Taboo Orgy

Well here we are again. Me and my wife, Ann in the car and on a two hour drive home from her s****rs house after another argument with my b*****r inlaw.
Every time we plan to stay the night Rick starts talking like he knows it all better than anyone and with a few too many under his belt he starts to get loud.
When he told me that I knew nothing about politics I told him to go fuck himself, said good night to Anns s****r Jenny and then left totaly pissed off.
Ann tried to calm me down by telling me not to worry about it and I should know what he's like when he has to much to drink. I asked her, how the fuck does you s****r put up with his bullshit and be happy. The only thing that I can think of is that he may have a big penis that makes Jenny happy. I started laughing and Ann asked what's so funny. How the hell can Rick even get it up when he's full of booze and poor Jen would have to blow him for weeks to even get his prick to twitch.
We both laughed and Ann told me not to worry about her s****r as she is such a little slut who can look after herself. And what do you mean by that.Well Jen told me that she has a had sex with a number of men and Rick has no idea. I told her to tell me more and on the drive she did which got me horny and Ann as well.
She noticed my hard on and said that she's as horny as I look. With that she spread her legs and started rubbing all the right spots and enjoying her self. I asked her to rub my groin with her spare hand but she said she wanted to get warmed up as we were nearly home and wanted to be my little slut for the night.

Kevin my twenty year old son was in the lounge with his ninteen year old girl friend, Trish. He was eating her out on the couch and with two fingers in her cunt and one hand on his penis when Trish started lifting her hips to fuck his fingers deeper. Kevin sucked harder on her swollen clit and that was enough to send her over the edge to a hard hitting orgasm. She grabed his hand and pulled it in deeper to fill and gap in her wet contracting pussy. Her whole body twitched as she tried to close her legs as tight as she could. Her juices were running out and all over Kevin's hand which made him want to fuck her so bad and so hard. When Trish finally calmed down she pulled Kevin's hand away and towards her mouth to clean his fingers. This made Kenin happy as he started to learn what type of girl Trish was going to be. You see they have only been together for two weeks and had a quick fuck in his bedroom after a late party and then fell asl**p and nothing more.
He wanted to shove his erect penis in her while she was sucking his fingers and she knew he was ready but asked him to put a condom on. Fuck, he said. I left it in my room up stairs and quickly ran off while Trish rubbed her juices over her hot pussy.

It was at this time that me and Ann arrived home. We came in quietly as we knew the k**s thought we would staying at Jen's house overnight. When we came through the lounge we both heard someone moaning behind the couch. Quietly we moved closer to investigate and to our supprise there was Trish with her eyes closed and rubbing her naked pussy. I looked at Ann and she looked at me and we both looked at Trish who had no idea that we were there.

We kept looking and when Trish sliped a finger in her cunt we both looked at each other at the same time. But this time instead of Ann having the look of shock on her face she had that smile that said, I want to get down and dirty. She put a finger to her lips to indicate for us to keep quiet and then moved around the couch to where Trish's head was resting on the arm of the couch.
Ann placed her two hands on Trish's sholders which startled her. Trish froze on the spot and slowly removed her finger as though Ann might not notice.
Mrs Taylor was all she could say.
Well well well. What the fuck is going on here little Trish and where is Kevin. Poor girl looked at Ann and could only say she was sorry. Sorry for what said Ann. For playing with myself on your nice couch. I think you can do better than that little one so what do you say. There was a moments silence and Trish said that she would do what ever Ann wanted if she wouldn't tell her mun and dad. Trish was desperate and knew that Ann would tell her mun the next time they played tennis. It was Trish's mun and Ann who got the two together.
I want to know where is Kevin. He's up stairs. Why. And you better tell me the truth. With her hands trying to cover her cunt and a wisper in her voice she told Ann he was getting a condom.
Ann smiled and said, you must be ready to fuck if he's getting a condom.

Kevin stopped in his tracks when he saw Ann at the couch and hid beside the wall waiting for his name to be called out. But that didn't happen, not yet anyway.

Ann asked Trish not to be worried and that she wont tell her mum and that she understands. Trish said what do you mean you understand? Ann pulled her skirt up to show Trish her naked cunt which was wetter than it's been for a long time. You see, I'm horny as hell at the moment and with your young cunt exsposed like that and watching you finger yourself then you can't blame me.
So what your going to do until Kevin comes down is such my cunt. And while your sucking my cunt Mr Taylor is going to finish finger fucking you.
It then that Trish noticed that I was there all the time as I was still behind the couch and just looking on. I felt that this might be going over the top and said to Trish that I think Ann might be joking just to see her reaction.
I don't know if it was knowing that I was there watching as well that made Trish smile and move her hands away from her cunt and spread her legs. All she said and to my suprise was, lets do it.

My dick could have busted my zip in my pants with that.
Ann told Trish to move up the arm of the couch so that her head was over the edge and under her cunt. Trish was ready for this and for whatever we had in mind. She sucked Ann's cunt like she had done it before and Ann was moaning from the start. I went around the couch and sat down lifting one of Trish's legs over my lap so that I could smell and see what my fingers were about to do to her cunt. To my surprise I heard Trish moan just as much as Ann and I grabed my penis hoping I would'nt cum from the sight before me. I wanted to eat this girls cunt so bad but thought that Ann might not approve so in went one finger. Her cunt was so wet and hot to touch that one finger was not going to do the job. Two fingers in and Trish's hips began to lift from the couch to fuck my fingers with all her might. Watching my wife getting her cunt eaten out and grinding into Trish's mouth sparked the a****l in me that only Ann can do when she want's to be treated like a slut. And this is what I had in front of me now. A sexy twenty year old slut who had a body that you would die for. Her breast were firm and not too small that sat proud on her chest and not to the sides. Her nipples were erect and large and when I touched one gently with the tip of my finger I knew that gently was not wat she wanted. A good hard pinch and pull of her right nipple made Trish moan even more and more is what she got. At least 5ft 6in tall with a tight frame and skin as smooth as silk
I looked at her as my sex machine that would never break down. I looked at her cunt with the shavern lips with a small line of red hair that was shaped like an arrow pointing to the right spot. I was going to fuck her no matter what me son or wife thought and I was going to fuck her hard. I was ripping my cloths off at the same time Ann was holding on harder to the couch and yelling at Trish to suck her harder. Ann was turning into her slut stage and there was no stoping her until she had her fill. For a woman of forty four she kept herself in great shape and always played tennis from her younger years. Her tits are large and still firm and a frame at under 5ft is still tight. Her cunt lips are a are smooth and tight for her age with a touch of blond hair above her clit. Her clit is the same size as her nipple and just as hard when erect.
I don't know how Trish can breath as Ann's legs start to give way and lowering her closer to the floor. Trish's mouth is the only thing holding Ann up from falling.

Ann puts a hand on Trish's right breast not to play with it but to hold herself up as she sreams I'm cumming I'm cummmmmming and tries to squeeses her legs tight around the young girls head. Trish is on a mission of her own and wont let go of Ann's hips as Ann tries to remove herself form her mouth.
I watch my wifes body tremble as her climax has just ripped through her body and I know her cunt is contracting so hard that I wish my cock was in there to fell it. She had that look of lust on her face that said there was going to be more to come. I almost came myself watching my wife and looked down at my penis to see so much precum that it looked like I had cum. When Ann stood up I could see the wetness around her cunt and the mess she left on Trish's face.
I was so caught up in the show that I was only pulling Trish's nipple the whole time after removing my cloths. Trish was wiping her wet face with her hands and licking them clean. She loved every taste and moaned with every lick.

I am going to fuck this slut until it killed me.
I got off the couch and grabed her legs hard to turn her over and onto her knees so that I could ram in with one frust and I didn't care which hole I hit. But she wanted something else. Wait, I want to suck your dick and get it nice and wet because I want it in the ass. What! And while I'm sucking you Mrs Taylor can suck my cunt and if she doesn't do it then the games stop.
Ann told her that this is just the start and she says when the games stop.
So spread you young legs Trish because I'm going to suck your guts out of that cunt of yours while you suck my husband. And you can call me Ann and Mr Taylor Darren and start sucking that cock.

Kevin was still up stairs watching the whole thing and had the biggest hard on ever and wanted to join in but didn't know how he could. They must be wondering where I am and what am I doing or are they too w****d up in what there doing and forgottern me.
just then the door to his s****rs bedroom opened and Kevin raced across the passage so that Sally wasn't seen.
She was half asl**p and wondered what the fuck is he doing.
Kevin I need to pee and don't turn the light cause I'm naked.
Look out your door quietly and you tell me what the fuck is going on cause mum and dad are home and in the lounge.
Sally thought that they wern't coming home so whats going on.
She sneaked to her door and was not sure what she was seeing. Her mum was sucking Kevins girlfriends cunt and Trish was sucking darrens cock.
Darren is Sally's step father and Kevin is Anns step son. Sally and Kevin are both the same age and stepb*****r and steps****r.

They get on well together and have the same friends and interests.
But now they are both behind Sally's door watching the show before them.
Sally asked the hell this happen and what the fuck arn't you with Trish.
He explained what happened and what he saw before he ended in her room.
Sally told him that she need to pee but didn't want to be seen so what can I do. Kevin told her to hold it and be quiet. They both watched behind her partly opened door with Sally standing and Kevin sitting on the floor.
Sally could just see Darrens cock pushing in and out of Trish's mouth and between her legs was her mum. She was arroused by the sight and the noise and found it even harder to close her legs. She looked down to tell Kevin that she couldn't hold on and saw him pulling his penis. She wispered what the fuck are you doing. He told her that if he can't be down there with them then he might as well do himself. Come on s*s, don't tell mee your not horny watching this. Well yes, but I got to pee so what do I do. Well I tell you what. How about you pee on me and then I finger fuck you while we watch the show.
Are you nuts. No, but what else are going to do. You can pee on the floor if you want and then finger yourself and don't tell me you could resist getting off watching a show like this.

Sally thought about it and there was no way she was going to pee on Kevin until she heard her step father yelling that he was going to cum in Trish's mouth. She was horny alright and that was it. With a quick turn at Kevin she pissed so hard that he was shocked for a second but then fell into the warmth and thrill his s****r was giving him. He pull his dick hard and let her piss spray on his cock until his cum shot out to mix with her piss. She was getting turned on by this and by the noise from Darren that she smiled with lust at the thoughts running through her mind.

Just like her mother she took control and told Kevin to lick her ass while she finger fucks herself, now. She was holding onto the door and saw long streams of cum streched from his penis to Trish's mouth. For the first time she saw her step father penis fully erect and showed three fingers into her hot cunt. Trish was now holding Darren's cock away from her mouth and telling mum to stick a finger in her ass cause she is about to cum. Mum got up and looked Trish in the eyes and I heard her say, I've been licking both holes honey so what say you take two fingers up your ass. Fuck me any way your dirty fucking mind thinks but fuck me hard and don't you fucking stop because I'm gonna cum all over you. With that Sally told her step b*****r to stick a finger in her ass and quick. Kevin did as she ordered and pushed his index finger up her ass and could feel her fingers in her cunt at the same time. This started to wake his softening cock and he had to tell Sally to keep it quiet as her moans were getting louder. Her breathing was racing and so were her fingers as she was nearing an orgasm that she knew was going to be powerfull. Sally tried hard to keep looking at the show down stairs and wanted to orgasm at the same time as Trish. She was pushing back down on Kevin's finger and was getting ready for the ride of her life when all of a sudden Trish was yelling at mum, fuck me harder you fucking cunt, harder harder I'm gonna cum you bitch, I'm, I'm cumming I'm fucking cummmmmmming. Trish screamed so loud that Sally lost control and squatted down on Kevin's hand to get a good deep penetration while her fingers were buried deep inside her cunt. She had to lock her jaw so tight so that she didn't scream and be heard by everyone. Kevin was amazed at how hard her ass gripped his finger and how hard Sally's orgasm hit her. She was still pushing her fingers up her cunt as hard as she could while holding the door nob with her free hand. Her contraction were helping pull her hand deeper into her cunt where she wanted to scream but knew she couldn't.
Trish was still humping on Ann's finger and said that she hasn't finished her orgasm yet and to keep fucking her hard. Ann still had that lustful smile on her wet face and was loving every second of it. With her two fingers in Trish's ass and with the taste of her cunt on her lips she thought that this little slut could take another finger buried deep. Ann pulled out too quick for Trish's liking and said, what the fuck are you, and before she said the word doing Ann had shoved three fingers in her ass and pumped her hand hard and fast. How the fuck do you like that you little slut. Trish responded without words but with her face screwed tight and holding her breath she leaned forward and sprayed her cum all over Anns body. Ann was shocked and stopped pumping her fingers for a second when Trish yelled back, Don't stop please don't stop fucking me. She gave Trish what she could and could not beleive how much this girl could spray and Darren was amazed to see something like this. His head was spinnig and his cock was hard again ready to fuck

Ann could see that this show was turning him on as much as her and said that if you don't come around me now and fuck me hard while i've got my fingers in her ass I'm gonna kill you. Darren saw that trish was still having an orgasm and was sure that Ann could feel it around her fingers.
Just as Darren was about to shove his meat into his wife, all three of them were starteled by a noise up stairs.

Sally was still feeling the contractions in her holes and when she tried to get up had lost her land legs and fell out the door and onto the floor out side her bedroom.
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