Beg for Mercy

One of my girlfriends called me the other night and told me

about an awesome "beg for mercy" game she played at a


The name of the game intriqued so of course I wanted to

know more. She said there was another party and wanted me

to come with her. Needless to say, I was ready to go!

On the way over there she explained the rules of the game

to me. Here they are in a nutshell: there are no rule;

anything goes!The object of the game is to be the girl who

can go the longest without begging for mercy.

We arrived at the party and it appeared to be a typical

party; a bunch of girls and guys standing around drinking

and talking with loud music blaring in the background!

Then she led me upstairs to a bedroom where there was a

sign on the door that read, "Enter at your own risk, see if

you can go the longest without begging for mercy."

When we went into the room there were 8 naked people just

sitting around talking and as soon as we came in they all

smiled and laughed. There was one girl and seven guys and

they sure were happy to see us!

The girl asked, "Who's going to be first?" I volunteered

and was soon whisked to the bed and suddenly there were

hands everywhere undressing me before I could even blink.

Both my arms and legs were being held down and my now naked

girlfriend came over and started kissing me passionately.

The other girl who seemed to be in charge said, "Okay, it's

simple, all you have to do is not beg for mercy. The record

is 26 minutes and I am the record holder."

I said boldy, "Okay, bring it on; I'm ready to break your


My girlfriend continued to kiss me as the record holder

produced a very large vibrator, it was ball shaped about

the size of a baseball. She quickly started working on my

pussy with it going all around it, up and down and inside

my inner thighs. Someone started to bite my nipples and

things were heating up very fast.

The girl with the viberator was relentless and worked my

pussy till it was all wet and the ball actually was sliding

inside. I looked up at the digital timer on the wall and

saw that it had only been 3 minutes! OMG, I was never going

to make it past 26 minutes.

My girlfriends tongue was soon replaced in my mouth by a

hard cock so I naturally started to suck it on. Maybe it

would take my mind off of the tingling sensation going on

in my pussy.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw that my girlfriend also

had a cock in her mouth. Next the vibrator let up for a

second and I breathed a sigh of relief. I couldn't see what

was going on down there but I felt a tongue licking my

already very wet, tingling pussy! My nipples were being

bitten and sucked very hard and every once in a while

someone would slap my titties!

The tongue in my pussy was soon joined by a couple of

fingers and they were sliding in and out very hard and fast

as the tongue was licking my clit. You could here the pussy

juices as the fingers and tongue worked their magic.

7 minutes and I started to quiver as my pussy was pounded

and licked and my nipples sucked and bitten. The guy in my

mouth let loose of a huge load of hot cum which nearly

choked me, then his cock was replaced with another one.

Oh no, the viberator bitch was back again! I don't think I

could take very much of that at this moment. My mouth was

being fucked and balls were slapping against my chin, my

nipples were on fire and someone kept slapping my tits when

I least expected it. Viberator bitch was getting to me now

and I let out a scream, "AHHHHHHHHHHH!" She made me cum and

then wouldn't stop with the damn viberator. I was trying to

break loose but there were way too many people holding me

down. I had made it to 11 minutes before cumming but I was

not ready to beg for mercy.

She finally released my pussy from it's torture just as

another load of cum was spurting all over my face! Then she

came up there and licked up all the cum and kissed

me...damn she was a great kisser.

Oh shit, now someone had slid a big, hard dick into my

soaking wet pussy. As he started to pound me the sensations

returned and his dick was swelling up and getting even

harder as he smashed my pussy. Someone else shoved a cock

in my mouth and another guy shot a hot load all over my

erect nipples. Vibrator bitch was quick to lick up all the

newly deposited cum from my breasts.

The guy that was fucking me let out a cry and pulled out

just as his cock spewed a hot load all over my shaved

pussy. I was a big sticky mess.

I was lifted up and a guy slid underneath me with a huge

hardon. The cum from my pussy was rubbed all over my ass

and then I was impaled upon that throbbing cock. "Arrrggh,

that hurts!"

"Are you begging for mercy," asked vibrator bitch?

"Hell no, bitch...bring it on!" As soon as I had called her

a bitch outload, I knew I was in trouble.

She grabbed the vibrator again and started rubbing my sore

pussy with it very roughly as I was being ass fucked by

massive hardon guy.

Next thing I know another big cock is slamming my pussy

while massive hardon guy continues to bury his huge member

deep in my ass. Vibrator bitch attacks my nipples with her

teeth and acts like she is going to bite them off. They are

being pulled and strectched and sucked and bitten till they


Someone found my weak spot and was sucking like a vampire

on my neck...{that always makes me cum)and sure enough

between the nipple biting, neck sucking, pussy and ass

pounding and yet another cock in my mouth I had a warm

sensation starting in my pussy and rushing up my body into

my head. I screamed again and came so hard I thought I

would pass out.

21 minutes, I am covered in hot cum all over my face, it's

dripping down my chin, in my mouth and hair, all over my

breasts, pussy and ass. I am a big mess. My body feels like

it's been through a war. I lost count of how many people

had their cocks in my ass and pussy and mouth.I only needed

to hold out for 6 more minutes to break the record. Could I

do it? I was determined to beat vibrator bitch.

Just as I was concentrating on breaking the record that

bitch brought out a huge dildo. My own girlfriend betrayed

me as she started to lick my pussy as vibrator bitch worked

that big dildo into it. In and out it slid then she turned

it on and it started to rotate as she was sliding it deeper

and deeper. My girlfriend was sucking my clit. I was

releived when she stopped but not for long because her

mouth was replaced by that ball shaped vibe. Vibrator bitch

now had control of the didldo and vibrator, not to mention

complete control of my pussy! It was all over when my

girlfriend started to push a string of beads up my ass, one

at a time. Soon there were about a dozen beads up there and

I knew what was coming next. Just as vibrator bitch had me

at my peak, my girlfriend pulled that string of beads out

of my ass and it was like a machine gun fuck...I was cuming

so hard and it wouldn't stop, I had to beg for mercy!

Damn, I had made it to 24 minutes. Only 3 more minutes and

I would have a new record. To tell you the truth it seemed

like 24 hours. I was sore all over and trembling. I could

not stop shaking.

Maybe I'll try again another day, but I was too pooped to

pop right now. Hope I can walk tomorrow.

100% (34/0)
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1 year ago
Wooow it is so hot!!!
2 years ago
This sex game would make for a great video
2 years ago
Now this sounds like a Fun party Indeed...
2 years ago
holy hell thats sounds like a good game, you maybe sore but you loved it
2 years ago
Love it! Very
2 years ago
So brave and daring, and a pretty good writer too! Thanks for sharing.
2 years ago
great story.....
2 years ago
Sexy second spot on first tasty try ;-)P
Congrats, my friend! - porn poet Pete
2 years ago
I am adding this to my list of sex-party ideas! Have you? Sex is fun, fun ought to be shared! The more the merrier!
2 years ago
Now that needs to be put on film
2 years ago
im proud of you!
2 years ago
dont you hate losing :P
2 years ago
very hot and sexy got my cock throbbing a real turn on, going to read again and cum
2 years ago
damn that was amazing such a turn on got me so worked up my cock in throbbing loved it going to blow my load everywhere ;)
2 years ago
Great story, thanks!
2 years ago
The game sound very interesting! i am willing to participate
2 years ago
Another very hot, wet and wild story Linda! ;):) Fantastic!!! :D
2 years ago
2 years ago
Incredible! That got me so hard!
2 years ago
Soooo hot ..damn I wanna play.
2 years ago
That. Sounds. Awesome.
2 years ago
So fucking hot bitch