Book store cock slut..

I would like to confess somthing that happend over the holiday weekend.
It was a saturday night and so hot and boring that i had 2 get out of the
the house and have some fun.I decided to grab some things from the
closet and head out the door for the evening.I drove out to a very peaceful
forrest preserve on the way 2 my favorite adult book store.
The cool breeze felt good on my shaved legs and body.
I drove for about 3o min and arrived at my favorite spot.
I smoked some bud and watched some sexy bitch getting
gang banged on my portable.I started to carress my b cup
tittties and brush my fingers over my hard pierced nipples.
felt so!
I couldnt take it any more..... my boy pussy was clean and twitching!

I craved cock and now!

"Damn i was getting so horny out in public i thought"!
I thought its now or never!
I arrived at the bookstore very quickly...paid and went
into the private horseshoe shaped booth area.hmmm
some potential good cock to be had.Not five min after
i sat down an older fellow came into my booth and played
with my nipples and tits....he was a bottom so not really my
type so off he went....all he did was add 2 my horniness!
Shutting the door i got completely naked and dressed up
in my slutwear...slinky black dress,garters,stockings,shear
black silk panties that cums in at my moist shaved boy slit.
I applied some eyeliner,a touch of mascara to my already
long lashes...and last but not least some bright red lipstick.
I opend the door exposing my long gurl chubby legs crossed
as i sat down for all to see...tweeking my nipples as i enjoy
the glances and smiles.Around they went until an older tall
man leaned on my door to enjoy the video of the blond
getting creampied in both holes by huge hung studs!
The tall man then glanced over at me and smiled.
I gave him a horny smile back and motioned for him to
close the door.I quickly went to my knees as he turned
and unzipped his cock from its confines.Mmmm...not
bad as i put my red lips around the head.I grabbed the
base of his cock with my hand and gently twirled and
sucked his cock head licking the underside and taking
his balls into mouth one at a time.He groaned as i licked
and sucked like a slut in heat....deep throating,swirling,
After about ten minutes or so of this he groaned and i
felt his cock swell harder.I knew from past men he was
ready! I extended my tounge under his cock and licked
his balls as i countinued to deep throat....i eased my
mouth and tounge slowly back out ,my tounge licking
and receiving the last of his cock cream.He tweeked my
hard nipples as i cleaned every drop from his cock.
The tall man then zipped up and said "thank you".
I smirked and quirked at him that the pleasure was
most deff. mine!
I fixed my make up and went down the hall with more
self confidance.
Feeliing very sexy and like a total slut.... i passed a bunch of men leaning
on the various doorways to the playing video booths.I smiled and swayed
my hips just a little as i entered number 13 and sat on the full lenth bench.
Men passed and watched as i felt my wet hard clitty with one hand and
pinched my nipples with the other.
Three hours and three beautiful cocks later i was on fire with a sexy
wicked part of me that needed fucked and good!
Things looked grim so i walked to the exit disapointed that my boy pussy
didnt get any action.
Just as i was going to leave..i saw a booth in the tranny
section had his door cracked.i peered in to see a sexy,naked,
italian gent.He has laying on the bench stroking his cock in
heated frustration!
I asked "want sum company?"
Please do he said...
I quickly closed the door and proceeded to send him to heaven
with my whore mouth!
"oh damn your crazy'' i deep throated
his magnificant cock....well practiced after the
previous cocks i had worked on so sluttily!
I noticed how sexy salt and pepper hair he has as he sits up
and points at me with that sexy weapon.
Whats a slut to do?
I quickly turned around and hiked up my dress not wanting
to tease ...i dropped my panties and bent over in a standing
doggy style postion.
I then eased my wet pussy hole onto his stiff wet cock.

"ohhhh hot pussy he groaned as i pushed all the way down on his juicy meat stick"....clenching
and milking his cock on every stroke!
He than grabs my hips and sinks his shaft all the way into
my now dripping snatch.
I grind his cock all the way down to his sweaty balls as i reach down
to feel his nuts burried and coated in my gurl cum.
Enoying every inch i ease his cock out of my now wet
gaping cunt...swollen an smelling of musky sex!
He layed down partially on the bench and said i was sooo crazy sexy ..
I sucked all of our juices clean as he recouped and giggled like a
He than stood up and i bent over in front of this sweaty slender
man...with out thinkin we fucked like old lovers....slammed
my cunt so good!
He layed down again but i wasnt done with that sexy italian cock!
I spread his legs as he lay and reverse cow girled him all the way down
to his swollen nuts!
My pussy couldnt get enough of this sexy cock!
I ground and worked his cock till he asked to cum on my
lips....hmmm of course baby i said to him!
I popped his cock out of my pussy and leaned
over.He started stroking his shaft as i tounged
his cock it cums baby.....uggghhh!
I continued to tounge and kiss his cock head
as he started shooting onto my lips and tounge.
So so warm and salty Mmmm....i swallowed and
sucked him clean as i mounted him one more time before we said our goodnight!
"Ill be smiling all the way home" he sqeezes
my ass before he leaves!
Thanks hun xoxo.
I soon follow out and can smell the scent of sex and cock on my body....i smile as i go home and lube up my favorite 11 inch rubber cock..mmmmm. More true tales of debauchery later if you enjoyed my first attempt.
Hot sex 2 all!
Judy s.
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