my friend fucked my girlfriend

it began a year in a half ago dating my girlfriend at the time rachel. rachel and i had constant sex, even though we were both young, we both were always at it. till one night i actually started to talk dirty mentioning other men in the mix, and by other men i mean my best friend joe. the first time i mentioned it, she had become confused and disgusted by my actions and quickly went off to sl**p. through the weeks we had mentioned joe for awhile, it had sparked up our sex lives and made it more amusing. i would mention things like him fucking her or having both mine and joes cock in side of her at the same time. it had gotten her quite horny.

skipping a few years later..i had mentioned to joe i was into the whole 3 some thing, and incredibly he was also. i knew in high school joe had a little crush on rachel and had checked her out or tired talking to her for while, but the thought of him fucking her made me crazy horny for some off reason. i had lied to him a few times telling him rachel wanted to fuck him, just to turn me on, im guessing it turned him on also.

one night while my parents had been out of the house we had a little get together as me my b*****r his girlfriend and joe and rachel had been hanging out, doing what teenagers would do. asa they all left, joe had texted me asking if rachel had really wanted to fuck him. i said yes, just because it had turned me on, but he figured i was just bullshitting around, since i was the jokester of the group. some how though i had got the urge to text him rachels number and told him to ask her himself. the moment joe had gotten the number and texted her that second. i hadnt know what he ever texted to her or what she said to him, but after awhile i called her up. this was about 12 midnight. she had picked up as i told her if he had texted her. she said yes. i asked what they were talking about, as she said they were sexting one another. this got me mad but at the same time got me really really horny. i felt my cock starting to get harder and throbbing.

as soon as i found out they were texting i had asked her if she wanted to fuck. without hesitation she said yes calmly. at this point i had been shaking his anxiousness and also horny. i told her i would pick her up, and left within 5 minutes. i had picked her up as i saw the nervousness within her face, the drive was quiet. before making my stop at home i had called joe and picked him up as well. if it was ever going to happen it was gunna be tonight. we were all so nervous based on how quiet it was. we had went inside my room and locked the door. rachel wanted all the lights off, so i complied and agreed to. before turning them off i remember she smiled and waved and said "hi boys." i knew this is what she wanted, actually what we all wanted. the lights came off as i went up to rachel french kissing her sensually as joe looked at us. rachel began unzipping my pants as i started to take off her blouse. she had topless rubbing my cock as my pants and shirt were finally off still kissing rachel. joe had now taken off his shirt still standing watching us.

after kissing for a few more minutes she turned and glanced at joe pulling his belt strap closer to her to make out with him. she began making her way down with her hands feeling up his hard cock slowly stroking it outside his pants. i stood there stroking my cock watching them both. she began to unzip his pants and making her her way down pulling his pants off. his cock sprang up as she used no hands and slowly starting to deep throat it, as if she had been wanting his cock for so long. i got closer to her as she stroked and sucked both of us off at the same time. i could here joe moaning as she took every inch of it in her mouth. back and fourth she sucked for about ten minutes she got up and wanted to be fucked. she looked at us both as asked her was first. seemingly i had been the lucky one to fuck my slim 5'9 sexy bubble ass girlfriend, so i insisted that joe be the first one. before doing so i handed joe a condom because rachel hadn't been taking birth control and didn't wanna spend 50 bucks on the morning after pill. joe had put his condom on as rachel got on the bed getting in doggy position spreading her nice ass and pussy for my friend to enter. she had been so wet joe had easily slid his cock in and out of her as she began to moan. i had my cock in her mouth while she was getting fucked by joe. joe had rammed her ass for about ten minutes till we switched positions.

rachel had grabbed my cock as joe slid out of her and she sat on it riding my dick so fucking hard the pain and pleasure had kicked in. joe stood up on the bed while i fucked her, and rammed his cock in her mouth as she gagged on it. she then stopped and took off joes condom and began to gag on his dick again. it wasn't long till me and joe traded positions as now she was on top of him fucking him hard moaning so loud. i sat up on the bed as she now began gagging on my throbbing cock. it felt so fucking amazing watching my girlfriend fucking my friend i began to cum in her mouth. she had sipped every drop of my cum as she gazed me with a smile continuing to fuck joe. i got off the bed and pulled a chair next to them to watch. joe had gripped her ass as he turned her around f***efully to be on top of her and made sure her legs were completely at a spread. he was ramming his cock so deep and hard into rachel as rachel loved every second of it. she moan "fuck me joe, fuck me harder!" joe then shot a huge load of hot cum inside of rachel without a condom and rubbed his cock all over her swollen pussy. rachel and i we a bit upset but overwhelmed of the experience. we all left and never spoke of it again. til later on within the week joe had been secretly going to rachels to fuck her every now and again. but justing thinking of it makes me so horny.
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3 years ago
Made me horny reading about it. Thanks
3 years ago
not a bad story at all 5/10