s****r Fucks her Four b*****rs, Part 6

s****r Fucks her four b*****rs, Part 6

This is about to pages long story so it may pay to print it and take it to bed with you.

Judy’s body was shaking violently as her orgasm took hold of her. With her tits roughly pulled away from her chest and one end of the dildo embedded deep in her cunt she had to concentrate hard on giving Cathy a massive orgasm of her own. Her ass could feel Cathy’s pubic hairs as she grinded herself as deep as she could. With her trembling hands she f***ed the ass fucking dildo deep into Cathy’s ass which made her scream in Amanda’s cunt.
Amanda was having her own orgasm and was bucking on her face with every spasm. She pulled harder on Judy’s breasts as her head jerked about and she was yelling in her ear. Resting against Judy’s back for support and feeling her grinding her hips down on Cathy’s cunt made her loose total control of herself and she squirted and screamed.
Cathy had her mouth open at that very moment and her eyes bulged from the amount that was chocking her. Amanda had no idea of her situation and kept trying to grind her trembling cunt over her mouth. In desperation, Cathy had no choice but to get her off her face any way she could. As spray was covering her whole face and even filling her right ear, she f***ed her eyes open and with two extended fingers she shoved them in her ass as deep as she could. Amanda felt the pain through her entire body and quickly shot up with a screamed. Cathy used her fingers and pushed her away as she coughed and spat out what she could. Her head was hammering as her orgasm was getting the belting of its live.
Judy’s ass and legs were trembling as she held the dildo in Cathy’s ass. As Amanda tried to free her ass, Cathy quickly grabbed her by one leg, holding her in place and in anger finger fucked her ass to a blur. Amanda was screaming and begging her to stop as piss was still squirting out of her burning cunt.
“Take it you fucking cunt, I’ll fucking teach you for pissing in my mouth you slut, take it, take it,” Cathy yelled out.
Judy had had enough and now flopped forward resting her face on the floor and releasing the ass fucking dildo. As she moved she felt the dildo in her cunt find another spot that wanted more attention and she went for it. With two hands on the floor she found the strength to fuck onto the dildo still buried in their cunts. Her body was on fire and she f***ed it to prolong her orgasm. Yelping with every thrust she got faster and faster and Cathy felt it in her cunt to. The double ended dildo was being pulled from her cunt and seeing Judy’s ass bouncing up and down drove her crazy.
“You want to keep going with this, huh?” She said in a panting voice, but she got no response. She pulled her fingers from Amanda’s ass hole and slapped it hard and said, “Fuck off bitch and finish yourself off, it looks like we haven’t finished this game yet.”
Amanda was left jerking about on the floor, holding onto her cunt with both hands as her ass hole throbbed.
Cathy wanted her end of the dildo deep in her cunt and f***ed her leg to one side of Judy making a scissor type connection. She quickly grabbed Judy’s leg and pulled her in as close as she could. With both cunts touching the other’s and the double ended dildo buried deep inside them, all that they could manage to do was to grind their cunts together. Judy threw a hand behind her and did the same as she pulled Cathy’s leg and continued grinding her cunt faster and faster. They were both groaning and gasping as they put everything they had into it.
Judy lost it first when her trembling body exploded into another massive orgasm. Cathy was close to cuming and kept grinding harder as she watched her s****r-in-law bucking her ass up and down. When the dildo in her cunt started to jerk in time to Judy’s orgasm she screamed and stiffened herself as she held her breath. Her orgasm scared her as the power tore through her entire body. With her mouth wide open she looked like she was trying to scream but not a sound came out. Her head and entire body started to shake and the sight before Amanda was like two bodies fused as one.
They were both consumed by their orgasms as it ripped through their bodies making them tremble at the same. Unable to move a muscle they stayed joined to the double ended dildo and rode the wave of sexual satisfaction. The only sounds were the sounds of two women panting and crying. They looked like they were joined to one machine and receiving an electric shock as their sweat covered bodies continued shaking.
Amanda was still angry for the way Cathy shoved her fingers up her ass but found the view in front of her extremely arousing. All she could do was gently rub her sore cunt and watch. She had never seen anything like this before and knew that their orgasm was a powerful one. Watching them she wondered if this is how a woman should always fuck. Tonight she had been a part of the most disturbed sex acts of her life and yet she only knew the normal side of sex. Now she saw the real way to fuck. There was no turning back from this day on. She wanted her fucking to be as hard as possible for that ultimate massive orgasm. Fisting others cunts and ass holes the way you wanted to be fisted was ok. Making someone cum and piss and then swallowing it for your own thrill are what it’s all about. The pain in having your body abused to intensify that next orgasm was what it’s all about. She would find people like these to have sex with from now on. She has now become a totally changed woman for the better. Before the night is through she was going to fuck the shit out of Cathy for what she did to her and love every minute of it.
Judy and Cathy were still locked together as every part of their bodies trembled. With no strength left to move they stayed still until their orgasms subsided. Cathy’s hair was wet and clung to her sweaty body. Judy was also covered in sweat and every muscle on her could be seen. Amanda was amazed at how long their orgasm was lasting and decided that she would wait and let them both have a rest before she went at Cathy. As she imagined what she was going to do to her the door suddenly opened.
Mal, Wayne and Pete had returned and Amanda’s jaw dropped. Their look said it all, What The Fuck.
All three of them were wondering what was going on and when Mal locked eyes with Amanda he said, “What the fuck has been going on in here.” He was pissed off at what he saw and shocked as he expected the quiet room to be empty. Even Pete had a look of shock but never said a word.
Judy and Cathy heard him and knew the game was up and yet they stayed locked together without moving to see him. Amanda was embarrassed for being caught naked with her hands covering her cunt. She was lost for words and would not have known how to explain this.
As Mal walked over to the girls he wondered how it all began. Did his s****r f***e his wife into this? Knowing Judy he knew she had everything to do with this but what about Amanda. How did she get such a young girl involved in all of this? He was now angry and yelled out at them, “Get off the fucking floor, now.”
They both jumped and Cathy looked at him and said, “Honey, what, what are you doing here?”
“Are you fucking k**ding me? What the fuck is this?” He looked at Judy and when they locked eyes he bent down to her face and said, “Get the fuck away from my wife you filthy slut,” and he went for her arm.
“No, wait Mal. You’ve got it all wrong. It was me who started this and not your s****r so leave her alone.”
He looked confused for a moment and then let her arm go.
“I don’t understand, I thought you were upset with all of us for what we did and now here you are having sex with her, why?”
“The thought of you and your b*****rs fucking your s****r actually turned me on like I’ve never been before. When I got to the bath room I imagined myself being in the same situation and liked the whole idea of being fucked by more than one man. But to be fucked by you and your b*****rs at the same time just turned me on. When I heard Judy knock on the door I knew that if I never get the chance to fuck the four of you then I might as well try and seduce your s****r. So as you can see, not only did I fuck her but we both got to play with Amanda and I have to say that it was so fucking good that I will try it again. This has changed me Mal and I’m not upset about what I’ve done and I’m sorry if I’ve hurt you.”
He took in all that she said and then asked her, “Are you saying that you would fuck all my b*****rs and me at the same time and be ok with it?”
“Yes Mal, I would. Don’t get me wrong and think that I need more than you because I don’t. You had a fantasy to fuck your s****r and now you have. I now have a fantasy to fuck your b*****rs at the same time but that’s only with you blessing.”
As he took in the smell of sex in the room and took in the sight before him he knew that what Cathy was saying was not at all that bad. In fact the idea of her getting fucked in the same way as they fucked Judy started turning him on.
He moved in close to her face and with a smile he said, “Cathy I love you and to prove it I’ve got a surprise for you. Look over your shoulder.”
She moved her tired body around and saw Wayne and Pete standing at the door with their mouths open. The look on their face from seeing their s****r-in-law naked and attached to their s****r must have been a shock.
She turned back to Mal and said with great excitement, “Fuck us Mal, I want all you boys to fuck our brains out like never before. I want you to allow them to fuck me any way they want to and you to be a part of it. Make my fantasy come true Mal. I want it so bad I’ll do whatever you want.”
“Well how about I go get us all a drink while you and my s****r separate yourselves from that dildo. Then I want you to suck my b*****r’s cocks nice and hard for your holes to be fucked with. Is that ok with you baby?”
She grabbed him by the head and pulled him close giving him a big tongue kiss. He could smell cunt and taste it in her mouth and his cock started to grow. There was no turning back and he knew she was ready for it. As for his s****r, well, he was going to fuck her in front of his wife’s face as hard as he could.

Wayne, Pete and Amanda heard the whole thing and when Mal got up he told them to get ready for the fun to begin. He said he’ll be back and Amanda pointed to the bottle of wine near the door and he thanked her. He opened it as he watched Judy and his wife slowly separate as the boys started undressing. He took a sip from the bottle and passed it to Amanda and said, “Here Amanda, it looks like you can do with one.”
“Thanks Mal. I can do with one and I hope you mean a cock more than just a drink,” she said with a big grin.
He lowered himself to her and they kissed. He guided her hand to his crotch and she squeezed as he slipped his fingers over her wet cunt. She moaned and squeezed harder and broke their kiss saying, “When you have your turn to fuck my ass, you need to take it easy up there, but my pussy needs a good hard fucking so don’t go easy on that, ok.” “Ok Amanda I’ll go easy on your ass but I want to taste you first and get you ready for my cock.”
“Give me your cock Mal, I want to suck it now, please,” she begged. While on his knees she helped him free his cock and she buried it in her mouth. Gripping it hard she slurped and spat all over it and when Mal inserted two fingers into her cunt she let out a long moan.
“Taste my young cunt Mal,” she said as she masturbated him. She watched him pull his fingers out and suck them clean.
“Taste good?” He smiled and said, “You tell me,” as he inserted them back into her and scooped up her juices and then back out and into her mouth. She sucked all her cunt juice clean from his two fingers and asked him to do it again. He did the same but this time she told him to rub them on his cock and when he did she sucked his cock back in her mouth. He told her to wait and got up and started to undress as Amanda rubbed her cunt.
The thrill of what was going to happen gave Cathy a new found strength that amazed her. She was going to be fucked like never before and she couldn’t wait. As she watched Pete and Wayne undressing and them smiling back at her, Judy had released herself from the dildo and started getting up off the floor. She looked at Cathy and said, “Are you ready for the fucking of your life?”
“I want them to fuck me like they fucked you Judy.”
“Oh they will and you’ll get more than what I got because I’m here to help them.”
“I’m telling you now Judy, this might never happen again but tonight I want to be fucked hard like a dirty fucking whore.”
Judy smiled and said, “Welcome to the world of power sex Cathy. From this day on you will always want to be fucked this way. You’ll want to fuck with other people all the time and hell, you may even want to be fucked by a black man, maybe even gang banded by a group of black men. I know you think I’m crazy Cathy but you wait and see.”
“You’re right, I would fuck anyone that came through that door this very minute, black, white men and even women,” Cathy said in excitement.
With that said, Pete came up to Cathy and without a word she grabbed his cock and started sucking. Wayne came up to her and she grabbed his cock and started masturbating him. Judy stood next to Pete and put her arm over his shoulder and kissed him with her tongue darting in and out of his mouth. Pete curled his hand under her parted legs and rubbed her wet cunt. She moaned and said to him, “Did you ever think that this would happen so soon Pete?”
“No. I wish I was here to see what you girls got up to though.” He slipped a finger in her cunt and she asked if he wanted to finger her ass and he said, “I’ll fuck your ass when Cathy’s finished getting me hard.”
Judy said to him, “First you have to fuck her ass like you did mine and then you can have me, ok.” “Ok.”
Cathy looked up and heard what they said and told him that her ass was ready whenever he was.
He told her to come to the bed and he sat on the edge guiding her to back up onto his cock. She knew how he wanted to fuck her and liked the idea as she could continue to suck on Wayne’s cock at the same. She couldn’t wait to feel his warm cock enter her ass and she grabbed it from between her legs and guided it to the entrance.
As Wayne and Judy come to the bed she said with gritted teeth, “Watch this.” She pushed Pete’s foreskin down and lowered her ass all the way down his shaft.
“Oh fuck yeah Pete, fuck my dirty fucking ass hard.” Pete moaned as she had him deep in her hot ass and was amazed at how easy he went in. He started pumping into her as she sucked Wayne’s cock. Judy was rubbing Cathy’s clit and Pete’s balls as she watched her sucking her b*****r’s cock. Standing next to Wayne she felt his finger enter her ass hole and stretching her sphincter.
Wayne looked at Cathy with a smile on his face as she sucked him off and when he knew he was ready he said, “Cathy are you ready?”
She knew what he wanted to do and said, “Fuck me with your big cock Wayne, I’m more than ready for it.”
He grabbed both her legs and raised them up as he moved in. Judy had hold of his cock and guided it into her wet cunt which made Cathy groan. “Fuck me hard Wayne, fuck my horny cunt as hard as you want to. Give it to me with all you’ve got and don’t worry about me. Just fuck into me as rough as you can.”
In one quick thrust he had his cock buried down to the balls. Staying there he could feel Pete’s cock pumping into her ass and he noticed Judy was finger fucking her own cunt to a blur. Cathy gave him a lustful grin showing him that she was ready for it.
“Fuck her Wayne, give it to her hard and fast. I want to see how much she can take and don’t stop even if she begs you to.”
Wayne fucked into her as fast and deep as he could and she was begging for it harder. “Oh yes, that’s it, harder Wayne, fuck my cunt harder, oh fuck, that’s it, that’s it.” With every thrust she yelped as she pulled him into her by his hips. She tried to bounce on Pete’s cock in time to Wayne’s as her orgasm was beginning to build. Yelling at them both not to stop and to fuck her harder she knew that this was going to be one hell of an orgasm.
While Pete and Wayne fucked into Cathy, Mal was busy with Amanda. He was on the floor and had her on top in a 69 position and licking her ass and cunt while she deep throated his massive cock. They were both going hard at it. Amanda was forcing his foreskin down as hard as she could and sucking the purple head into her mouth. She even chewed on it and stabbed her tongue at his piss hole as hard as she could. She has never sucked a cock like this in her life and felt that she could do it all night long. The harder it felt in her hand then the harder she worked his cock. She f***ed it as far back into her throat as she could and rubbed her saliva that was running down his shaft to his balls. She knew this cock was going to fuck her soon enough and the size of it was turning her on beyond believe. This is the biggest cock she has ever had and she wanted to make it bigger.
Mal had parted her ass cheeks and was stabbing his tongue into her ass hole as far as he could. He switched from that to her wet cunt and shoved his tongue up there as well. He would use two fingers from each hand to open up her cunt and stretch her hole. Her juices ran out and over his face as he sucked hard on her clit. She would grind her hips down every time he did it and he would suck it in more. When she raised her hips her clit snapped back making her tremble. Mal was ready to fuck and told her to sit on his cock. Amanda has never felt her cunt feel so hot and ready to be fucked like this before. She turned around and faced him as she gripped his cock and guided it to her wet cunt. She had such a happy smile as she touched the head to her opening and said, “Are you ready for this?” Without waiting for a response she slammed her hips down, forcing her cunt to engulf his shaft. Slowly and quietly she groaned out the words, “Oh my fucking god.” She let her cunt take the fullness for a while until she was ready to fuck her brains out. Mal just stayed pinned under her and let her do the work. She raised her hips slowly until the head was left inside and then dropped down as hard and as quick as she could. She did it five times as Mal let her have her fun. Mal was enjoying it and was happy with the slow pace as he was about to cum in her mouth earlier. Then without warning she went into overdrive. Amanda bounced up and down as quick as she could and yelped with every downward slam on his cock. Her tits bounced with her action and Mal decided to squeeze them hard. “Oh yeah Mal, squeeze my fucking tits and fuck me harder, I’m about to cum all over your cock, come on, give it to me Mal, fuck me,” she begged as she grunted. Mal was slamming into her as he heard his wife screaming from her first real DP. He pulled her down by the hips as he pumped her cunt hard. He was not going to last long and hoped that Amanda was close to cumming. Harder and harder they fucked each other and to Mal’s relief Amanda surrendered herself and started screaming. He kept fucking her cunt for his own reward as his wife and Amanda screamed out their orgasms.
He was grunting with every thrust and felt the change in her cunt muscles that after two seconds he felt his cock explode. Lifting his hips off the floor with her on top he felt his cock blast load after load into her hot cunt. Amanda was trembling above him and riding the wave of ecstasy. Feeling his hot sperm shooting her deep and his cock throbbing inside her, gave her a harder lasting orgasm that she has never had with any other cock before. Mal had lost the power to hold her up and when she collapsed on his chest he grabbed her by the hair and shoved his tongue in her mouth. She sucked it and tried as hard as she could to keep fucking his cock. She didn’t want to stop her sluttish behaviour.
Wanting to fuck an older man and letting him have his dirty way with her would never have entered her mind. And here she was, using him and being used for her own sexual pleasure. As they kissed she slipped her hand between their bodies to her cunt and f***efully rubbed her clit to prolong her orgasm. Mal’s cock was still hard inside her and he was amazed to feel her contracting cunt muscles around it. With her face resting on his, he said to her, “They turned you into a slut tonight and you love it.” Panting, she managed to respond with, “Yes they have and I’m going to fuck everyone in this room.” Still rubbing her clit she said, “Let me get this one over with and then you can think of fucking my ass.” She knew what she was saying was going to hurt but she wanted it to. She had that determined look of lust in her eyes and he knew that she wasn’t joking and just kissed her harder as she trembled.

Cathy had two orgasms as her ass and cunt were getting the roughest fucking of her life. When she saw Mal and Amanda fucking and heard her begging for it she was hit with the first orgasm. The two boys kept fucking into her as hard as they could and Pete’s cock was having a hard time staying in place. Judy saw her orgasm kick in and kneeled down to watch the cocks hammering her. When she saw Pete’s cock about to pop out she pushed it in place and told them to keep fucking her. Cathy’s body wanted to stop and when she felt the shaft pushed back into her ass she had the second wave hit her harder than the first. Now her body could take this pounding all night long. The three of them were covered in sweat as they bounced on the bed. Judy was gently stroking her cunt and giving it a rest until it was her turn. The sight in front of her was enough to give her an orgasm and she would stop playing with herself and concentrate on doing something to the others. She wanted Cathy to be fucked as hard as possible but she needed her holes filled with hard cock soon.
Wayne had a devil grin as he thrust himself into Cathy. Fucking his sexy s****r-in-law was a dream come true. He was fucking her for his own pleasure and when he was ready, he was going to unload his sperm in her mouth. He fucked her so hard that her cunt juice was turning creamy white and oozing around his shaft. As if she read his mind she said between her poundings, “I want it in my mouth, Wayne, please, cum in my.” She let them fuck her and she was enjoying the ride. The pain of being totally filled had long passed and she felt that she could take in another hard cock.
“Here it fucking comes Cath,” he yelled as he quickened the pace and then pulled out squeezing the head as tight as he could. She moaned with excitement as to what was coming and opened her mouth. Wayne stepped up to her face and as he let go she engulfed the head into her mouth and felt the first powerful blast of his hot sperm. As quick as she could to swallow it another load shot to the back of her throat. Blast after blast was filling her mouth and throat but she couldn’t swallow it all like she wanted. As cum escaped the side of her mouth, Judy moved in and licked it up. Wayne was jabbing his slick cock deeper down her throat to give her every drop. Judy heard Cathy gagging on her b*****r’s cock and was impressed with her effort. She wanted to see what would happen if she did this. She shoved three fingers into her cunt without taking her eyes off hers and pushed as far as she could. Cathy’s eyes bulged in surprise and she was unable to scream with Wayne’s cock down her throat. Wayne felt her gag reflexes’ against his cock and decided to pull out and let her breath and then started face fucking her again and again. Her face was red and tears ran down her cheeks as she let him abuse her. She surrendered herself to him and wondered how long he would keep this up.
Judy kept finger fucking her and never took her eyes off her the whole time. She urged Pete to fuck her ass faster and he yelled back that he was. She knew he was as her fingers felt his cock through the thin wall. She decided to help Pete to an orgasm and pulled out her fingers and said to her, “Get ready to take this, slut.” Cathy knew what she was going to do but could not protest with Wayne still face fucking her. With a closed fist, Judy pushed and twisted it into her cunt lips until it popped in. Pete let out a loud groan and said, “Fuck Judy, you’re forcing me out.” As she twisted and pumped her fist into her hot cunt she pushed against Pete’s cock with her other hand.
“Oh fuck meee,” Pete yelled as he started to cum. The pressure against his cock from her fist was stopping him from unloading and it was painful. He had no choice but to pull out and blow his load. As soon as his cock was freed he started shooting cum everywhere. He was grunting in agony and Judy grabbed him and shoved her mouth over his squirting cock. She sucked his jerking cock as hard as she could while fist fucking Cathy. Once Pete’s cock had left her ass, she noticed Cathy started fucking back onto the fist for more and she gave it to her.
Wayne had to rest and wanted to watch the girls in action. He grabbed a pillow and flopped himself on the floor in front of her cunt.
Cathy was gasping for air as her cunt got a hard fisting. Wayne was amazed to see that she still had enough control of herself to fuck back against the fist.
She had never, ever, had an orgasm like this and she wanted more. Her ass was doing funny things to her from the void of Pete’s cock and f***ed a desperate demand to come out. “My, my ass Judy, fist my, fist my ass.”
Judy cunt twitched at the thought of it and knew Cathy wasn’t joking. With some of Pete’s cum against her ass cheeks she smeared it on her fist and slowly pushed forward.
“What are you doing? Just shove it in, I need it now,” Cathy screamed. Judy twisted and turned her fist as hard as she could but it wouldn’t go in. Cathy was desperate to be filled and grabbed her wrist and with what power she had left in her she pulled it into her ass. It popped in and Cathy held it in as she screamed so loudly. Judy didn’t move either hand until she was told to. When Cathy felt the fullness her orgasm hit another level and she wanted more of it.
With tears in her eyes and a cry in her voice she looked at Judy and said, “Now baby, fuck me now.”
Judy had tears in her own eyes for the love she has in Cathy. To allow and trust her to double fist fuck her holes was more than anyone has ever asked of her. Now she was going to fuck her s****r-in-law so hard in a way that she would expect to be fucked. When Cathy noticed her tears she gave her a warm smile and said, “Trust me baby, I really want it.”
First the fist in her cunt was slowly pushed as deep as it could get and when it was pulled back, then the fist in her ass was pushed deep. Like a piston, in and out the fists would go. Cathy f***ed herself to lean forward and look straight at Judy and said, “I need it as hard as you can give me, so fucking do it.”
Pete gave Cathy some support from behind her and was looking over her shoulder to see the show.
Judy knew she was ready and let loose with a fast fucking motion in both her holes. She shoved her fists so hard that Cathy’s tits bounced at the same time. In and out she went and twisting at the same as Cathy screamed and screamed from the brutal attack in her body. She dug her own finger nails into her left breast as she continued her screaming and not showing she wanted it to stop. Her body was heaving and bucking all over the place as she took the brutal fist fucking.
Judy was thrilled beyond her wildest dreams. She could feel her own cunt juices running down her legs and wished he had a cock fucking her at the very same time. Amazed at how much she was taking it she decided to go a lot harder on her. She shoved both fists up at the same time and nearly lifted her off the bed.
“Yes, yes,” Cathy screamed wanting more. Judy went crazy on her as her cunt kept leaking down her legs. The lust in Judy took over and she wanted to see how much more Cathy could take. Pushing her fist as far as she could into her ass she decided to pump the cunt only. Cathy’s screams turned into wild grunts at this as her orgasm continued. Judy was ready to see the shock on Cathy’s face for what was to come. Pumping her cunt hard she quickly pulled her fist out and waited. Cathy went crazy and her legs trembled trying to close her cunt tight. Judy just shove it back in and fucked her fast until she pulled it out again. When she shoved it back in she went as deep and as fast as she could and this time when she f***efully pulled out, Cathy’s cunt squirted everywhere. As quick as her fist came out, back it went and again her cunt squirted when it was removed. Every time Judy did it Cathy squirted until she was empty. Now Judy shoved her fist back up her cunt and while holding it there she pulled the fist from her ass and watched it gapping. Cathy’s cunt muscles were trying to grab at her fist and every time her ass was fisted she screamed.
Tears, saliva and sweat covered her face as she continued screaming. The pain was mixed with a sick pleasure as she tried to fuck the fists in her body. It was brutal and Cathy wanted it to last. Her orgasm was getting a beating and every nerve was felt like electric shocks. As her holes were getting fucked she started losing the strength to hold herself up. Surrendering to the brutal attack she slumped back on Pete and stopped screaming. Judy knew she was passed it and had had enough as started slowing the pace. As Cathy’s body trembled Wayne felt his cock was hard and wanted to fuck his s****r in the ass when she was finished.
Pete said to Judy, “I think she’s had it,” as she collapsed against him. Judy decided to pull her fist out from her ass as gently as she could and then do the same to her cunt. Cathy didn’t even flinch when her hand was removed from her ass as her body trembled. When she removed her hand from Cathy’s cunt, Cathy closed her legs and rolled on her side in a spasming mess.
Mal and Amanda were still on the floor and through all the screaming would watch every now and then at the fisting action Cathy was getting. Amanda had placed herself to the side of Mal’s hips and was watching Cathy while sucking his cock. She wanted it hard again for her ass to be fucked and from seeing what Cathy had gone through, she wanted the same.
She wanted to be fucked just as hard and to push herself past the pain for the pleasure. She knew it was going to hurt but there was something inside her that was telling her to go for it.
With her on her knees, Mal was getting his cum out of her cunt with his fingers and spreading it around and in her ass. Every time he entered her ass she moaned. There was so much cum running out that he managed to insert two fingers easily into her ass. When he had three fingers sliding easily into her he knew she was ready. With a tap on her cheek she knew he was ready for her. Amanda stopped sucking and kissed him deep. Holding his stiff cock she asked him how, “How do you want to do me?”
“However you like it done Amanda, you tell me.”
She got on her hands and knees beside him and said with a smile on her face, “I want it like this Mal so come and fuck my little ass.”
Mal told her that he wanted her to tell him to stop if it hurt her but was hoping that she wouldn’t. She said, “I’ll tell you how to do me Mal but just start let me get used to it.” “I’ll go as slow as you need,” He said.
He got on his knees behind her and spat in his hand and spread it on the head of his cock. Moving closer he had the tip on her hole and waited for her to relax. She felt his heat and moaned as she tried to relax. As he pushed forward she bit her lip as to what was to come. Slowly he pushed on her sphincter as he held his shaft firmly. She was amazed at how gentle he was being and how good it was feeling as she wanted more. If felt so nice that she decided to go for it and pushed back into him.
To his surprise, his cock passed her tight sphincter and was disappearing deeper into her without her making a sound. She stayed there for a moment to feel the fullness until she found herself relaxed enough for more. As much as he wanted to start fucking into her, he also wanted her to enjoy it. Amanda had finally pushed her hips all the way back and now had the entire cock deep in her ass. Every nerve in her body came to life and she was ready to be fucked.
She turned her head and looked at him and said, “Do you like what you see Mal?”
“Fuck Amanda, are you k**ding me, you’ve got one hell of a sexy body and your ass looks fucking great around my cock.”
That did it for her and made her sphincter flex against his cock.
“Fuck me and cum in my ass Mal. I want your wife to suck your cum from out of ass hole, so please, give it to me.
“You’re a fucked up little slut Amanda and I’m looking forward to seeing her suck every last drop I give you. You ready?”
“I’m more than fucking ready.”
He slowly pulled back and she let out a long moan as he did so. Slowly pushing back in, he could feel her sphincter fighting against his invading shaft. She moaned and raised one leg, and when he was all the way in she lowered her leg back down. After three times of fucking her slow she whispered to him to go for it. She thought she was ready but when Mal started fucking her faster she started trying to move away from him. He grabbed her hips tight and fucked her harder as she squealed.
“Do you want me to stop Amanda?”
Amanda wanted him to but she also knew that she had to get passed the pain to enjoy the pleasure. In a begging voice she said, “Don’t you dare fucking stop, keep it going, just fuck me.”
This time he didn’t care about her pain as he knew what she was trying to do. He fucked into her harder and faster and after a few thrusts he pulled out and watched her ass hole gapping. He shoved his cock as deep as he could and then pulled it out again. Every time she he entered her she gasped and moaned. She had now passed the pain barrier and wanted to be fucked as hard as he could give her.
Yelling at him to fuck her harder and not to stop he fucked her ass for his own reward. She was rubbing her cunt and as her orgasm was approaching she was begging him for more. Mal was covered in sweat as he fucked her ass harder and harder feeling his own orgasm coming. Finally Amanda’s orgasm hit her and she f***ed two fingers up her cunt and fucked herself through the brutal pounding. She wanted to have an orgasm like Cathy had and she knew that she had to fight against her orgasm no matter how hard it was. She wanted to collapse on the floor but Mal was pulling back on her hips and driving into her.
“Oh fuck, I’m going to cum, fuck yes baby here it comes,” he yelled as he buried his cock deep and held it there. His body jerked with every blast that shot out of his cock. She felt it and quickly f***ed four fingers deep into her spasming cunt to prolong her orgasm. She wanted to fuck her hips back but he held her to tight. Screaming from the nerves burning through her she kept jabbing her fingers in and out as fast as she could. Her whole body trembled as her ass and cunt contractions went wild. Her legs wanted to close her legs but Mal’s legs kept them apart so she decided to fill her cunt with a full fist. With a brutal push of her hand she screamed when her fist entered her cunt. Mal Yelled, “Oh fuck I can feel your whole hand, fucking hell that feels good.” She was impressed with herself for making him feel so good and started pushing harder against his cock through her thin wall. Never in her life has she been so full. She wondered how good two cocks would feel shooting in her at the same. This made her jag her fist deeper, hitting her womb. With each jab she yelped and jerked forward with Mal’s cock stuck in her ass. His cock was taking a pounding from her fist and he was enjoying it. He decided to start fucking her again but when he pulled back his cock popped out and he couldn’t f***e it in. The void in her ass gave Amanda extra room for her fist and she fucked harder herself harder with long strokes. Every part of her body was trembling as she collapsed on the floor. Mal was breathing hard as he watched her fist fucking herself through her orgasm. Finally her body stiffened and she closed her legs tight around her fist. Mal knew she was done and looking down at her he felt a bit disgusted in what he’d done. To him, she was just a k** and he fucked her like a piece of meat. He wanted to say something but didn’t know what. He moved towards her face and peeled her hair away from her wet face and whispered quietly, “I’m sorry Amanda.” She changed all these feeling he had with only these words, “That was the best fuck I’ve ever had and I hope we get to fuck again.” He smiled and kissed her on the cheek and said, I’ll fuck you whenever you want me to sweetheart, I promise.” He let her rest and looked up to see what the others were up to.
Wayne was fucking Judy in the ass while she was sucking Pete to get him hard. Cathy was on the bed with her body in a fettle position and still trembling. Mal grabbed the bottle and took a mouthful and headed for the bed.
Mal looked at Judy and thought, two women down and one to go.
How wrong he was.
To be continued.

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8 months ago
Very dirty ... if one brother fucking your sis, but these whore Judy got gang banged
in the same time with four brothers ...only in very ill brain.
3 years ago
wow, so much and so powerful
3 years ago
fucking graet moor
3 years ago
awesome & powerful