Girlfriend and Best friend pregnant

after the party on new years The last thing my girlfriend Kari wanted was sex. She was sore and still in a state of extacy that did not wear off for a long time. Now the next day, when her friend got up, she knew something had happened but when asked, my girlfriend said she will tell her later how the party went, in every deatail, she was asked, oh yes, with a lewd smile she said, every juicy detail.

I took this as my que and decided to check out some new years day sales. After several hours of wandering the stores, i ran into a buddy of mine who suggested we go to our local hang out and watch some Bowl games. I decided to check in at home and let the girls know what we were doing. Knowing my girlfriend would not leave the house, she suggested i pick up her friend and take her out as Kari was dead tired and was going to have a nap.

I stopped by the duplex, and to pick Marni up and stopped in our bedroom to check on kari, she was asl**p already, with her legs noticeably spread. Curious, i lifted the covers and noticed since last night for the first time, her pussy was clean shaven. Just above her pussy were the words written in black ink, Darcy's cock was here 3x+. I never noticed when he wrote this and thought I would never find out.

Now, with a hard on, Marni and i went to meet my friend at the bar. After watching some games and playing some pool, the live entertainment was starting. After several songs and Marni dancing with both of us, she went up and requested a song. It turned out to be a slow song, which Marni grabbed my hand and led me onto the dance floor. Now, i have always wanted to fuck Marni but it never happened to be anything more than a fantacy of mine. she pulled me close and laid her head on my shoulder. soghing, she turned her head so her lips were close to my neck and started to give me little kisses while we danced. I starte getting hard immediately as her attention and the booze had me thinking tonight might be the night.

I have never slept with anyone else in the 2 yrs kari and I have been dating. But since last nights party, I suspected that would change. Now, my buddy had had enough and phoned a cab to go home. Marni said the night was young and she wanted to stay a little longer. we started dancing again and Marni leaned to my ear and asked If I Knew who came over today. Looking at her, she smiled and said, yes, he was back for more. I said to marni, lets sit down, and she proceeded to tell me Darci had stopped by to see if everthing was still good between them after last night. Kari had smiled and said she had never felt more happy, and had a great time. It was at this time Marni bumped her elbow and pointed to his crotch. His massive cock was rock hard in his pants. Marni looked at Kari and said she was going to take a shower. As she went up stairs, she turned to see Kari take Darci's hand and ask him to cum in.

Marni turned on the shower and waited, after a few minutes she could hear them cumming up the stairs, Kari was gigling and telling Darci to wait till they were upstairs. Marni slowly opened the door after about 20 minutes and krept over towards bedroom . Listening and sneaking peeks, she could her Kari moaning, groaning and saying "oh God, fuck me". sneaking a peak she stared in awe as she watched his 11" cock cum all the way out of Kari's pussy and then disappear deep inside again. he pushed her legs up by her shoulders and pushed deeper into her, causing her to cum multiple times. 2 hours later and 3 loads later, Darci had to leave for the airport.

Long after he had left, Kari got up and had a shower and as she dressed, Marni came into her room smiling. Kari smiled back and said god, he was bigger than she remembers, it took him cumming 3 times before he finally went soft. he was so horny for her he had to see her one more time before his flight for Dallss left that night. He also left her a permanent momento, he shaved her pussy and wrote the message in India ink, so it would last for a long time.

Well after hearing this, Marni knew she would get fucked by me for sure now. over the next week, Marni and i fucked 2-3 times a day, while Kari worked in the basement.

Marni insisted I not use protection, as Kari had not and she felt it was only right to give me the same as Kari had gotten from Darci.

When kari phoned her 2 months later to tell her she was pregnant, Marni had the same news to tell her, Kari smiled at me and wondered out loud, who the father was, with a wink they both started laughing.

9 months later they both had beautiful baby girls, who as things happens, are the best of friends to this day, as are their siblings....
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