a number of time with Ian and Tom each having a time in my anus which I started to enjoy and was able to take without screaming again. Cheryl and Lee had the same pleasure and at some point we all seemed to fall asl**p and when I woke up I was curled up between Cheryl and Lee, with Lee's mouth still on my nipple. When everyone woke we all took turns showering before agreeing to "go to the movies" more often.
Our evening of "debauchery" got around the office and we found that we all, men and women, had lots of offers for dates. The six of us did keep up our movie nights but we also had separate dates and adventures.
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