What a Wild Weekend

Friday night I met a girl while I was buying a new pair of shoes. She was a hot brunette with short hair. We hit it off right away and after we both bought some shoes we went out for a drink.

She invited me home with her and said her husband has been dying to have a threesome with a redhead and asked me if I would be willing;of course I said yes!

When we got to her house her husband was sitting on the couch watching tv, but as soon as he saw me his eyes lit up and he shut the tv. She went to get us some wine and I sat on the couch with her husband who was grinning ear to ear.

I could tell that her husband was really hot and horny and a glance at his crotch confirmed it as his pajamas had a huge bulge! He caught me looking and reached over and grabbed my hand and placed it on the bulge. He was rock hard and felt very well endowed. Of course I left my hand there and started to rub his cock through his pjs. It grew even bigger and suddenly popped out through the opening!

OMG...I gasped as I got my first look at his huge cock. I just had to get a taste of that magnificent piece of manhood. So I dropped my head into his lap and started to suck on his rock-hard member. Just then Leslie returned with the wine and said, "I see you and Bill are getting along just fine! Doesn't he have a wonderful cock?"

I came up for air and replied, "Oh yeh, I just can't wait to feel that huge piece of meat inside my pussy."

Leslie suggested that we move it into the bedroom and stripped her clothes off as she was walking into the other room. Bill and I followed her and in just a few seconds all three of us were completely naked and lying on the bed.

I continued to suck on Bill's cock and Leslie started to nibble on my already wet pussy. I had trouble getting his whole cock in my mouth as he was so huge but I gave it my best! I was getting so hot and with Leslie licking my pussy and fingering me I could hardly stand it any more.

Bill pulled me off his monster and layed me flat on my back, I was expecting him to mount me and bury his wonderful cock in my tingling pussy and I was not expecting what happened next.

He knelt on my arms and sat on my stomach pinning me down helplessly. Leslie grabbed some rope that was tied to the headboard and footboard and tied my hands and feet. I was now spread-eagled, flat on my back and could not get away.

She laughed and said, "It's not going to be that easy Linda, you are going to have to beg to be fucked!"

Then she sat on my face and smothered me with her pussy which was already very wet. She rubbed it all over my face as Bill shoved three fingers up my dripping pussy and started finger banging me really hard. I could hear the slurpping sounds as his palm slapped against my pussy and his fingers penetrated me deeply!

Leslie kept grinding her pussy into my face as I gasped for air. Every once in a while she would lift up so I could catch a breath but would quickly return to smothering me. My face was covered in her pussy juice. I tried to lick and suck her but it was all I could do to breath.

She started slapping my tits and pinching and pulling on my nipples as Bill continued to finger bang me. Finally Leslie got off of my face I was able to catch my breath. She started to kiss me and suck on my tongue all the while slapping my tits and tugging on my nipples which were now very erect and sore.

Bill kneeled over me and started rubbing my wet pussy with his cock but never entering me. Just teasing me and rubbing, little by little he would let it go in a tad bit further but never really penetrating.

I was starting to get so hot I felt like I was going to pass out. Leslie left my mouth and started sucking on my neck like a vampire...I knew I would have huge hickies all over my neck the next day. I was struggling to catch my breath as I got hotter and hotter.

This went on for I don't know how long, but it seemed like hours! I screamed, "Please shove that wonderful cock in my pussy; I need it so bad!"

With that both Bill and Leslie laughed and got up and walked out of the room! Damn...I really needed to be fucked. This was driving me insane.

A few minutes later they returned and switch places...Leslie now started to work on my pussy and Bill filled my mouth with his cock. Before long I was again worked up into a frenzy and begging to be fucked.

Leslie started to attack my pussy with a vibrator as Bill was throat fucking me. Once more I could hardly breath and I was about to cum from the vibrator in my pussy. Leslie sensed I was going to cum and removed the toy. Bill pulled his cock out of my mouth and finally thrust it into my tingling pussy. Before he even started moving, just the feel of that huge, rock-hard cock deep inside of me made me cum and I let out a loud scream of ecstasy! Then he proceeded to fuck my brains out! Leslie turned the vibrator on herself as she watched her husband pounding me hard.

I lost count of how many times I came because Bill never let up...he just kept on pounding me like a machine. His cock was so deep inside of me, I don't think I have ever been fucked so deep and hard as he drilled me on and on.

At last he pulled out and stuck his cock right in my face as he spilled hot cum all over my face and in my mouth. I licked and sucked him dry then Leslie once again smothered me with her cum soaked pussy. The taste of her sweet pussy juices mixed with Bill's hot cum was wonderful.

They left me tied to the bed and the next thing I knew it was morning and I must have fallen asl**p. I was awakened by Leslie kissing me and then it started all over again. I was very sore and not sure I could take another round but as it turned out I spent the entire weekend at their house and enjoyed every minute of it!

When I got home I looked in the mirror and saw my neck was covered in hickies and my breasts were all red and bruised. I could hardly walk because my pussy was so sore but it was a wonderful feeling. I will be back for more...they were awesome!!!

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1 year ago
Very hot story and very well-written. Got me hard as hell reading about you taking that big cock!
1 year ago
great, hot story, thanks
1 year ago
mmm nice history, you make me hard :)
1 year ago
you dont do stories a lot but my god when you do their just so hot and naughty, such a turn on got me really worked up, cant wait to hear about the next time you all met up
1 year ago
It's been so long since I read your posts.
That adventure's fantastic. Hope you'd have more fun like that!
1 year ago
wowowowwhat a good story
postponed delight is the sweetest delight
and its nice that you kept this sore feeling for a long time as a souvenir
1 year ago
Very hot story! What exquisite torture to be sexed up like that and then left alone...but I'm glad they finally came back and gave you some release. ;)
1 year ago
hot your story!
1 year ago
i hope u write about every adventure u have with them!