The Garbage Men, Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Two weeks went by without incident. John called on the Wednesday before the next boy’s night out. He told us to drop by the office for instructions about the next game he had in mind.

Ann and I had discussed whether we had a strong enough postion with the tapes of him and Cody fucking Ann to neutralize his threat. We decided the risk was still too high unless what he demanded next was too much.

We met at John’s office after I got off work Wednesday.

John” I’ve made a slight change of plans for tomorrow. At first I thought it would be fun to fuck with one of our buddies at Etown. But I remembered that the Saddle Rack has an impromptu amateur night on Thursdays where the local talent strips topless and dances on the bar or tries to ride the mechanical bull. It drives the coyboys wild. Ann, you and Mike will arrive as a couple, not with us.You will obviously be from out of town. Ann, you will proceed to make a show of getting loaded, get on the bar and put on a real show for the crowd. You can fake it or really get loaded, I don’t care. None of this topless shit. You will strip naked and let the cowboys play grabass with you on the bar. If one of the bastards has the balls to fuck you, go for it. Get some help getting to the bull and try to ride it naked. That will drive the boys crazy. Have them set it at “beginner” so you can stay on for a while. I can’t wait to see what that thing does to your tits. I want a sort of out of town look but casual, jeans, coyboy shirt, maybe boots. Urban coyboy shit.

Etown, short for Elisabeth Town, is a small wide spot in the road about 30 miles away. Mostly farming and ranching supports the local watering hole, the Saddle Rack. It sounded like the coyboys blow off steam on Thursday night.

This didn’t seem that drastic to require the nuclear deterrent so we agreed. Ann has done something like this before and actually got fucked on a bar.

Again, an excuse to shop, She went out and bought new tight ass fitting jeans, a red checkered cowboy shirt and tooled leather boots. Of course the hair style was a pony tail. She is a congenital exhibitionist and was looking forward to this challenge.

When we arrived at the Saddle Rack Thursday night, the parking lot was overflowing with pickup trucks. The bar is huge, more or less square with a central square shaped bar. The bar has seats on all four sides and bartenders work from the middle. The mechanical bull was on the left with a padded area roped off where you can take a fall from the bull and hopefully not break anything.

It was jammed packed. We could not possiblly have gotten a seat at the bar but John’s boys had arrived early and taken the choice seats at the middle of the bar. Big George and one of the guys made a show of giving up 2 seats for us. Ann sat next to someone on her left we didn’t know and John was on my right. Big George was standing right behind her.

The guy to her left immediately came alive. She of course turned to him and started flirting. He signalled the bartender for drinks. She ordered her double vodka on the rocks and the bartender and the guy exchanged raised eyebrow glances. As it turned out, the guy and the bartender were friends. Ann and the guy started a lively conversation about where are you from, is that your husband, does he mind us talking, etc. Ann apparently told him that we have sort of an open marrage and she does what she pleases. Whenever Ann’s drink got about half gone and she was distracted in conversation, the bartender would top it up. I noticed the bartender and the guy exchanging looks like “weve got a live one here”. I acted like the henpecked husband whose wife does whatever she wants. John and the boys just looked on and smiled.

One of the cowgirls was getting frisky and the crowd began a rhythmic clap. Her boyfriend helped her on the bar and the crowd started chanting “take it off, take it off”. A second girl was helped onto the bar and they started dancing to the music. Slowly they unbuttoned their coyboy shirts and let them slide off. They were now dancing in jeans, coyboy boots and bras to wild cheers.

The bartender topped up Ann’s drink again and he signalled his buddy with a flip of the head to get Ann up there next. The first girl reached behind her back and unsnapped her bra. She held the unfastenned bra to her breasts and teased the crowd by sliding in down and then back up. She finally handed it to her boyfriend. The second girl was right behind her. They cupped their tits, squeezing their nipples, moving them around in circles and shaking them up and down. They were grinding their hips like they were fucking. This really got the crowd going.

Ann was getting seriously loaded, no pretending required. She started hanging on the guy, her left arm around his shoulder and her right on his thigh. He put his right hand high on her left thigh just below her crotch and started sliding it up and down massaging her thigh muscle. He slid it all the way up between her legs, kneeding her crotch and she did not stop him. Rather, she put her hand on his crotch. The bartender was watching and they exchanged looks.

The girls got down to wild applause and Ann’s new friend stood up and indicated she should get on the bar. Without hesitation, she climbed on the stool and on the bar. He joined her. I felt that the crowd sensed something different was happening and they began to crown around us.

Ann was pretty unsteady and her friend supported her around the waist. With his free hand he unbottoned her shirt and the bartender and he helped her out of it. It was handed to me. The guy unsnapped her bra and also handed it to me. He eased her down onto the bar on her back and pulled off each boot. Then her jeans were unsnapped and pulled down. Her panties came half way with the jeans and were also pulled off. She was naked on her back on the bar and the crowd was wild. Guys were shoving around on both side of me to get a hand on her. She lay there with the friend standing over her, removing his shirt and dropping his pants. Hands were all over her. Hands were kneeding her tits and squeezing her nipples. Fingers were exploring her cunt. Someone poured part of a pitcher of beer on her belly and they started to lube her vagina with beer. I think someone got a beer wetted finger up her ass, but I couldn’t see.

Our garbage guys were just watching and enjoying the show. They knew she was theirs and could use her as they pleased.

Her friend had stripped off his shirt and dropped his jeans and shorts. His dick was sticking straight out, a decent length. He reached down, rolled her over and pulled her on her hands and knees by the waist. The bartender was starting to look a little worried but didn’t call it off just yet. Her bud dropped to his knees and stuck it in. The crowd was explosive. He started to fuck her. Hands were all over her, squeezing her tits, fingers in her mouth. She came almost immediately and so did he.

The rest was anticlimatic so to speak. The bartender was getting scared and hustled her off the bar and into a beer locker in the back. He motioned for me to come and bring her clothes. Ann slumped on a stack of beer cases kinda glassy eyed. The bartender pulled the locker door closed, dropped his pants, bent Ann over the freezing stack of beer and started to fuck her hard from behind. This really turned me on. Here she was in a freezing beer locker, bent over a freezing stack of beer, getting her nipples frozen to the case, being fucked by a strange bartender. It doesn’t get much better than this. She came as he unloaded in her. I took his place and unloaded a much overdue deposit in her too.

He snuck us out the back and kissed her goodnight. I doubt that the Saddle Rack has seen or ever will see again such a spectacle. I guess the sight of her naked riding the bull with her tits flailing around will have to wait for another time if they will ever let us back in.

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