Party Girl part 3: One side of story

I will tell this story in two parts as it is longer than before;
It had again been about two months since we had been at our last party when we received am email from Sharron. She said she was planning a party in about two weeks and would we like to attend. She also said she had something special for this one. Ellen and I agreed to go and about ten days later we got an email with an address in one of the upscale neighbourhoods in TO. On the night we turned up and parked in the driveway of a substantial house in the area. Ellen was dressed in a white blouse which should a nice bit of cleavage and a short black skirt and underneath white panties, bra, garter belt and dark stockings.
We knocked on the door and it was opened by Sharron with a tall good looking guy about 40 who she introduced as Paul, our host for the evening. We were taken into a nice dining room where the table had lots of nibbles and drinks. We were introduced to Paul's wife Brenda who was quite stunning. She was 6' tall, with long black hair dark eyes lips to die for and a body which started off with long lehs and ended with a very nice pair of breasts. She was dressed in the popular "little black dress" that all women must have which showed off her long legs to the maximum. We were offered drinks and then looked around the room and saw many of the people who we had seen before.David and Lucinda were chatting with Tom and Alice while Ashley and her husband who we found out was called Derek were chatting with Peter who had a different women with him and Brian and Sheila. Karen was also there and she was chatting with Adam so we went over to chat with them and were quickly joined by Sharron, Paul and Brenda. So the whole lot were ready for the evening. We all mixed and mingled during the next hour drinking and eating if we were in the mood. Eventually Sharron announced that her special event was that there were a number of spare bedrooms which could be used if people wanted so "Let the party begin." She took us all through into another large room which was set up with settees, loungers and thick rugs on the floor.To start we all found some place to be with our own wives or girlfriends and Ellen and I found a settee where I open up her blouse and released her breasts and started sucking on her nipples. I had my hand up her skirt and was rubbing her vagina through the cloth of her panties. Sharron came over and asked if she could join and I said "Sure". She removed Ellen's panties, pushed her skirt up around her waist, spread her legs and immediately started sucking her vagina and when Ellen gasped I knew she had found her clit. Ellen was groaning and moving her hips against Sharron's mouth. Shortly after Sheila came over and asked if she could try Ellen's breasts so I moved out of the way and looked around the room. Brenda was standing watching Paul fucking Lucinda while David was being sucked by Alice. Brenda look amazing standing with only her Black bra, panties, garter belt and black stockings and at 6' she looked ilk an Amazon ready for battle. I went over and kissed her and asked if she was ready to join in and she said she was certainly ready and taking my hand led me into one of the bedrooms where we immediately started kissing each other at the same time removing our clothes. Her breasts were quite large and very firm with large dark nipple which I sucked and tongued. We eventually fell on the bed where we got into the 69 position and started sucking each other. She teased me with her mouth flicking the tip, then taking in a bout a inch then back to the tip, licking down to my balls where she sucked them into her mouth before making her way back to the tip where eventually she took all of my cock deep into her mouth but with ever stroke her tongue flicked and rubbed against the shaft. I sucked her clit which was quite long and her vaginal lips were quite thick and juicy which I loved. I fingered her vagina and anus and eventually this led to me rolling her on her back, putting her legs over her head and driving my cock deep into her. I could feel my balls slap against her ass and she groaned with pleasure. I got her to move onto her knees and took her from behind and as I was thrusting back and forth the door opened and Alice came in and joined us on the bed.She crawled under Brenda and started to suck her vagina a s I fucked her. She would every now and then suck my balls which was rather exciting with my cock in Brenda vagina. We switched over and I started fucking Alice and Brenda left to do her own thing. Over the next while the women changed on a regular basis sometime having two at once and other times only one. Brenda came back at one point while I was fucking Ashley from behind and she also crawled under Ashley and started sucking her vagina. When they swapped over just as I was about to put my cock into Brenda's vagina again Ashley guided my cock towards her anus so I gently pushed in. It was amazing how tight her anus was and it took all my my cock without any trouble. Although I started off gently I soon was fucking her anus as hard as I did her vagina. I came quite quickly and Ashley went off and found some warm wet cloths' which she cleaned me off and then got down on her knees and said "I want my ass filled too" which I proceeded to do. It all became a bit of a blur as they wee changing and returning but eventually the night drew to a close and we were all back in the main room getting ready to leave. Ellen looked completely exhausted as did I and when I asked her what it was like she just said "Amazing", and wouldn't talk about it which was a bit annoying but I was sure I would hear about it at some point
The next day Sharron sent an email saying that she was sending something in the mail and she hoped we would like it. Thats is the other side of the story
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