Sue wants a baby (P2)

The day after my first threesome with a c***dless couple who hoped my sperm would bring them joy, I battled to keep my focus on the lesson plans. The day was just one blur.

After school I was busy packing up in the classroom when Sue walked in. I looked at her and gave her an awkward smile...She just beamed back at me and looked around to makew sure no-one was around before saying a word.

"Alan, huh about last night..."

"Well I had a great time Sue and I hope this doesn't change our friendship"

"Well it does change it ... you see my pussy tingles every time I see you, and Glen gave me a surprise morning fuck. When I asked him afterwards what was up, he told me he was thinking of your hard cock in me and in his mouth. You see Alan, Glen and I have stepped over the friendship line with you. We are still friends but fuck I hope we can carry on doing what we did last night!"

"I love your thinking Sue. I must be honest though...Glen's fingering my ass and cleaning my cock caught me by surprise. I never even considered myself bi in any way. Last night when I got home though I realised that I had enjoyed it, and hoped to experiment a bit more with your hubby."

"Well you have my consent, just as long as I am not forgotten goods left on the shelf!"

We both looked at each other, before I embraced her and hugged her. I didn't want to prolong the embrace for too long. I was afraid other staff may catch us, and my cock was stiffening rapidly. So we broke off the hug and smiled. I explained that as it was Friday I was picking my k**s up and taking them up the coast to a resort. I needed the rest and wanted to spend quality time with them. Sue said she understood and turned to leave.

"See you Monday then Alan. Enjoy the weekend and get refreshed. I may need another lot of your sperm soon."

The weekend was a blur of k**s running around asking for everything they laid their eyes on. But it was great and I did rest...and I left my dick alone. I was determined to load up as much seed as possible.

Monday came and I did not see Sue all day at the office. But I got a sexy email invitation to a dinner date with Glen and Sue at a local Mexican Restaurant.
I quickly replied and after hitting the send button, started fantasising what the night held in store for us.

I must have been very eager subconsciously, as I found myself seated at the restaurant's bar a half an hour to early for our reservations. A little while later Glen and Sue walked in and came and joined me at the bar. I ordered a round of cocktails and we made small talk as we sipped on the blue drinks. The manager informed us our table was ready and we moved off to the table. We were served by a dark skinned Latino babe. She had all the curves in the right places and as she walked away from our table I couldn't help but stare at her ass.

"Ummmmhhhhh gentleman - focus a little more here please", Sue said before we all broke out in laughter.

The rest of the evening past relatively quickly. When we noticed the time it was close to midnight and the restaurant was busy closing up. We asked for the bill and Glen insisted on paying, no matter how hard I tried to protest. We got up from the table and started to leave, while Sue handed the money over to our waitress Adriana. Glen and I were having a chat outside waiting for Sue to join us, when out stepped Sue and Adriana.

"Boys, I have invited Adriana to join us in a little fun. And before you go all gooey there is a rule. Alan you cum in me. You can sink your cock into her but your cum is mine. OK?"

"If Adriana...", I started.

"Adriana is more than willing. I am looking forward to the rest of the night together.", Adriana chirped in.

Adriana drove with me in my car and we soon arrived at Glen and Sue's house. We entered the house, while Glen made drinks. Sue put on some music and she and Adriana started dancing in the middle of the living room. Glen and I sat down on the sofa watching them dance. Sue soon pulled Adriana closer and they started kissing. Fuck the sight was hot and I felt my cock harden. I felt Glen's hand stroking my thigh. Soon his hand was on my cock and he started massaging it softly through my pants.

Sue and Adriana were already down to their underwear and Sue was busy rubbing Adriana's panty-covered crotch. Glen loosened my trousers and freed my cock. He stroked it slowly before placing his mouth over the head of my cock and suck gently. I grabbed his head and moaned, as I watched Adriana loosen Sue's bra before sucking on her nipples. I pulled Glen's head off my cock and quickly got undressed. Glen followed suit and we were soon back on the sofa.This time I lay down and Glen straddled my face. His cock was right in front of my face and I reached up and started stroking him. He meanwhile carried on where we had left off. His mouth was now sucking earnestly on my cock. I opened my mouth and took another man's cock into my mouth for the first time. I found the taste was not bad and soon had most of his cock in my mouth. Soon I felt him tremble and then had my mouth flooded with his cum. His sperm tasted salty but wasn't unpleasant. I felt my own orgasm building, but I remembered the rule and so reluctantly pushed Glen off my cock. The girls were also in a 69 position licking each other's pussy. Sue was on top and so I placed my cock at Sue's pussy entrance and before entering her from behind. I then felt someone licking my ass. I thought it was Glen but then caught sight of him tugging on his penis watching us. It was Adriana licking my butt! The sensations were fantastic. I then felt her tongue enter my tight butt hole. Soon her tongue was replaced with a finger and then two.

I pulled out of Sue, as I wanted to enjoy the sensations of Adriana's fingers fucking me, without cumming in Sue to soon. After a while i started fucking Sue again. She started moaning and came very hard, her pussy milking my cock.

Adriana then removed her fingers before smearing lube on my ass and finger fucking me with three fingers. She withdrew her fingers again and I thought she was lubing them again, but then felt a thick cock prodding my ass. Glen was going to fuck me. He soon got his cock into my prepped ass. He remained still as my fucking Sue caused his dick to slide in and out my ass. I soon felt the cum boiling in my balls before I released then with a loud groan. Glen pulled out of my ass and stuck his cock into Sue's mouth. She sucked hungrily on it and soon he filled her mouth with his sperm.

We fucked like rabbits for the rest of the evening and I only went home as the sun was rising. My Physics classes were a disaster for that day, but my I still walked around with a stupid grin on my face....who would have thought

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excellent 2 part story
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what a fun date
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absolutely hot