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New Year's Eve and I'm Looking for Troub

Wonder What Kind of Trouble I Can Get Into Tonight?

Okay, it's New Year's Eve and I am going downtown to party! Getting dressed right now and I'm looking for trouble.

I have on my favorite black dress , black lace bra and black panties. Black fishnet stockings and black heels. Don't know why I decided on all black but it looks great on me.

The dress is pretty short and tight fitting with an open low back and lots of cleavage showing. I'm heading downtown to a street party called "First Night". If I can't find some action among thousands of people in a party mood then I should be shot.

Touching up my red lipstick and drowning myself in 5th Ave perfume. One last look in the mirror....hhmmmm...pretty damn hot looking if I do say so myself.

Will report back if there are any juicy details to tell.

Happy New Year everybody!

Posted by ruffredmuff 2 years ago
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2 years ago
Excellent outfit to go out looking for fun and trouble ! I would suggest sans panties :)
2 years ago
Fuck, you are so HOT! I need some juicy details! PLEASE
2 years ago
Look forward to read your (s)experiences!
MorePeter is right: we are curious anyway ;-)

So please report back to your friends and fans!
Warm wishes to you(r love life) from (c)old A'dam.
Greet you with it's city-logo; X X X - Peter Pan
2 years ago
Report back anyway.
Not only when you have juice stories to tell.
2 years ago
Happy new year. And have you been successful?
2 years ago
Be safe and have a happy new year, and when your ready give us all the hot and naughty details of your night ;) xx
2 years ago
Have a great night and be safe and enjoy yourself ;)
2 years ago
somebody sounds absolutely fuckalicious right now
2 years ago
Damn, I usually come down there, I wish I knew.
2 years ago
Be safe and come back to us my friend!
2 years ago
Be safe, have fun & get laid!
2 years ago
I live in Durham, near the Airport, we should totally get together for NYE