Chinese experience

When I was in my early twenties and single I was visiting Canada and had taken a bus down to Niagara Falls. When I was waiting on the bus to return to TO I met this young Chinese woman. She had long jet black hair and looked so exotic to me. She had come down with some friends to go over to the US but as she was a Chinese national and had no visa they refused her entry. She persuaded her friends to drop her at the bus station and to continue with their trip which they did. We chatted all the way to TO and before we parted we arranged to meet the next day.
She said to met her at the subway station near where she lived and I did. She said she wanted to walk in the park, called High Park which is a huge park in the middle of TO. WE had a good time walking around holding hands looking at the ducks and geese but it was pretty busy so we kept on walking until we found a quiet spot in a hidden clearing. We lay down on the cool grass and started kissing each other. This led to some heavy petting and when I caressed her breasts I found them to be quite small , very firm with long nipples which squeezed and rolled between my fingers. I slid my hand up her shorts and fingered her wet pussy through her panties. We were both a little frightened to go to far in the park so didn't remove any clothes. After some time we went an grabbed a burger and then we went back to her place. We sneaked in as she was living in a basement apartment and she was not meant to have male visitors. We got back to the heavy petting on the settee but then I lifted her up and placed her on the bed. I took off her top and undid her bra exposing two beautiful breasts. They were small but her nipples were long and very dark and I started sucking them which she enjoyed. We kissed and caressed each other and I sucked her breasts for some time then I undid her shorts and slid her shorts and panties off together. I stood up and stripped off my shirt and shorts and as I did so I looked down on her black triangle of pussy hair. I got down beside her and spread her legs finding her warm wet pussy lips among the black bush. I slowly licked around her lips and flicked my tongue on her clit. She started to groan a little and she covered her mouth with her hand to stop making too much noise. she was so small next to me . She was about 5'2" and I was 6'2". She was just exquisite, tiny yet perfect proportioned. I couldn't resist kissing and licking her whole body from her toes to her mouth. When I concentrated on her pussy I sucked her clit , licked her pussy , sucking her pussy lips into my mouth and fingering her she suddenly arched her back and a groan escaped her hand as she orgasmed. My cock was rock hard but I didn't enter her yet. I kissed her pussy and her breasts over and over, enjoying so much sucking her nipples and just caressing her body. Eventually I couldn't hold back any longer and I slowly slid my cock deep inside her. It felt like my cock was entering a tight warm cave. Her hands wrapped around my back and when I thrust in again she opened her mouth as if to cry out and I crushed my mouth over hers feeling her scream vibrating inside my mouth. I thrust in and out of her tight pussy and very quickly came, shooting a big load inside her. We lay together for some time with my cock inside her kissing gently and caressing each other. After some time I felt my cock slowly come back to life and again I thrust it in and out of her again bringing her and myself to orgasm once again. We lay their together for some time and eventually I got dressed and went home to where I was staying and I never saw her again but it still remains in my mind
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2 years ago
very good but only the one time shame on you
2 years ago
Very good indeed,,dam hot
2 years ago
good story.... oriental women can be extraordinary lovers and very willing partners
2 years ago
lovely story . i like it