Sarah's first orgy!

It was my wife's 38th birthday. I had planned a getway for the two of us from the beginning of the year. The hotel was booked and all was set. We arrived at the Royal Palms Hotel in the early evening. I arranged cocktails to be sent up to our room. We had just started settling in when there was a knock on the door.It was the waiter bringing the cocktails. He was in his early twenties and was well built, with short brown hair. The waiter brought the drinks in and left after I had tipped him. The wife and I settled on the loungers on the balcony and enjoyed the sea view as the sun dipped over the horizon. My wife sat facing me and I sat and stared at my goddess. Let me describe her and see if you agree....

Sarah's hair is shoulder-length and lies in blonde curls. She has a nice body (not skinny or chubby - just that nice in-between curved look) and legs to die for. She has a pair of 36C tits and nipples that harden at the first sign of excitement. She is adventurous in bed and will greedily slurp my cock as I finger her pussy. She was a virgin when we met and had not had any experience besides with me. She reckons that my 7 inch cock is more than enough for her - yet often compared me to the studs we see in our porn collection - and quite a few were bigger in my and her estimation! I asked her if she wanted to eat out or in... she smiled and spread her legs revealing her thong covered pussy!

"I think we eat in tonight", she replied.

I took the menu and took her order before phoning it down to room service. She said she wanted to freshen up and went to the bathroom.

While she was bathing the food showed up with the same waiter. I thanked him for the service and asked him if was busy. He replied that it was quite at the moment and was getting off in an hour. At that moment the bathroom door opened and my wife stepped out covered in a sheer nightie. Seeing the waiter she blushed and reached for a robe. The waiter could not take his eyes off her and drank up her stiff nipples and legs that were on display.

"I am sorry! I did not know anyone else was in the room!" my wife stammered.

"Don't worry Ma'am we see all sites here", the waiter replied, his eyes glued to her.

"Let me see you out and give you a tip for bringing the food up so quickly", I said while hatching a plan that would really raise the bar on any sexual adventures my wife and I had enjoyed to date.

At the door I took out the money and softly asked him if he had liked what he had seen. He just blushed and nodded. I told him that I would love him to join us for a threesome that night. His eyes lit up at my invitation and he said he would love to join us. I told him I would leave the door unlocked and he should return in about an hours time. He said that he couldn't wait and left before I could even tip him.

"You could have warned me!" my wife said as I came back into the room.

"What! And deprive the young stud of the hot sights?" I replied.

"Oh please!" she countered.

"He couldn't take his eyes off you babe. He was into you. If I wasn't here I am sure he would have tried to get into your pussy. And by the way. He is quite a stud isn't he?"

"He is quite good looking", she agreed.

We sat down at the dining room table to eat. She had shed the robe and was seated in her black satin nightie. After eating I went around the table and lifted her out of her chair. I carried her to bed and laid her down before kissing her soft lips. I felt her lips part under my intrusive tongue. Our tongues danced and then she started sucking on my tongue. I reached down and slid the nightie off her shoulders and over her tits. I sucked lightly on the one nipple while gently pinching her other nipple. Her nipples hardened instantly and she raised her hips and started rubbing her pussy on my thigh that was resting between her thighs.

I reached down and placed my hand onto her pantie covered pussy. Her juices were already starting to soak the satin. I left her tits and worked my way south. My head finally lay between her thighs and her wet panties were right in front of me. I licked her through the panties and she started to moan. She tasted wonderful. By now my cock way bursting to get out and I left he quickly to pull my clothes off. I reached over and took the sash of her robe and blindfolded her. I then reached down and pulled her panties off her. He nightie lay girdled around her waist. I resumed my licking, bu this time without the satin barrier. My tongue explored her pussy and she started getting wetter and wetter till I felt my chin drenched in her cunt juice. I then inserted two fingers and lightly flicked my tongue over her clit. I started pumping my fingers in and out of her pussy. She started moaning a little harder now and raised her hips so that my fingers massaged her G-spot. I heard the door open and close and knew our friend had arrived. I briefly turned around and was greeted by the sight of two studs. It looked like he had brought a friend. I gestured them to stay quite and they slowly got undressed. The waiter had a curved 9 inch cock that was a bit thinner than mine. I knew my wife would love his cock in her. His friend had a short thick cock - reminded me of the shape of a baseball ball!

"You are so wet! Are you thinking of that young hot stud?" I asked my wife.

"Yessssss" she meowed.

"Would you like him to fuck you with his big cock baby?"

"Fuuuuck yessss!"

I motioned him to come closer and I moved off her. He knelt between her legs and inserted his cock into her slowly. I could she her react almost immediately. Se knew that it was someone else!


I silenced her protests with my mouth and I kissed her hard. She stopped her protests almost immediately and started sucking my tongue with gusto.

I broke off the kiss and whispered softly, "Enjoy baby! Let go and be a slut tonight."

I placed my cock at the entrance of her mouth and she slurped it with gusto. The other dude just stood playing with his thick short cock. I motioned him closer and he knelt on the other side of her head. If she noticed she did not show any signs of it. I pulled out of her mouth and he placed his cock on her cheek. She turned her head and started sucking his thick cock. The waiter had started fucking her hard and fast. The sounds of his thighs slapping against her were now fast and a huge turn on. I watched as his cock slipped in and out of my wife's pussy. I started playing with her tits and took a nipple in my mouth. My wife groaned and all he attention she was receiving. She pulled my head away from her tits and pulled me closer as if to kiss her. The only problem was she had a cock in her mouth. She released the cock and turned to me and started kissing me deeply. I could taste his scent on her lips and it turned me on. I had never considered that the taste of another man would harden my cock even more. My wife jacked off his tick cock while sucking on my tongue. Then the unbelievable happened. She pulled the friend closer and the tip of his cock was now pressing against the corners of my mouth. She broke the kiss and I felt his cock slide in between our lips. We were both kissing around his cock. My tongue danced over his sensitive cock head while she moved down to the base of his cock.I then took the whole cock into my mouth as she suckled his balls.

I then released his cock and she stopped her sucking. She reached up and removed the blindfold.

"I want to see who I am fucking", she said and sat up.

She then told the waiter to lie on his back. She climbed on top and rode him hard, grinding her clit into him. It wasn't long before she was enjoying a series of orgasmic convulsions.

While I watched this I felt a warm mouth engulf my cock and start sucking me. It was the waiters friend. I reached over and jacked him off as she pleasured me.

"Come here you two", my wife called out,"I want those cock in me!"

We disengaged and moved over towards the other two. My wife turned around and rode the waiter in a reverse cowboy style.

She leaned back and told me," I want two cock in this pussy! Come fill me up!"

I knelt between her thighs and could see the waiters cock filling her pussy. I spat on my hand and lubed my cock and placed on top of his and slowly pushed into my wife. She groaned but told me not to dare stop. Before long I was ion and she started fucking both of us. I could feel his cock against mine and it felt wierd but pleasant. The friend joined us and filled her mouth with his cock. Before long I felt a wet sticky lube all over my cock and knew that the waiter had released his load into my wife's pussy. She convulsed again and I could feel her pussy pulsating around my shaft. I couldn't hold back and shot a load deep inside her.

My wife released the friend's cock from her mouth and placed at the entrance of mine. I sucked it in and before long felt the dude shudder before delivering a load deep down my mouth.

The two guys then got up quietly and left while I embraced my wife and held her tightly.

"We have to do this again", she said.

I agree!!!!!!

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It was Hot!!