MILF and Daughter

I was going around the grocery store and when I went to turn my cart ran into a woman's cart coming the other way. There was a crash but no damage done. I joked we should send for the police and I made the comment "Women Drivers!" she laughed and said "Typical Male Chauvinist." We split the carts up and continued on our way. when I turned into the second aisle down I about half way down I past the same woman going in the opposite direction. we joked as we past about keeping in our own lanes. The next aisle was the same and the next two also we appeared to be going down the same aisles except in the opposite direction.On the last one I joked that we have to stop meeting like this which brought a big smile on her face. She was quite a good looking woman, jet black hair about shoulder length, probably about mid forties, nice breasts and beautiful long legs which she was showing off in a pair of shorts. She wasn't fat but not skinny either. We passed each other in the parking lot and smiled exaggerating the distance between us as if avoiding another crash. I went to the liquor store to get some Scotch and wine and I again met her in the liquor store. I said "This is too much of a coincidence." She laughed and said "It certainly looks like fate is drawing us together." As we walked to our cars said "Look fate really meant us to have a glass of wine would you like to come to my place?" I said sure so I followed her to her house. She took me in and said to take a seat so I sat down on the settee. She went and got some glasses and poured us both a wine then she sat down beside me on the settee, putting the bottle on the table. We chatted about life and she explained that she was divorced, said her name was Cheryl and had only been in town six months so hadn't met too many people. We sipped our wines and had a refill. I couldn't help looking at her legs as they were so nice, all tanned , smooth and long. I also noticed that her buttoned top was open more than before and I also had a good look at her cleavage which also seemed to be tanned. She caught me looking and asked if I liked what I saw. I said I certainly did and asked her if she sunbathed a lot as she had a wonderful tan. She said she did and that she did it naked most of the time. I said that she must look great with an overall tan. She asked if I wanted to see and I of course said yes. She dropped her shorts and slipped off her top and she stood before me with only white bra and panties. I could see she had faint outlines of a bikini but not much. I reached out and touched her legs and found them as smooth as hey looked I ran my hands up her waist to her breasts and slowly slipped my hands under her bra pushing it up so her breasts became free. I pulled her down beside me and kissed her nipples which brought a little moan. I continued to caress and kiss her breasts and she unzipped my pants and took my cock out which she proceeded to stroke. after a little while she leaned down and took my cock in her mouth. She was very gentle and slow, licking it and kissing it and sliding her hands up and down the shaft. She slid her head down a little more taking about half in her mouth but still not taking it all then she returned to the tip where she flicked her tongue around the tip and under my foreskin. I was caressing her breasts and rolling her nipples between my fingers. My eyes were closed as I enjoyed her mouth on my cock.
"Jesus Christ Mom what the fuck are you doing". My eyes flew open and a much younger, taller, slimmer image of the woman on my cock stood in the doorway. Cheryl didn't seem to panic but just raised her head off my cock, turned towards the door and said "What does it look like Babs? Your Mom is having a little bit of fun." "I can see that Mom" said Babs "but do you have to do it in the living room? Couldn't you do it in the bedroom. So I don't have to walk in and see it." Cheryl stood up looking stunning in only her white panties which stood out against her tanned body. She went over to the door and hugged, which I was later to find out was her, 20 year old daughter, Barbara who was home from university. She said she was sorry and introduced me. Babs said hi and went off to the kitchen for something. Cheryl came over and taking my hand, picked up her clothes and led me upstairs to her bedroom where I stripped off and we both climbed on the bed to carry on where we left off. I slid between Cheryls legs and was eating her wet pussy, having removed her panties, and found her quite wet. She whispered to me to fuck her so I slid up the bed and slowly entered her wet heaven. I started off slowly with long deep strokes but eventually I was driving hard into her and when I pulled her legs up over my shoulders I really drove deep into her. She moaned with pleasure and then gave a long "AAAHHHHHH" as she had an orgasm. She gave a shuddered and I let her legs droop onto the bed again. She asked me to let her roll over so I did lying on my back with my cock still inside her. She slid up and down riding my shaft slowly after a little while she lay down on my chest and sort of wiggled her body which was quite exciting as she kissed my neck. I heard a noise and I looked over her shoulder and saw her daughter naked standing in the doorway watching. She was very tall, about 5'10" slimmer than her mother same jet black hair which she now had pulled back into a pony tail. Her breasts were smaller but her nipples seemed to be bigger. While her mother was trimmed around the pussy the daughter was shaved smooth. but the legs were long and slim and although she was equally tanned she obviously wore a bikini when she sun bathed as she had almost white outlines of the top and bottom of a bikini contrasting the rest of her tanned body. She walked over to the bed and sat down asking her mother if she could have some. Cheryl was a bit startled as she had not heard her enter the room but she said sure and slid down the opposite side on my body. Babs got on her knees and started to work on my cock. She started using just her hands at first sliding them up and down my shaft her long fingers, sometimes caressing it with her long nails. She then took it in her mouth and she didn't work slowly she dropped her head right down taking my whole cock deep into her mouth in one long thrust. She kept on doing that going from the top to the bottom in long deep strokes, it was almost like being mouth fucked. then she started to just move up and down the outside allowing Cheryl to work on the other side and then they took turns with one taking the tip into her mouth while the other sucked my balls. Eventually Babs said she really needed a fuck and she straddled me and started riding my cock like her mother except she was more aggressive as if desperate and she was slamming her self hard down on my cock. once I figured her rhythm I started thrusting upwards which drove her wild and she seemed to shiver and dropped down onto her knees gasping and screaming " I am cumming I am cumming". I let her relax a little and then got her on her knees doggies style and drove my cock hard into her wet pussy. I was fucking her hard . Cheryl slid underneath her so I slowed down and she started sucking Babs clit and my balls which brought both Babs and I to an orgasm.Cheryl then asked for the same so babs lay on her back and Cheryl knelt over her. I watched them as they sucked each other and when i felt my cock return to working condition I slid it into Cheryl while Babs sucked my balls and Cheryl's clit. I kept this up for a while then slid my cock out and started to rub it up and down between her pussy and her anus. Babs sucked my balls the whole time and when I pushed my cock against cheryl's anus she didn't protest so I pushe a little harder until the head slipped in. Cheryl groaned and I started to push in and out in little short thrusts until my cock was buried in her anus. Once I was as deep as I could go I just stopped moving and let Babs suck my balls and Cheryls clit. Cheryl came about three times without me moving at all and then Babs moved to the front of Cheryl so she could have her pussy sucked. She knelt in front of Cheryl who started tonguing her and sucking her. I started fucking Cheryls ass again and drove it in and out deep and hard. She screamed as she again orgasmed and I pulled out of her ass and asked her to move to the side which she did and then I got behind Babs and slowly slid my cock deep into her ass with long deep thrusts. She didn't seem to like the slow and easy so she got the hardand fast right away. She was moaning with each thrust and after a few minutes I could feel her orgasm and I let myself go and came in her ass. we both collapsed onto the bed with me on top with my cock still inside her. We just lay there for some time as we were all worn out.. Eventually we got up and we all had a shower.
We lay on the bed together after the shower and had a wine. Cheryl said she was going to go put on some steaks and for us to come down for supper. After she left Babs leaned over and started kissing my cock. She asked if it was ok as she really wanted to make me cum with her mouth. I didn't stop her and she actually did it quite slowly but with long deep thrusts. Her tngue was working the whole time especially at the tip where she would hesitate and swirl her tongue around the tip and under the forskin. It didn't take long before I exploded in her mouth and she milked my cock with her hand until ther ewas nothing left. She cleaned off the tip with her tongue leaving me completely satisfied.
We both got dressed and went down for supper where we had a great time together with good food, good wine and now very good friends.
When I was leaving Cheryl showed me to the door and asked "Did she give you a blow job when you were upstairs?" I admitted that she had and Cheryl asked if it was good which I couldn't deny. She just smiled and said well maybe next time I will show how good I can be.
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1 year ago
Awesome story. Very hot
2 years ago
awesome & sounds like a part 2, 3, 4...
2 years ago
Let us know how good the mothers blowjob was,please.