Door to Door

I had just had a shower when the doorbell rang. When I opened the door a couple of k**s were there asking for a donation for their high school trip. One of the mothers was just behind them as chaperone and when I told them I had not been to the bank and had nothing she asked if i would donate later once I had been to the bank and I said yes. I finally got dressed and end uptown and did what I had to do including getting money from the bank.
It was about nine o'clock that night when I heard the doorbell again and when I opened the door the mother who had been with the k**s was standing there. "You said you would give later so I thought I would drop by." I said "Sure would you like to come in while I get the money?" She followed me into the kitchen and I got my wallet out to give her $20 when she said "I was hoping for a little more than that." When I said it was what I normally gave in the past she asked if I would allow her to persuade me to give more and I said sure. She was about late 30's and had a nice figure, not too slim and a nice pair of tits. She came over and kissed me and immediately started tonguing me. I naturally responded and started caressing her tits which I found to be quite firm. she reached down and started to unzip me and open my belt so I unbuttoned her blouse and unclasped her bra freeing her tits. I bent down and sucked on her nipples which were large and hard as she rubbed her hand up and down my cock. after a short time she dropped to her knees and took my cock into her mouth. I grabbed her head and started to fuck her mouth pushing my cock deep into her throat which made her gag. I decided the kitchen was not the best place to be so I raised her up and guided her through to the bedroom. We helped strip each other and fell onto the bed where we got into the 69 position, her on top, and sucked each other. He pussy lips were quite large and juicy and I spread them to get easier access to her clit. I sucked on it and bit gently which made her gasp. She was taking my cock deep into her mouth and when I bit her she started using her teeth but gently so it made it exciting rather than painful. i rolled her over and got between her legs and slowly at first I entered her and found her very wet. I thrust deeper into her and once I had fully entered her I started driving hard and deep my balls slapping against her. I pulled her legs over my shoulders and this allowed me to get even deeper into her wet, hot pussy. She moaned with every thrust and her body shuddered as she orgasmed. after a while I got her onto her knees and took her from behind. I love fucking doggie style and I drove my cock deep into her over and over making her cum again and again. I was fingering her anus and found my fingers were easily sliding in and out so I pulled my cock out of her pussy and slowly slid it into her anus. I gasped as well as her when I slid in as it was so tight but I quickly got the rhythm going again as I drove deep into her anus my balls slapping against her ass. it wasn't long before I came exploding inside her. I lay on her back until I recovered and when I got up and removed my cock from her anus my cum came running out and down her legs. She reached between her legs and wiped it off her legs and then licked it off her fingers. She turned round and took my cock in her mouth and sucked and squeezed my cock taking any cum still available. We got dressed and she asked if she had persuaded me to increase my donation and I said certainly and gave her $150. Now every time her daughter is canvassing for trips or anything else her mother always comes around to collect the money on her own, later at night.
I later found out she has a few other men in the neighbourhood who donate generously and her daughter has regularly been the best collector of donations in her high school a number of times, and she never misses any trips.
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2 years ago
great for so short
2 years ago
Nice. Sounds like a fair deal.