From Online to Bliss

We first started chatting online and both of us had fantasies of having sex with someone we met online. We are both married and were both going though a pretty dead period in our married lives. I was about 55 and she was in her early 40's. We were both looking for fun online but during our long chats we came to the conclusion we should meet and test the waters. So this was an adventure.
The first time we met we arranged to meet outside a major bookstore in T*****o. After a delay, in which I thought she wasn't turning, up we finally met, She was a blonde lady not too tall ( I am over 6'), with a figure quite voluptuous and we went to my van in the parking lot where we climbed in the back. After a short period of kissing and groping it started to heat up but as the parking lot was open and busy we decided to move to one down the street which had a covered in parking lot which was rather dark, and much quieter. I quickly got her pants down and started to eat her. I love oral sex and am quite happy doing the eating! We got very excited and she came a couple of times. She then gave me the best BJ I had ever had especially as I started to cum. As I started to cum she didn't stop and she "milked" me to the very end, sucking and squeezing every drop of cum out of me. WE had both enjoyed our meeting and planned to chat again soon.
It was difficult for us to meet regularly as we lived quite a bit apart but we got more interested in meeting again and eventually we met again in TO but this time I arranged a hotel. As I undressed her I found her body so exciting to touch as she wasn't slim by any means but in her sexy lingerie she looked quite stunning. This time I took more time touching her body and kissing and licking every inch of it. Her vagina was very exciting to me as my wife had very little pussy "lips" while "A" had very thick juicy lips which I loved to suck. We spent 2-3 hours together exploring each other but mainly giving each other oral sex. And yes we did fuck and it was wonderful feeling my cock deep inside her.
We met a few times over the next year finding more excitement with every meeting. Some times I would cum inside her vagina, some times inner mouth and occasionally on her breasts. We tried anul sex which we both enjoyed and one time while I was eating her vagina I was able to get four fingers into her anus and she really enjoyed, it which I knew by the amount of juices flowing out her vagina into my mouth. At one time I brought along a dildo, which we had spoken about online. I used it which I ate her and slid it up and up and down her crack. After a long period of oral sex I got her on her knees and started to fuck her doggie style and during that time I slid the dildo into her anus. She groaned and squealed and we both came hard.
During our chats online we used to fantasize about another guy joining us and we both thought it would be exciting. I arranged for a male e****t to meet us in a hotel as a surprise. I didn't tell her until the day we met. We had a long session on our own with lots of oral sex on her and a lot of fingering her anus. I used the dildo on her which she enjoyed and between everything she came a few times. I did not let her touch my cock other than a few strokes with her hand. Eventually the guy turned up and he was a bit of a disappointment as he was quite short compared to me, height wise and cock size but we got down to it anyway. We started off with both of the guys caressing her body, fingering, kissing and licking her all over. She was sucking my cock as I watched him slip on a condom and he slid his cock into her and she groaned as he fucked her hard from behind. It was very exciting watching her being fucked while she sucked my cock. At one point I slid under her and sucked her clit as he fucked her and that brought another groan from her. I outlasted his lust as he gave a moan and shuddered as he came. I know she had came a couple of times during the fucking but she was still looking for more. She lay on her back and I kissed and licked her pussy again which she always enjoys. The guy slid up to the top of the bed and she started to suck his cock hoping it would get hard again. I was getting jealous watching her suck him as she is very good at it so I moved up to get some of it too. I slid the dildo into her vagina to make sure she was being pleasured as much as possible. As I watched her moving between our cocks my cock got so hard it was almost painful. She wasn't having much luck with his cock, which she was now sucking without a condom, but she tried going back and forth. I couldn't hold back any longer and I exploded into her mouth. I had never came like that before, my cock was rock hard and I came so much it was squeezing out between her lips and running down her checks. And remember she usually sucked me dry but this time I came too much for that but she did keep ion sucking and did eventually suck everything out of me other than what was all over her face and neck.
We met a few more times over the next year but eventually we drifted apart and chatted less online. She was so special I have never forgotten her and the two plus years we had together even though there were so few meetings. I don't know what would have happened if we had been close enough to meet more regularly but I can imagine and it is nothing but pure joy.
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