Fucking my Friend's Girlfriend

Hello friends.This is Rocky here again to tell you about a sex encounter of me with my friend girlfriend.First i would like to tell you something about myself.I am 5ft 9in tall guy with a 7 in rod which had satisfied 3 girlfriend of mine and 2 married women.By not wasting my time i would like to tell you about the story.
This all started after my graduation when i had joined a reputated IT company.All things are going smoothly when after working for 1 year i got the news that i am going to be on the project which is in the costal region of India.Then i tried to find some of my friend over there and then on eof my friend told me that one of our friend name Nimmi is there.So,i tried to get in touch with her so that i would get a company of my college friend.Then I messaged her on fb and told her about my trip and exactly after 2 n hlf hr i get the reply of my message in which nimmi had sent me her mobile no.So,i called her.Oh i forget to introduce Nimmi to you guys.She is 5ft 6in tall girl with a cutie smile having a figure of 36-30-36.As by her figure you can imagine that what a marvellous boobs and ass she is having of which i always want to taste and fuck.She is the gf of my One of my best friend and there relationship ends after the graduation.So,I started to put effort to fulfill my dream to fuck her.I called her at around 10pm at the night then asked her about her life that how the things are going on there with her.Then she inquire about me that when i am going to come to her city and she is very excited to meet me.
Then the final day come i reached to bhubaneswar and called her that i reached there comfortably and will meet her after i will be done with my office stuff.At around 6 pm i called her and told her to meet at the Coffee cafe in 1 hr and she agree on that and reached there 10 min before .When i reached there i she her .She was where a sexy red curidar which is exposing her boobs.Then i give her a friendly hug to which she had responded fine then we talked about her life.She tolded me that things havn't being good after the graduation for her.So i changed the topic by saying that now i am here to make your life good here.Listening this she gave me a smile.After that She used to text me every morning evening that weather i had taken my lunch or not and that makes me happy about the status of my desire that she is coming under influence of mine.Every afternoon we meet after the office her and hand out with each other in the garden.Then at one night i call her and while talking to her i just said her that i liked her company and i am really happy to have her in my life to which she just brusted out her feeling that Rocky i am also having same feeling and i donot want you to be just a friend of mine.You are more than that to me.Then she said that i like you Rocky.To which i just said that i like u 2 and i told her to meet me tomorrow near the garden at around 5 pm .She is connect the call with a kiss to which i had given a reply too.
I am really excited about the next day and finished my work on that day and then leave for the meeting her .She was waiting for me at that place so i take her a place in the garden where no one can see us and she didn't insist on going there .Then we just talked about our feeling about each other to which she started being emotional so i putted my hand on her shoulder and seeing that no one is around me i just kissed her on lips and she also started responding to that.While kissing her i said that I Love you Nimmi.to which she said I Love you to Rocky.Then i break the kiss and started seeing into her eyes and again started smooching her and started licking her tongue and started to press her boobs and she started moaning there "Ahhhhhhhassssss Rocky Ahhhhhhhhhh".She told me that to stop there and if anyone will see us doing these thing and then I gave her a smooch and said okay Darling.That night i called her and told her to go to puri to spend some time alone and she agreed on that.
And from that our sex life started.I called her in the morning on that day .She came to the bus stand and we take a window seat .In journey i used to put my hand on her thigh and started making some space between her legs and started rubbing her pussy over jeans.Then we reached puri.There we booked a room for 24 hr.Then we entered the hotel room and i hold her from the back touching my dick over her ass and started kissing her on her back .She then turned and started smooching and tasting my tongue "AllllllllALlllllllllllALllllllll alllllll".Then i pushed her on the bed and unhooked my shirt to which she also take her top and being in front of me in a blabk bra .Then i lie over her and started kissing "Ummmmm mumahhahahhahha ummm mumahhahahah".Then i unhook the button of her jeans and lower it and putted my hand on her pussy to which she started taking breadth louder "shhhhhhhhahhhhhhhh shhhhhh ahhhhhshhhhhha hahhhhhhh".Then i removed her bra and started licking her nipples "Alllllllll alLlllllllllll ummmhahhahahhaha".She was moaning louder."Ahhhhhhhh baby ".Then she placed her hands on my dick which is on its max erection>she unhook the button of my jeans and lower it and then removed my underwear and the make some space between my legs and started licking my dick.She licked it for about 15-20 min and drink all the semen.then i rolled her and get on the top of her.Started kissing her fromn the top and hen i kissed her nipples and then i kissed her belly and then i make some space between her legs and started licking her pussy"allllllla lllllllll alllllllllllla llllllllllll allllllll".SHe was moaning louder "Ahhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh ohhhh baby......or andr dalo tongue ko...Ahhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhhh".After licking her pussy for about 15 minutes ia placed my dick on her pussy and her legs on my shoulder and then putted the pressure on her pussy by bending to kiss her and started moving my dick back and forth into her pussy faster.She was moaning louder "Ahhhh AHhhhhh Ahhhhhh Ahhhhh oHHH Baby Or tez Dallo...Ahhhh AhhhhhA hhhhhhhh YEhhh ".After fucking her in that position i make her in doggy position and the inserted my dick into her pussy from the back and taht sound i remembered that was getting louder with my stroke "Thhhpppp Thhhhpppp THhhhpppp THhhppppp" and she was moanig "Ohhhh Rocky or tezzz choddoooo mujhe Ahhhhhh AHhhhhhh AHhhhhhh AHhhhhhhA hhhhhhhhhhh".After fucking her for about 1 hr i ejected my semen into her pussy and lie on the bed and she also lie on the bed by putting her head on my chest .Then after 1 hr she stand on the floor to go to bathroom and she was not able to walk properly so i taken her in my arm and then took her to the bathroom there also we have a fucking season under the shower and then at night we also have sex.That i will tell you in my next story.
If any married women like to spend some good time with me and would like to have a desire to spent a night can contact me on rnt2789@rediffmail.com.I would like to hear from you guys.
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