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I have never been with someone like you, I want to, so bad. I see the pictures, taken by delighted husbands, younger black lovers, taken in front of the mirror by the elegant goddess herself. You are mature, skinny, fit, tanned, ripe, hot. Your naked silhouette, long legs, slim body, perfect in the doorway, the sunlight behind you, wearing only sexy high heeled shoes. Sunbathing, nude in a public place, your tight figure glistening in the sun, tanned, oily, slightly loose skin, still perky, a little deflated pale tits, a flat ass, hard long nipples between hot tan lines. I am wild with desire. You pose in sexy, lacy lingerie, staring right back at me, smiling, soft tits spilling out of your top, hard pink nipples, flat stomach, legs spread wide, meaty pussy lips hanging out of a hairy crotch, smooth long legs and charming feet in expensive high heel shoes.
I imagine you coming back from the office, in an elegant dress. I want to worship you. I want to stand naked, bare in front of you. You sit down and I am on my knees, at your feet. I stare at your skinny, bony feet, moist and bruised after a long day. I kiss them gently, licking the slick leather. I can't get enough of that moist pantyhose odor. I take off your heels and massage your feet playing with each sexy toe, bringing them close to my nose and breathing in deep, pressing my lips against your warm little toes. I rub your hot feet against my neck down to my chest, feeling the smooth pantyhose against my nipples, stomach, aching crotch, dripping cock and tight balls. I slowly rub my face against your legs, kissing my way up. Your crotch is steaming hot, wet, staining your pantyhose. I stuff my face between your legs and lick hard, I want to taste your thick mess. I pull your pantyhose down. You spread your legs wide and pinch your hard nipples through your dress. I kiss your bare thighs down to your tight asshole, licking it deep. I want to stay there, on my knees, in your wet mess.
I imagine you, lying on your back, nude in the sun, relaxing, tanning. Your smooth soft body slowly boiling, shiny, sweaty. You ask me to rub oil on your back. I sit down next to you. You turn around and lie on your stomach, your tits pressed against the ground, sticking out of your sides almost liquid. I squirt oil on the top of your back, it quickly runs down your back. I rub it deep into your neck and shoulders, smoothly going down your back. I grow hard. I put your hand on the bulge in my shorts. you grab it gently and let go, teasing me. I keep going down, your lower back, round ass and endless legs. I spread your legs just enough to see your hot pussy opening up. I rub the oil in between your ass chicks, from your pink asshole down to your aching pussy. My oily hands run smoothly against the little hair around your asshole and between your legs. I imagine how easily my throbbing cock would enter that well oiled ass and pussy. I keep rubbing your crotch until you raise your ass, wanting more. I put my long middle finger deep in your ass, slowly pulling out and stuffing it back in, deeper. You reach for my cock and rub it hard, pulling through my shorts. I take my shorts off, showing you how hard I am. I grind my aroused, dry body against your hot oily skin, against your thighs, ass, my throbbing cock slips in and out of your dripping wet pussy, sliding in and out of your tight asshole. I am in a passionate frenzy, pumping you hard until I cum. You turn around on your back again and rub oil over yourself, relaxed again. I stuff my face in your crotch, tasting my cum mixed with your hot, wet mess...
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