The Beginning

Hi, i'm Ruby. I'm 23 from Nottinghamshire, England. I'm 5 foot 4, a redhead with quite a punky style. I'm here to share some stories with you.
First a little about me. I'm married to a guy called Tim. I cheat on him regularly, treat him like shit and also enjoy cuckolding him. I have not let him touch me with his hands or tiny cock for 18 months, the only contact he gets with me is his tongue, cleaning other mens hot spunk off me. He is totally submissive to me. This is my dominant side.
However, when i'm with real men I love to be totally dominated. I get slapped, beaten, choked, abused, am the victim in **** fantasies. This is my submissive side!
Hopefully i'm gonna share with everyone lots of stories from both sides of me, but i'm gonna tell you today how my descent into sexual deviance began.
I was a plaything for my stepfather from when i was about 10 years old. He never penetrated me but did most other things. I fooled around with boys at school, ended up becoming a bit of a slut.
I was 14 when i was first given a taste of a real man.
I had been caught by a middle aged neighbour of mine, wanking off a boy in the corner of a park near my house. He pulled me away and started to walk me home. He told me he would tell my mum unless i would go home with him. I wasn't stupid, i pretty much knew what he wanted, so i said yes.
As soon as we got inside he changed into an a****l. He tore my t shirt off, smacked me round the face and called me all sorts of names. He pushed my little bra up over my small, budding titties. Started stroking my nips to start with, but then began violently yanking, pulling and twisting them, it was agony. He just had me stood there with my arms above my head, as he tortured my poor nipples. I think he was planning more, but he got too excited and shot his cum all over my belly and jeans.
I ran home crying.But later on as i started thinking about it i got so wet. I had to finger myself. I began to wish he would of ****d me, imagining what his dirty old cock would feel like.
Anyway, that was when i turned into such a freak!
Looking forward to sharing all my experiences if you're all interested.
Ruby xx
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3 years ago
THank you so much for sharing. You may have inspired me to tell my story of how I became the freak I am. ;)
3 years ago
oh my,you sound hypnotising
3 years ago
poor tim,lol
3 years ago
i like the beginning hope to see a middle and end : )
3 years ago
Nice beginning.... i want to know more!
3 years ago
Welcum to xhamster. Both your sub and dom sides will be satisfied here plenty. Looking forward to your stories.
3 years ago
looking forward to hearing more
3 years ago
sounds like you have some interesting exxxperiences to share here... looking forward tgo reading about them!
3 years ago
love to hear more and pics would be nice to tribute so make the sissy boy take pictures for all us deviants
3 years ago
U R A bitch if this story is true-and most stories have some fact in them-even if they are embellished! By the way, I love bitches-they are soooo non-committal !
3 years ago
Looking forward to hearing about both sides of you and what you love to do