She's Dreaming

She's dreaming about sex. I can tell. Every now and again she slightly arches her back, ever so slightly grinds her panty clad hips, gently bites at her bottom lip still smeared with the hot red lip stick she was wearing last night. Come to think of it, I am probably wearing a fair amount of that on my face, and other parts too.
I love watching her dream about fucking. I wonder if she is reliving the sex we had had last night maybe... or maybe she is fucking another man in her dream, maybe a girl... the way she is almost imperceptibly parting her legs and a gentle whimper escapes her I am guessing its a bloke and he has a big cock.
I fantasise about her fucking other blokes, I think about her having a bulging cock rammed into her, whilst she grabs at the sheets, trying to hold on to anything as she drops into a shuddering void of pleasure.
My stiffening member jumps at the thought of her being banged by this fantasy hero, piling pleasure on her pleasure, stretching her dripping pussy, thrusting to the hilt, grinding it into her. Delivering her orgasm after quivering orgasm, until she is physically capable of no more, spent, she drifts off to sl**p... to dream about fucking...
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