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[Story] My first experience with my cousin! (True)

I have uploaded 3 stories to xham so far, two of which have been i****t stories. However sadly, the i****t stories have only been from my dirty mind, neither have been my actual experiences, although I know a lot of people have thought the story involving “Em” and her uncle was my experiences, unfortunately not (sorry if that disappoints). So, as i****t is my favourite theme, I’m going to continue with that for my newest story, however this time it’s still coming from my mind, but instead of my imagination it’s coming from memory. This is the true story of how I became sexually involved with m... Continue»
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[Story] Alicia's First Vibrator

Alicia may have been sitting in her Friday contracts class but her mind was elsewhere. The first semester of law school had been difficult, but she was enjoying the new challenge. Her major problem at the moment was the fact that she was horny - so horny, in fact, that she was daydreaming in class.

"Alicia?" Professor Martin was looking at Alicia.

"I'm sorry, Professor, will you repeat the question?" Alicia fumbled, desperately trying to remember what the Professor had said while her classmates stifled a giggle.

"The facts of the case, Alicia, which were part of your reading assign... Continue»
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[Story] A Girl Growing up in a sexual way

As you read, I will give examples of sex for a girl through those informative years, stuff that really happened to me, and how it affected me and my friends, that way we will see that it's not isolated or individual experiences, my friends were also experiencing similar things, so read on and look into a females introduction and eventual integration in pleasing men, both f***ed and willing.

As usual like most, please comment at the end of the story, especially if you get something from it, dont be ashamed, to feel something as you read, it's perfectly normal to get an erection with a taboo ... Continue»
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Why Guys scare Girls off the xHamster

I think this is one of those things that needs to be said.

Guys on this site, drive Girls off the site. I don't think that Guys do that on purpose, but they do it - not by individual action, but by what they do in mass.

Not even 2 hours after signing up, I was close to tossing it all out, I was stressed out by the Guys, even though hardly anyone had said or done anything bad. It was just the sheer quantity.

I appreciate the interest and getting all the attention and all, but it just got way to much.

While I had just signed up, and was still filling in the profile info, writi... Continue»
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My xHam Crime: IWF - Internetting While Female

Hello my Hammys,

I didn't want to have to write about this topic, I always try to just be polite and positive and focus on having fun, but unfortunately some random jerkfaces on this site have taken to harassing me, and a girl can only take so much before she gets mad and has to vent some steam.

Apparently I'm guilty of the worst crime on xHam - IWF, Internetting While Female. (Please note the italics to denote sarcasm)

I'm not going to get into any details or name any names, I'm just going to say that there is a MASSIVE double-standard online. It's perpetuated by the jerks/b... Continue»
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My Masturbation Chronicles (Updated 10/4)

This blog chronicles my masturbation activities. I'll try to add an entry at least once a week. Here's a handy-dandy Table of Contents for what is below:

October 2 - Bath Time and Masturbating About a 3some With Katy and Her Husband.
September 29 – Perving at the Park
September 27 – About Men, Women and Masturbating in the College Library.
September 25 – My Nudist Girlfriend Anna.
September 22 – Anal Stimulation.
September 21 – My Darkest Fantasy.
September 20 – Shopping With My Girlfriend For a Double-Headed Dildo.
... Continue»
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[Story] My first experience with a girl/how I knew I was b

I always get requests for a story about how/when I knew I was bisexual, and my first experience with a girl.

For a while I’ve put off the idea of writing a story about it, because I wasn’t sure if it was too personal or not, but I’ve decided I want to share my experience, so I hope you all like it!

I don’t want to reveal any names so for the sake of this story, I’m going to refer to girls by different names.


First of all, how I knew I was bisexual. From quite a young age I was aware of my feelings... Continue»
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[Story] Under Mr. Nolan's Bed

Chapter one

I'd seen a few Playboys and Hustlers and stuff like that—but I'd never seen anything like what Erica showed me in a box under her father's bed. It was really hardcore stuff, and it showed everything, all the minute details of flesh, up close and personal. I found myself utterly enthralled, in spite of my embarrassment with Erica right there. I couldn't seem to help my body's response.

We sat on the floor in silence, sifting through the slick, glossy pile of pages, flipping through each of them on our own, our breathing becoming faster and more shallow in the silence.... Continue»
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Erin's Masturbation Blog (Updated 2/23)

Note: I just reposted this blog. For some reason, xhamster deleted the original post and over 160 comments on it. February 11, 2012.

I love to masturbate. Sometimes i look at porn to bring me to an orgasm. Sometimes i think about a past sex experience. Sometimes i just find my special spot and that gets me off. Other times i think about my sex fantasies while i play with myself. Below are some fantasies that i masturbate about. About every week i'll add a new one. I have so many.

Feel free to add a comment about your own sex fantasy. Maybe it is something that you do with your s... Continue»
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[Story] My s****r and I

Chapter One

I was 16, and my half-s****r was 29, at the time of this story. I've always thought she was a good looking girl, as I grew up. She was blond, with cheeks that dimpled when she's happy, and a great body. My dick would go into a quivering mass of excitement whenever she came around, like a few months ago at a f****y picnic. She had on white shorts, and a short, loose blouse. Of course, she had a bra on, but you could see her nipples tenting her bra at times.

I watched as my b*****r-in-law pushed her high on the swing. s*s was working her beautiful legs up and down, keeping the... Continue»
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[Story] Neighbors

(Peeping on the neighbor girls leads to much more)

Part 1 – The Trespass

It was a smoldering summer morning, normal for Phoenix, when I chose to climb the wooden, six-foot-tall fence separating our backyard from our neighbor's, to retrieve the basketball that had inadvertently bounced into their yard the previous day. I absolutely hated going over to a neighbor's house, knocking on the door, and requesting something I'd lost in their yard. Looking back, I have no idea why I felt that way. When I was eighteen it just seemed infinitely easier to climb the fence, toss the ball back over, an... Continue»
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