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Eye Candy

I've been called eye candy before...and that's okay with me.

I love to walk into a room and feel everyone's eyes upon me. I enjoy dressing provocatively; perhaps with a real short skirt, a button down blouse that shows some cleavage and of course killer high heels.

Girls learn how to strut their stuff at an early age; it’s just natural to wiggle your tight ass cheeks as you walk. We can’t help ourselves; call it instinct if you will, our body just knows how to shake in all the right places.

I smile as I feel your eyes undressing me as I enter the room. I know you are imagining what I look like under these clothes. My pale skin covered in freckles is very intriguing to you and I can tell you are wondering if I am shaved down below or if it is covered with red hair.

I don’t mind if the girls look too with hunger in their eyes…I like girls and guys. I glance around the room and as my eyes look up and down I notice a few bulges in the guys’ jeans. Now my imagination starts to run away with itself as I envision a nice hard cock throbbing beneath those bulges!

Imagination is a wonderful thing…now I’ve got myself all worked up and will have to find a good, long, hardcore video to watch. Better yet, why don’t you send me a link to one of your favorite videos? I can tell a lot about a person by the kind of videos they watch. I’ll be waiting.

Posted by ruffredmuff 2 years ago
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2 years ago
2 years ago
Just reading this turned me on O_O
2 years ago
There is noting sexier than a confident woman, that likes to strut her stuff.
2 years ago
I'm very sure you're a very hot piece of eye candy.. dressing provocatively and revealing! ;)
Love this blog.. Thanks for posting it! ;):):D
2 years ago
These are the kind of girls that you see during the day, giving you a hard on, and they come to mind when you get home from a day's work, and think about what you've seen, while jerking off! So Hot!
2 years ago
nothing better then a naughty playful mind and someone who knows how to use it, and you you sexy goddess know just how to use yours and get someone all worked up
2 years ago
i usually give a wink or nod when i get caught looking lol :P
2 years ago
Nice, provocative little piece of writing. You are right, imagination is a wonderful gift. You certainly use yours well, and now you've got me using mine too ;)
2 years ago
Such a tease.