Fantasies come true

A number of years ago when my wife, who was about 50 at the time, we spoke about our fantasies. I told her I always fantasized about a threesome with her and another guy. She wasn't too thrilled about that but I pushed her about what her fantasies were and she said she had always fantasized about a black man and wondered if what they said about the size of their cocks were true or not. We spoke about these on other occasions with me hoping we could manage to get them to come true.
About six months after we originally spoke about it we were in the city over the holiday weekend where we went to see a show. After the show we had a nice dinner and went back to our hotel. Unknown to my wife i had looked up a male e****t service and had the number. I had tentatively booked a black guy about thirty to be available so I went into the bathroom and called him to confirm. I had also asked if he could bring along a friend to take pictures of us while the threesome was happening. About half an hour later there was knock on the door and I went and let him in. My wife had got ready for bed and was sitting on the bed, drinking a glass of wine, dressed in nice lingerie which consisted of very small panties and a jacket type top both of which were easy to see through. I brought Gordon and his friend Brian into the room upon which my wife put her wine down quickly and pulled the bed cover up to cover herself up. I explained that she could decide what to do but at least give Gordon an opportunity to give her a massage if nothing else and if that was all she wanted that was fine with me. After a while she decided she would let that happen but she wasn't going any further. She rolled over onto her stomach and without her seeing , Gordon stripped down to his shorts. He climbed onto the bed and started to massage her legs working his way up. He didn't touch her vagina but massaged her ass quite a bit before moving up her backI could hear her moan with pleasure and he certainly looked good at doing what he was doing. I knelt at the side of the bed and kissed her neck and her lips as he was massaging her. He asked her to roll over and she did pulling her top up to cover her breasts although you could still see them through the material. He again started up her legs and again did not touch her vagina but as he moved up to her stomach and chest area I spread her legs and kissed her on the vagina. She gasped but didn't stop me. I pulled her panties aside and slid a finger into her which made her gasp again. I started my tongue on her clit and kissed her push lips. This time when Gordon got to her breast he pulled the top open and massaged her breasts and she just allowed it to happen. At one point her leaned down and kissed her nipples which brought another gasp from her, and she moaned as he continued to caress her breasts and suck her nipples. I puller her panties off so I could get better access to her vagina. I moved up her body and started to suck her nipples and caress her breast and Gordon slipped down and started to lick and suck her vagina. She groaned with pure pleasure as he slid his tongue in and out of her and sucked on her clit. Gordon slipped off his shorts and his cock stood out like a pole. It was almost ten inches and quite thick. He got between her legs and slowly slid the tip into her vagina. My wife went rigid and I thought we had gone too far but she slowly relaxed and I watched as his cock slowly slid inside her with short strokes but going deeper with every stroke eventually ending up with all of it buried deep inside her. She was gasping with every stroke and a strange look was on her face. Her eyes were closed and she had a look of ecstasy on her face with a strange smile. During all of this Brian had been taking photos and short videos on his camera. I pointed at him and indicated he strip off too so her did. He set the camera up to take a video and came over to the bed. I got out of the way and let him in where I had been and he started to suck her nipples and caress her breast but he moved up to the top of the bed and placed his cock against her check. She opened her eyes but without any indication of what it was took his cock into her mouth and started to suck him off. He wasn't as big as Gordon but was big enough. I started taking the pics and videos including some close ups of her mouth around his cock. Brian asked Gordon if he could swap and they did . He had my wife get on her knees and Gordon lay down on the bed so she could suck his cock while Brian slid his cock into her from behind. brian started driving his cock deep and hard and you could her his body slap against her ass. She let out a loud groan which I knew meant she had cum but Brian just kept on going. Gordon slid down the bed and Brian allowed hip to get underneath her and she lowered herself down onto his cock. between her riding up and down and Gordon driving up into her she came again quite quickly. I moved over to the bed and she took my cock into her mouth. Gordon was thrusting up in long slow thrusts and then Brian slid in behind and put the tip of his cock against her anus. She said "NO" so Brian just rubbed his cock up and around her anus while Gordon continued to slid in and out of her vagina . She had done anal before but not often and it wasn't one of her favourites. Eventually Brian tried again and this time she just groaned as he very slowly entered her anus. As he slid in she came again and as he was being gentle she let it continue. When he got it all in he and Gordon got into a good rhythm together and she gasped and groaned so I took my cock out and let her take everything in. Brian gave a groan himself and pulled out spraying his come down her leg and over the bed. I took his place and entered her anus too. I had never seen her as wild as this and it excited me so much I was driving deep into her with every thrust. I didn't take long to come and I came deep inside her and then pulled out and rolled to the side. Gordon without leaving her vagina rolled her over and putting her legs over his shoulders drove into her vagina deep, hard and fast. I don't know whether she had multiple orgasms or one continuous one but she groaned and moaned for some time before Gordon himself pulled out of her vagina and explode all over her stomach and breasts. My wife just sagged and lay there with a smile on her face totally exhausted. She didn't get up even though Gordon and Brian had a shower and dressed before leaving. They cam over to the bed and kissed her and said "Thank you for a great evening". SHe just smiled returned their his and said "Thank you".
After they left she lay on the bed for at least half an hour before slowly sitting up. She leaned over and took her wine and just leaned against the headboard drinking and smiling. When I asked her if she enjoyed it she said that she had enjoyed it immensely. Then she smiled and said now have the answer about black cocks and laughed. After another half hour she looked down at the cum all over her stomach and legs and said " I can't lie here all night enjoying all this cum so I had better clean myself up, which she proceeded to do before coming back to bed. We did not have sex that night as she was completely satisfied but we did have a pretty wild morning when we woke up.
So in one weekend I had my fantasy fulfilled and my wife found out the answer to her question.

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2 years ago
Has she "continued" her research on the BBC size issue?
2 years ago
Now THAT is a great story, good job.
2 years ago
Outstanding..great work!
2 years ago
Great ,,thanks