Adventures with Liz

Liz came into our life in the 80's. My wife, Ellen had met her in church. As new arrivals to our small town they had been introduced to everyone. She was married with three small k**s, two at school and one younger. He husband was very sick and they had moved here as his parents had a cottage nearby and they thought it would be good to live here and had the parents up during spring and summer. My wife being the way she is volunteered my services to them if they had any jobs bought the house that he couldn't do. I did a few things for them but at that time nothing happened and in fact I hardly noticed her. Ironically she looked very much like my wife, same height, same short mousy brown hair. She was a little thinner than my wife, who was in pretty good shape, and had smaller breasts. After about a year her husband passed away. Liz moved into town from the house she had on the outskirts and thats when things started to change. The house she moved into was a bit of a mess and my wife kept getting me to fix one thing after another. As I worked shift work I was able to do a lot of those during the day when Liz was alone or with just the one k**, when he wasn't at play school. I started to notice Liz then and she was always very appreciative of my help. We became quite friendly and I found her easy to talk to.
Things took a major turn when we had a f****y bereavement in the city and my wife and I had to go down to help out. Unfortunately I had to return to work for a couple of days to organize some things before returning to the city. Liz had asked to let her know how things went so I phoned her when I got back and told her what was happening. She asked me over for supper after work which was nice of her. By the time I got their it was a bit late and her k**s were in bed. She gave me a nice meal and we just sat and chatted while she played some music. I could feel as if we had an electric current running between us but I eventually left for home. She offered and I accepted supper again next night. I said I would bring some music as a lot of hers was not exactly my style. The next night I brought along some Barry White and after super we put it on. Old Barry made seduction an art and after a while we decided to get up and dance. I could feel her close to me and I was sure she felt it too. The night before she had on the music from Dirty Dancing and as we danced around I lifted her leg and had it wrapped around my thigh like he did in dirty dancing and I laughed and said "hey we are just like patrick in the movie". She didn't take it down and I started to caress her leg as we stood still, dancing on one leg is awkward! at one point she looked up at me and I could see in her eyes a look of longing. I bent down and kissed her. As soon as our lips touched she opened her mouth and we flicked our tongues together. It was like an explosion. we both clung together tightly and she gasped and held me very tight. We stood there for some time and I caressed her back and down her ass, I kissed her neck and she moaned. Suddenly she dropped to her knees quickly unzipped me, took my belt off and pulled my pants down to the knees and immediately started sucking my cock She was sucking so franticly and I started to hold her head and fuck her mouth. After a while I dropped down beside her and slowly took off her top. She wanted to rush but I slowed everything down. I got her to lie down and I pulled of her jeans. I kiss her body from her neck down across her chest. As I kissed her chest I removed her bra and her breasts , although smallish had wonderful hard nipples which I sucked on. She just groaned and moaned as I did this trying to grab at my cock, but I pushed her away and told her to relax and enjoy everything as there was no rush. I slowly moved down between her legs and sucked her vagina through her panties. They were soaked even before I got their. I slipped them off and spread her legs and started working on her clit. I love giving oral sex to a woman and I spent a long time doing so. Liz orgasmed a couple of times and it was hard sucking at her as she continually bucked her hips up trying to get more. I quickly stripped off and slid between her legs. Without any hesitation I thrust my cock deep into her and she screamed. I just drove back and forth into her soaking vagina . Suddenly we heard a sound of feet on the stairs and a small voice asking "Mum is it ok? Is someone there?" Liz went stiff and said "No, no it is ok I just dropped something on my foot. just go back to bed" Fortunately her daughter did so. This helped to calm Liz down and she managed to keep her groaning to a quieter level although at times she had to bury her face into my chest. I continued to fuck her hard and long and she had multiple orgasms. She asked me to roll onto my back and I did. She straddled me and slowly rode me as I squeezes her nipples. She was so good seeming to take control of herself now and she was great , slowly rising up and until I felt my cock would come out but she knew exactly where to stop, and she would slowly slide down again until I was buried deep inside her. Eventually I came too and we lay together on the floor. She said she had had no sex for almost 18 months as her husband wasn't able when he was alive and since he had passed she had had no one. at one point she said "God I really need a good fuck." I asked if she had got one and she said she sure did but she was a little concerned as it was her friends husband who had did it. I asked her if she wanted me to come back another time and she said yes. The first opportunity came about a week later. I called her one evening and asked if we could meet but she said she could only go out for a short time. She had a friend in so she asked her to watch the k**s for a while, who were all in bed. I picked her up in my van and as we drove off she unbuckled her belt and leaning over took my cock out and started sucking it. It was dark so we drove up a little side road and climbed in the back of the van and fucked like a couple of rabbits. My sex life at the time was OK but not exactly on fire. I thought I was losing my touch but Liz's enthusiasm drove me into almost as much a frenzy as her.
I used to play hockey once a week and I started going to see her after hockey making the excuse to my wife that I was just hanging around with the guys drinking beer. Actually I was the first showered and out of the dressing room every time. It was winter and I always had on my parka. When I got to her place I would stand just inside the door to get my parka and snow covered boots off. Every time before I got anything off she would be on her knees sucking my cock. She was insatiable. Although she was ready to go immediately I always managed, or most of the time, to slow things down so we could milk every moment.
I was still working shift so I would have days off during the week and I would arrange to go to her place when her youngest was at play school. Sometimes she arranged for a friend to take him for the afternoon so we had longer together. I am not sure what she told her friend but it worked so I was glad of the extra opportunities. One day we were in bed and I had just rolled her onto her stomach and was fucking her from behind. I pulled her up onto her knees , a position I like, as I could go deep into her. I slid my cock out and pressed it against her anus. "Do you mind? I asked. She said "no but put some lubricant on" and she pulled a tube of KY out of a drawer at the side of the bed. i lubed hr and I up and I slid my cock into her. It went in so easily, although tight, and I continued to fuck her anus until I came. She came too which was a surprise as my wife didn't like anal and never came on the few times we did it.
It was around Xmas and Liz had a few toys for her k**s that needed assembly. She called my wife and asked if I could come over and help her. I had just got home from work so I finished my super and went over to her place. She again met me at the door with her mouth but after a short time I said I do need to assemble the toys for the k**s. I worked away for some time and she would let me do a little bit then she would suck my cock again. After about 2hours I had got every thing together and Liz stripped off, pushed me down onto the floor and straddled me. She was just great, slowly riding me in that controlled manner that she had, off to the tip and then down to the root. The phone rung , which was within reach, and she grabbed it and said hi. She handed me the phone and said it is for you, its Ellen. I took the phone gingerly and "Hi" she asked me if I was finished yet and I said I was just about done and should be home in about 20-30minutes. As I was talking , Liz continued to ride me and at one point I grunted. When my wife asked what it was I said I just got cramp in my hand trying to manipulate the last piece of the toy into place. Liz just smiled and climbing off me thrust her mouth down over my cock. I grunted again and said to my wife that that was the final piece and I should start cleaning up and I will get home soon, quickly hanging up the phone. I rolled Liz over and thrust my cock deep into her and fucked as hard as I could. The excitement of her fucking and sucking me while on the phone was so exciting. I drove hard until I came in a huge gush and quickly pulled out spraying my scum over liz;s face and breasts. She laughed and just rubbed it in. I had a quick wipe of the cum and went home. i am not sure whether my wife suspected something but when I got home she was all over me andI went down on her and brought her to an orgasm and quickly slid my cock into her and fucked her hard. I think the excitement of what had happened and also that I was fucking my wife with some of Liz's juices still on me made it so wild I came as hard as I had earlier with Liz, filling my wife's vagina with a goodly helping of cum.
I was a bit pissed off with liz doing what she had while I was on the phone as it made things very dodgy. The next time I saw her we went up to her bedroom and as she turned around I grabbed her blouse and ripped it off of her, the buttons flying every where. I grabbed her bra and tore it off too. She had a look of alarm on her face but I didn't care. I threw her on the bed and without any kind words I unzipped her jeans and pulled them off her , tore her panties off , spread her legs and drove my cock deep into her and fucked her quite roughly until I came. Even then she had an orgasm and afterwards when we spoke about it she said the had found it quite exciting once she realized I was only going to fuck her. I wasn't that pissed off at her, I just thought it would add a little excitement being different than normal.
She was insatiable and not frightened to do things that were dangerous. One time we were at her home for supper. My wife sat on one side of the table Liz sat at the head of the table. We had all had a few wines and suddenly I felt Liz's foot slid up my leg. She started stroking my cock with her foot while my wife sat just across from me. It was very hard to keep a straight face but I did but the worst thing was how to stand up without showing the hard on I now had. Eventually she stopped and my cock slowly resided. She took all her k**s to bedd and after a short time she came down and asked if I could read a story to the youngest one who wanted me to do so. I said sure and went upstairs and lay beside whim I read him a couple of stories. Liz came an stood beside the bed. She had on a skirt and she whispered in my ear asking me to finger her. I slid my hand up her skirt without being too noticeable and found her vagina soaking wet. I slipped three fingers into her and then four as I found her so wet I think I could have had my arm in her. I hand fucked her until she came, with a moan. She went to see the other k**s fortunately just before my wife came up to see how things were. She went to see the other k**s who she read a story to. I finished reading and left to go down stairs. Liz was in the kitchen and I end over to her, pulled up her skirt and quickly fucked her . She was so we my cock slid in and it was a sloppy fuck. Liz came again and I also came. I wiped my cock on her skirt and quickly went over to the settee as I heard my wife saying goodnight to the k**s. We went home shortly afterwards and I immediately went to the washroom and washed my cock , balls and between my legs where Liz's juices had soaked me too. When I got into bed my wife started to stroke my cock and then went down on me. One thing about my wife she is a great, if not the greatest cock sucker. She got me right on the edge of cumin again before I rolled her over and slid my cock into her. I didn't fuck her right away as I wanted her to cum too so I just lay with my cock in her and kissed her and played with her breasts until I had calmed down a bit. Once I had I put her legs over my shoulders and drove my cock deep into her over and over until we both came.
I was just thinking about how much this sex life was taking out of me as I was exhausted but I couldn't complain as I was having the time of my life. I was having as much sex as I wanted and I think my sex life with my wife was getting better too. I tired to analyse what it was but I could only think that what Liz and I were doing was making me more susceptible to my wife's smaller needs but I was more excited when having sex with her that she too was enjoying it more than she had before.
I have more stories to tell but will do them in a seperate story
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10 months ago
Good story - all men need a little Liz in their lives!