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A night to remember

A Night to Remember

Last night was really a night to remember. I had nothing to do so I grabbed some Chinese food then went to nightclub for a couple of drinks with the intention of going home early. It didn't work out that way.

After my 2nd drink I was just about to leave when this really handsome guy sat next to me at the bar. We talked for a while then we danced. For me dancing is foreplay and I ended up having a couple of more drinks.More dancing (foreplay)more drinks, more dancing (foreplay) get the picture! After a few hours of this I was seeing double and pretty wasted.

H... Continue»
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[Story] Destroyed on New Year's Eve

New Year's came in with a bang....a gangbang that is!

Went to a party on New Year's Eve and got totally destroyed in more ways than one.Just your normal party till around 11:00 pm then we started playing a crazy drinking game. Tequilla shots were involved and removing articles of clothing. After several rounds of tequilla shots...clothes were all over the floor and every body was d***k and naked!

By the time midnite arrived nobody was even watching the tv and the ball dropping there was moaning and groaning and balls slapping pussy and ass all over the place. I was on the living room cou... Continue»
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I love to watch

I find it so exciting to watch others having sex. The other night I had the opportunity to do just that. I was staying overnight at a girlfriends house and just before bedtime there was a knock on the door. It was her boyfriend coming by for some late night fun. He didn’t know I was staying over and looked a little disappointed, thinking he wouldn’t be able to get any cause I was there. (If he only knew the real me!)

We all talked for a little while then I excused myself saying I was really tired and going to bed. I stretched out on the sofa in the living room and they went into her bedroom... Continue»
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What I like about men

This is a follow up to a previous post about being confused. Thought I would talk about some of the things I like about men.

I like the fact that I have the power to control a man by sucking his cock. I can take a limp dick and make it grow into a throbbing hard cock ready to explode. Once my mouth slides down onto his cock the man will usually do anything for me. I enjoy that power.

On the other hand there are times when I like to be controled. I love a guy to treat me rough in bed. Fuck me till it hurts!

I love a strong man or two or three holding me down and abusing me. I like the... Continue»
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I'm So Confused

I am sooooo confused!

I love the way another woman touches me tenderly. The feel of her soft lips on mine, her tongue caressing my body all over. A girl just knows what another girl wants and needs!

On the other hand I do enjoy a good stiff cock sliding in and out of my pussy. It feels so good to be pounded hard and deep. I love being taken roughly by a man.

I like to look at a woman's body, nice firm titties, but not too big...I like them small. Flat stomach and neatly trimmed pussy or completely shaven. Hmmmm, the taste of good!

Then there are the hard muscles of a ... Continue»
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Adventures while shopping

I must throw off some kind of scent or something because I am always getting into trouble! Here's something that happened to me about a month ago.

I just went to the grocery store to pick up some bottled water not intending to look for trouble but it just seems to find me.

I get to the checkout with my case of water and the guy behind me in line offers to lift it out of the cart for me so I smiled at him and said thankyou and never gave it a second thought.

Then I'm bending over in the parking lot putting the water in my trunk and he comes up behind me, leans up against me and whisper... Continue»
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It's fun being me

Funny true story about what happened the other night.

I ran into a guy I hadn't seen for several years and we went out for a drink or two.

One thing led to another and I ended up back at his apartment. I told him that I bet I could make him cum without even touching his cock and he just laughed and said no way!

So first thing I did was strip him naked. Then I took a couple of his neck ties from closet and tied his hands one to each bed post then his ankles one to each bed post. He was now naked, spread eagled on the bed.

Next I put on some music and started dancing very sexy and s... Continue»
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A real-life gangbang story

Let me tell you about a real-life gangbang, not the ones you see on porn sites where all the guys cum at the exact same time. That's not how it really happens!

Last night I went to a party and somehow the conversation ended up being about gangbangs. I was talking with three guys and they said they would love to take turns with me. Since I have done this before and really loved it I agreed to a gangbang so we left and went to their apartment.

When we got there it turned out they had one other roomate who of course also wanted to be in on this. I sat on the couch and two of the guys sat d... Continue»
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I'm back from vacation and ready to explode!

Vacation in Florida was pretty boring. Actually, it was a visit with f****y so I didn't really have much time to get into any trouble!

It was nice to seem some f****y I hadn't seen in quite a while but it was a little tough on me since I had no Internet access for a whole week. To make matters worse there were pretty girls in bikinis and nice tan bodies everywhere and some real hunky looking guys in swim trunks with nice tans and rippled muscles. All I could do was look!

I am so ready to get it on right now. Please send me some really long, hardcore videos to get me going. There is a lo... Continue»
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No Internet for a whole week...oh my!

I'm getting ready to go away on vacation for a week. I will have no internet access for a whole week...oh my!

I'm really hoping that when I get back my inbox will be loaded with lots of long, hardcore videos for me to watch. Please send me some of your favorite links while I am gone so when I get back I can enjoy them.

I will tell you all about my adventures when I return.

Don't know how I will go a whole week with no porn...please help me out so when I get back there will be many hot links to check out.
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How I kept my virginity through High School (almos

My Freshman year of High School I noticed that I was no longer the cute, freckled face redheaded girl. Now I was the hot, sexy redhead and all the boys were after just one red muff!

I was determined to hang on to my virginity until I met the man of my dreams. I discovered that I had power over the boys and could control their advances by using my hands and mouth. Most of them wouldn't last long once I went down on them and thus I was able to keep my red muff safe and sound through most of my High School years.

I developed some great skills with my hands and lips and found that... Continue»
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[Story] Beg for Mercy 2nd Attempt at Record

If you have followed my blog you probably read about a game I played called Beg for Mercy. The rules are simple, anything goes and the way you win is to be the girl that can go the longest without begging for mercy!

The record was 26 minutes. My first attempt at the game about 10 months ago was 24 minutes. I came close but just couldn't hold out for the remaining 3 minutes needed to beat the record.

I was excited when my girlfriend called me up last night and said she was going to another bfm party. I really wanted to go for the record again.

When we arrived at the house we were greet... Continue»
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A well kept secret

Lisa and Pam were friends of mine in college. We had lots of good times together, but nothing sexual until our senior year. It was a big surprise to me...I had no idea what was in store for me that night.

We had just returned to my dorm room from dinner and a movie, it was late and we decided to have a glass of wine and relax for a bit before Lisa and Pam went back to their rooms.

One glass of wine turned into an entire bottle and a couple of hours later we were really blitzed! Pam said that her and Lisa had a secret that they wanted to share with me. We were sitting on the couch me in ... Continue»
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I love playing with balls

I love to play with a man's balls. When they are all soft and droppy, I roll them between my thumb and fingers; squeezing ever so gently. First the left one, then the right.

Then I will cup them both in my hand and pull a little rougher. Soon they start to get harder and take shape. I keep rubbing and squeezing and pulling. I may even take one at a time into my mouth and suck on it a little.

As I work on the balls it is interesting to see them take shape and also see the cock start to grow even though I am not paying attention to it at all.

I like to take my stocking and tie it arou... Continue»
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Who Wears Short Shorts?

I gotta tell you a quick story about the other day. I have never been so turned on by another woman as I was Saturday.

A friend of mine, whom I haven't seen in quite a while, stopped by for a quick visit. It was a beautiful day outside and she had on the shortest pair of shorts I had ever seen before. They were black and shiny, looked like satin, but they were soooo short and form fitting. She is a petite little thing with a great body and the shorts were skin tight. She had on a baggy sweatshirt and an old beat up pair of sneakers and was not trying to look sexy but she just couldn't help... Continue»
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[Story] The rest of the story...

This morning I was hard at work and decided to take a little break. Since I work from home my schedule is really flexible. I was checking my messages and noticed a link from a friend of mine. So I watched the video thinking I would get right back to work...wrong! The video got me so hot and horny I could not even think about getting back to work. If you missed my previous post check out "My work day is done." You can watch the video for yourself and see what you think.

So the video left me with wet panties and a strong desire to get laid. I left on the wet panties and threw on a sexy short ... Continue»
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My Work Day is Done!!!

My work day is done!

I work from home and was having a pretty productive day until I took a break and watched the video posted below. It's only 10 am but I cannot continue working now.

Thanks to my friend "alwayshotter" for sending me this link.

OMG...this video is so work day is done now! This petite girl is sexy and she really turned me on. Around the 10:10 mark one of the guys stands up and just slides her down on his hard cock and fucks her while he is standing. That is a wonderful position (been there and done that)!

The two guys give her a real good fucking. As I wat... Continue»
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NCIS Girls

Does anyone else have the hots for Abby or Zeba from NCIS. They are both so hot and sexy. Abby is weird and I love that. Zeba is strong and aggressive and I also love that. What a threesome I could have with those two.

If you share my feelings...let me know.
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Please help me!

Please help me! I am having problems finding videos of two or three girls initiating another girl into the wonderful world of girl/girl sex!

This really turns me on. I love to watch these type of videos or participate in this type of sex. Especially when one poor girl is being taken care of by two or three other girls.

I found a few vids like this but not many. Won't you please help me...these videos always make me cum...and I do so need to cum!

Send me some links to vids like this and I will tell you in detail what I liked about the video and what I was doing while I watched it.
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[Story] What a Wild Weekend

Friday night I met a girl while I was buying a new pair of shoes. She was a hot brunette with short hair. We hit it off right away and after we both bought some shoes we went out for a drink.

She invited me home with her and said her husband has been dying to have a threesome with a redhead and asked me if I would be willing;of course I said yes!

When we got to her house her husband was sitting on the couch watching tv, but as soon as he saw me his eyes lit up and he shut the tv. She went to get us some wine and I sat on the couch with her husband who was grinning ear to ear.

I coul... Continue»
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