Party Girl part 3: The other side of story

About two days after Sharron's email a package arrived at the house while Ellen was out and when I opened it up there were two DVD's. One entitled "Ellen's wildest Dreams" and "Ron's Amazing Night". I quickly put the one on Ellen into the DVD player. It started off where I had left them on the settee where they had quickly stripped each other and were now on the floor all three of then naked and sucking kissing and nibbling on each others vaginas and breasts while fingers were in and out of each others vaginas and anuses it looked like three octopi having sex, with arms, fingers and tongues all working at the same time. Eventually Sharron got up and led Ellen into one of the bedrooms where Paul was lying on the bed naked. They both got on the bed beside him and they both started licking his cock and caressing his balls. At one point Ellen was on her knees sucking Pauls cock and Sharron was sucking Ellen's vagina. Paul eventually got up and lay Ellen on her back spread her legs and slid his cock deep into her. He was big, not as big as David , but big enough and Ellen groaned as he filled her up. Sharron was kissing Ellen's mouth and playing with her breasts As Paul continued to fuck Ellen hard. I heard her cry out and her body seemed to shudder which I knew was an orgasm. Tom slipped into the room and Sharron left and Ellen started sucking his cock while Paul just kept doing his thing. tom took over and rolled her onto her back and putting her legs over her head proceeded to drive his cock deep into her vagina. david came into the room along with Derek and both knelt on each side of her head where she took turns sucking their cocks. Derek came and shot his cum all over her breasts. They rotated with David getting between her legs and slowly sliding his cock deep into her. She gave a a loud groan as he was the biggest by far. During the rest of the evening all the men and some of the women were coming in separately or in twos and threes to give Ellen their full attention. Some came in her some on her back and some all over her breasts and stomach. Towards the end of the evening Ellen had just been lying quietly for about ten minutes when David and Paul came back into the room. David lay down on his back and Ellen got on her knees to suck him again but David made her straddle him which she did and as she slowly lowered herself onto him he thrust up hard driving his cock deep into her which made her scream. He continued to drive his cock up into her vagina and she arched her back and Paul came behind her and squeezed her breasts from behind. She must have had multiple orgasms as her body seemed to shudder all the time and eventually she collapsed across David chest. At this point Paul got behind her and slowly entered her anus. Ellen screamed again but as he was doing so gently she relaxed a little and he got his cock deep inside her. He started off slowly then eventually got into a rhythm where he was sliding in and out without driving it hard. David picked up on the rhythm and both of them were sliding in and out much to Ellen's delight. She just kept on saying, Oh yes, oh yes,oh yes, oh God , oh God and I could see her shudder quite a few times eventually Paul thrust forward and he groaned as he emptied himself inside her anus and shortly after David exploded inside her vagina. They all sort of rolled off and lay there for some time the the guys left. Sharron entered the room and kissed Ellen on the lips. She went and got a small basin and cloth and washed her down cleaning all the cum from her body. As she lay there I could see the cum running out of her anus and vagina. Once Sharron had her cleaned up she look straight into the camera and said "This is what real surprise was, All the men wanted Ellen and I felt I wanted her to have something special. She turned to Ellen and asked her if she thought it was special and she said "It certainly was that".
Ellen and I watched the DVD together later that night and she said it was an amazing feeling and although she knew what was happening she also felt it was a bit of a blur as the people changed so much.
The camera work was excellent with good lighting, great angles and lots of close ups and Ellen said that Sharron had told her that a film was to be made before she went into the room and that she shouldn't tell me anything until the film was seen by me. We also watched the other film which had been taken of me and although the quality was good there were less close ups and fewer good angles as the cameras had been set up and what they all took was spliced together to make the film. It was till pretty good and Ellen got off on it almost as much as I got off on her film.
Sharron emailed us and asked what we thought and we said it was great.She said I don't know if I can get anything to top that but I will try and think of something.
So! These two stories are actually one which I thought should have been called "As the World Turns!!
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