Party Girl Part 2

My wife Ellen had had her first experience of a swinging party which really surprised me and said she would go again if the opportunity arose. About six weeks after the first party Sharroen sent an email to say she was having another party the following Saturday and we were both invited. She said that a few of the guys were interested in Ellen s they had not had the opportunity the first time.
When we arrived at the party some of the previous couples were there and they came over and chatted. Tom and Adam and their wives Alice and Karen came over and during the conversation Tom said he would love to see Ellen later but had been told he was banned this time around as the other guys wanted their share. the party continued like a normal party and Sharron introduced us to a few couples we had not met including David and Lucinda who were Jamaican. Again as before most people left later in the evening and there were about seven couples left this time including David and Lucinda.
The fun started off like before with the couples starting to kiss and fondle each other. Ellen had worn a dress with a nice vee neck and came to just above her knees. I slid my hand up her dress and was surprised to find she had no panties on and she was already wetI unzipped the back of her dress to be able to slip the top down and she had on a black lacy bra which showed her breasts to there best I slipped the bra down and started kissing her nipples and also fingered her vagina while she caressed my cock. Things changed quicker this time and one of the guys Brian came over with his wife Sheila and together started started helping me with Ellen. Sheila kissed her deeply on the lips which I found very exciting especially as my wife reciprocated and even put her hand on the back of Sheila's head pulling her hard against her lips Ellen was lying on her back and Brian spread her legs and started to suck her vagina and clit. Sheila who was naked from the waist down was on her knees kissing Ellen so I slid in behind her and entered her wet pussy from behind. I looked over and saw Tom fucking Lucinda while David was having his cocked sucked by Karen. Sharron came over and told Ellen that David really wanted to have her to himself and she agreed and Sharron took Brian, Sheila and I over to the other people and I ended up with Lucinda while Tom took Sheila away into the bedroom and Brian and Sharron joined us on the settee. I was sitting on the settee while Lucinda sucked my cock and she was so good at it. While she sucked me I watched David taking care of Ellen. He sucked her first and she reacted quite erratically. He then moved up and slid his cock into her mouth which was much bigger than mine. Ellen took most of it in and stroked his cock with her hand as it slid in and out. Lucinda straddled me and lowered herself onto my cock. She rode me like a horse and I held her hips and drove her hard down onto my cock. She was quite dark and her breasts were at least 38C with black nipples which stood out like a small stack of coins. I sucked her nipples and rolled them between my fingers which made her groan. She came with a squeal and collapsed onto my chest. I looked over and watched as David raised my wife's hips up and drove his cock deep into her. She arched her back and gave a small scream and david continued to drive hard and deep into her . She came a number of times and just kept saying "Yes, yes, yes, yes. Adam came over and took Lucinda over in the corner and started to fuck her on the carpet. He dropped off Ashley one of the other wives who was completely naked. She was quite young probably about early thirties and she had very small pert little breasts with hard nipples which were quite different to suck on as there was so little actual breast. I got her on her knees and slowly slid my cock into her tight pussy. She was very slim and her hips were bony but it was very exciting pulling her hips back as I thrust my cock forward. I looked over at Ellen and saw that David had her on her knees as well and was just starting to slip into her. Ellen was naked now and it was so exciting seeing his black cock slide into her white pussy. He started off slowly then sped up and as he got into a steady rhythm I tried to match it with Ashley which was quite erotic, synchronized fucking. Another guy came over who I later found out was Ashley's boyfriend and put his cock into Ellen's mouth which she sucked but seemed to have most of her attention on David's cock driving into her. My orgasm exploded into Ashley just when she shuddered as her orgasm filled her body with pleasure. Ashley left with another guy and Lucinda rejoined me, again she straddled me facing forward this time which allowed me to caress and squeeze her breasts which were lovely to hold. We both came quickly and eventually just lay and watched our spouses enjoying one another. "David really wanted to have her tonight as he had watched her the previous time and really thought he would enjoy her." she told me. "Well she certainly seems to be enjoying him too" I said. He had great stamina and he kept on going for at least another hour taking her from behind, on her side with her legs over her head and lying flat on her stomach as he again took her from behind. I know she came over and over as she gives out quiet screams of loud moan as she orgasms and she seemed to be doing that almost continuously. Depending on which position she also sucked another couple of cocks but her focus was certainly on Davids cock. When he finally finished coming all over her stomach and breasts he kissed her and thanked her which she replied by saying "Oh no Thank You!"
When he left her I went over beside her but it took her quite a while to recover before she was able to redress so we could go home. I asked her what it was like and she said "Unbelievable, he seemed to stay hard for ever and even seemed to grow harder at times". I asked if she was sore but she said "No just very satisfied, " and laughed. Eventually she got dressed and we thanked Sharron for the invitation and we went home. We both fell asl**p quite quickly and the next day we spoke about her experience. I asked her if she remembered sucking cocks and she said she had but only faintly as her whole mind was focussed on what she was feeling between her legs. She said it was amazing feeling her vagina completely filled and had never had so many orgasms'. Sharron sent an email thanking us for being there and she also said that David had said he had never had a woman who manage to keep going so long other than Lucinda. She also said there were still a few guys who wanted to have their turn with Ellen but were quite happy to let David do his thing last night. She sent a few pictures one which showed Ellen being fucked from behind by David while Sharron was in the 69 position sucking Ellen,s clit while Ellen sucked hers. I had not seen it happening but it was exciting to see.
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very good
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More parties to cum? These stories are great.