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[Story] The Garbage Men, Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Two weeks went by without incident. John called on the Wednesday before the next boy’s night out. He told us to drop by the office for instructions about the next game he had in mind.

Ann and I had discussed whether we had a strong enough postion with the tapes of him and Cody fucking Ann to neutralize his threat. We decided the risk was still too high unless what he demanded next was too much.

We met at John’s office after I got off work Wednesday.

John” I’ve made a slight change of plans for tomorrow. At first I thought it would be fun to fuck with one of our buddies a... Continue»
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[Story] The Garbage Men, Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Thursday morning at breakfast

“You know, why we don’t give them what they want. They can find a slut to fuck any Friday night.They want to fuck an upper class woman. Let’s dress you like an IBM exec. How about pale blue matching lace panties and bra, thin camisole, a sheer long sleeve top, panty hose, your knee length white skirt and the matching white jacket and thin black 3 inch heels. Before we leave, do a really good makeup job and wear a hint of Channel No5. ”

Ann “Kinky, I like it. I’ll go into town and get my nails, toes and hair done. I think I’ll have them put it i... Continue»
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[Story] The Garbage Men, Chapter 2

Chapter 2 (Read Chapter 1 of "The Garbage Men" first)

After they left, Ann slowly came back to life. We climbed into our hot tub to sooth her flaming parts. She wanted to know what would happen to her next and I related John’s plans for next Thursday.

Ann “You know, I enjoyied some of today. If they would just slow up and not be so rough, I could get to like this.”

“Babe, I dont think that’s going to happen with this much pent up sexual energy and anger. There is a class issue here. Their wives have probabley all gone to seed or started out ugly. You are way above their social statu... Continue»
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[Story] The Garbage Men

The Garbage Men

My name is Mike, My wife Ann and I live in a small town where, yes, everybody knows everybody else and anything worthy of gossip will make the rounds faster than a speeding bullet. Why this is revelent will be become clear.

Ann and I met later in life when the k**s from our previous marrages were grown and gone. She is 15 years my junior and fantastic looking. She said that her first husband never satisified her and so when she had her first real screaming organism with me, I thought I’d killed her. She discovered, in her middle years, a sexuality that can be only descri... Continue»
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[Story] I had no clue

I was at my regular bar seat when she came in wearing her tight, thigh length little red dress. The guy next to me was some flaming jerk describing the millions he had just closed. He was apparently expecting her and slid over allowing her to sit between us. He started reading what she had brought and we starting talking.

The chemistry between us was immediate. She had just split from a guy who did not know what he had and I had been loose for some time. It tunred out that she had not had a drink or an organism in 10 years. She accepted a drink and I quoted my best Robert Service.

I w... Continue»
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Showing off my wife's ass

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