s****r Fucks Her 4 b*****rs, Part 4

s****r Fucks Her 4 b*****rs, Part 4

It was at this very moment when Amanda found the bathroom door was open with nobody inside. She was about to enter when she heard a noise coming from the opposite room. She quickly worked out that it was the master bedroom and quietly sneaked up closer to hear what the girls were doing. She couldn’t work out if someone was crying or just quietly talking so she stayed there until she was sure.

Cathy could feel her orgasm was about to explode from watching the scene unfold in front of her.
With Judy’s body lifting off the bed and pulling on her arm for a deeper penetration she pulled on her own erect nipple as hard as she could.
“That’s it slut, take my fucking fist, pull it in your dirty cunt, come on, fuck herself on my fist,” Cathy yelled at her as she lowered her hand down to her cunt.
Judy pulled on her arm as her body trembled through her orgasm and was well aware of Cathy’s orgasm building up inside her. She f***ed her trembling body to stretch out her hand to Cathy’s cunt and managed to shove three fingers into her.
Cathy had her eyes shut as she rubbed her clit and was surprised to feel the intrusion in her cunt.
“Oh fuck yes, I’m cuming, ohhhhhh... fuccccccck... meeeeeeee,” Cathy yelled as she bit her lip to keep quiet.
Her legs were buckling with every gab Judy’s fingers gave her G spot. Both of them tried to hold back their screams to avoid anyone from hearing what was going on but their panting and trembling grunts left nothing to the imagination.
Cathy’s cunt juice was being pumped out of her with every thrust of Judy’s fingers as her ass hole started dilating with her contractions. This was a hard hitting orgasm that Cathy needed and she didn’t want it to stop.

Amanda was wetting herself as she heard what was going on. She moved into the bathroom and locked the door. Quickly shoving her hand down her cunt she started frigging herself. She dropped to the tiled floor and pulled her knickers to the side with one hand and inserted two fingers into her steamy wet cunt with the other. With what she heard the girls doing she kept replaying it over and over again until her body was hit with an orgasm. Rubbing her clit to sureness and digging her fingers against her pulsating cunt, her body jerked all over the floor. She tensed her body as tight as she could around her inserted fingers as she tried hard to conceal her groans. It was a hard uncontrollable orgasm that she wanted intensified. Without removing her fingers she added another one from her other hand which made her back arch up off the floor. “Oh fuck,” she gasped as her cunt spasmed. Her thighs and ass cheeks were trembling as she wriggled her fingers inside. Never in her life has she pushed herself this far. Thinking what the other two women might be doing to each other made her shudder. Could she push herself further and make her orgasm last a little longer? She thought. Curling another finger past her lips to enter her cunt she took a deep breath and held it there. As she slowly slid it in, her legs shot out and stiffened. With the slightest movement of a finger she felt an incredible jolt rip through her entire body. Again she moved a finger and it happened again giving her extreme pleasure. One finger moved then another and another until she had all four fingers pushing in every direction against her virginal walls. Her breathing became hoarse as tears ran down the sides of her face. From the top of her head to the tip of her toes her body trembled. She rolled to the side and pushed her face on the cold floor tiles. Saliva escaped her panting mouth and as her body jerked it smeared her face. How long could she take this she wondered? Her body was sweating on the cold tiles and her fingers were getting tired. She eased up on her fingers as her contractions worked overtime. Laying there and letting her body take the time to calm down was all she could do. As her orgasm started to wear off she felt a slight soreness in her cunt and knew that it was worth it. As she lay there with her legs tightly clamped around her fingers her mind went back to what the girls might be going. She slowly parted her legs as she imagined Judy and Cathy fingering her at the same. The thought was so close to being a reality that she wanted another orgasm. She pulled her fingers out and sucked her juices wondering what the other two women tasted like. As soon a she pictured herself sucking their cunts she lost it.
Amanda knew this was going to be another mind blowing orgasm and decided to take it a little further.
Still on her side she lifted her left leg up onto the edge of the bath tub to open herself up. Her cunt juice had run down her thigh and ass crack and used two fingers to smear it around her ass hole. As her cunt tingled she gently rubbed her clit with the other hand. Her body twitched to the touch and she knew it was now or never. Slowly she pushed a finger into her ass and as it popped past her sphincter she groaned. She felt she had to hurry and pulled her finger out, gritted her teeth and pushed two wet fingers past her sphincter until she had them in deep.
She’s had cock in her ass before but never really enjoyed it. She put it down to the man behind the cock more than her having any hang ups about it. When she’s alone and doing herself her ass gets the same treatment as her cunt and sometimes they both do at the same time. The more she played with her ass, the better she liked it. When she finally had a dildo in her ass and gave herself an anal orgasm she knew that the next step was to fill both holes at the same time for a massive orgasm. She knew that one day she would try the real thing but until now she would do it on her own.
Straight away her orgasm kicked in and she moaned while slipping two fingers in her tender cunt. She didn’t fuck her holes she just moved them against the walls of her ass and cunt at the same time. Her leg was trembling and kicking about high above as she stretched both holes against their contracting muscles. Breathing heavily she could feel her cunt leaking past her fingers and on her thigh. She tried to bury her fingers deeper into her cunt and was slowly succeeding. Her fingers in her ass followed the movements of her contractions and she rode the orgasmic wave. The weight of her leg collapsed from the edge of the bath to close around her fingers and she nearly yelled. Her anal muscles were cutting into her fingers and she was thrilled with the pain. Never stopping her fingers from moving inside her holes felt like this orgasm would last all night long. This is the way she fucked herself and every time was better than the next. As she lay there waiting for it to end she kept thinking of the sex the other women must be having. She wanted to find out and she already had a plan. She just hoped that she wasn’t too late.
It was quite a while until she felt her body come down from its orgasmic high and when she sat up against the wall she could smell her own sex. Her fingers were wet and her thighs were as well. She could still feel little tremors with every move she made but she had to get up and clean herself before she went back to the boys. She was still turned on and did something a little different than the last time she fucked herself. She sucked her wet fingers from her cunt and then tasted her earthy fingers from her ass. She was amazed at how much she liked it and knew that she would do it again soon.
Using toilet paper to wipe away the mess she wondered how the girls were going. As she washed her hands she worked out her plan and was ready to put it in place.

Judy kept moving her fingers in Cathy’s cunt as she watched her collapse on the bed beside her. The fist stopped its pounding when Cathy’s orgasm hit her but the contractions were still trying to suck in as much as it could.
Amanda sneaked to their door before going to the dining room and heard one of them say, “That’s just what I needed to warm me up, so get ready for more of this you filthy slut.”
Amanda whispered to herself as she turned away, “Oh yes girls, you go for it.”
It was Cathy that said it with sweat on her face and fingers still in her cunt and she kissed Judy just like when they started, hard and wet.
She slowly pulled her fist from Judy’s cunt and brought it up to their mouths. Judy smiled and opened her mouth and they both lick her fist clean. When they finished Judy ordered her to get on her back. She did as she was told and Judy leapt over her in a 69 position, throwing her mouth straight down onto Cathy’s wet cunt.

Amanda arrived in the room and Mal asked, “Is everything alright in there, are they arguing?”
“No. There just quietly talking in the bedroom but I think it’s going to be a long night. I don’t want to interfere but I think that it might be a good idea if you boys leave for awhile, say to the pub or somewhere and I can call Pete and let you know how things are going.”
Wayne said, “Do they sound like their ok.”
“Well their not yelling and their both just quietly talking so I’d so that’s a good sign. Anyway, so if you boys want to leave us women here I’ll clean up the kitchen and then I might see if they need a drink or something. What do you say?”
They thought about it and when Pete decided it was a good idea and that they should maybe go to Wayne’s house for the night they decided to do it. Pete left Amanda his car keys just in case and gave her a kiss and then they started to leave. Amanda asked Mal if he minded her staying the night. He told her that she was more than welcome and to use the guest room at the far end of the hall and to make herself at home. He came to her and as he hugged her he apologised and thanked her being here. They grabbed their stuff and said goodbye as the door closed behind them.
Amanda was on top of the world as her first part of her plan had worked. ‘Fuck the dishes she thought.’ Now she was ready for the main plan.
She went to the kitchen and got a fresh bottle of wine and three glasses and headed down the hallway. Her ass hole felt a bit sore as she walked but her cunt was started to twitch again. Standing in front of the door she could hear sounds but no one talking and wondered what they were doing. She decided to wait until she was sure it was safe before she moved it.
Judy had her tongue licking at the entrance to Cathy’s cunt and slurped in her juices. The taste drove her wild and she wanted to taste more of her.
Cathy dug her fingernails into Judy’s ass cheeks and pulled her open cunt over her mouth. Spreading her cheeks she ran her tongue from clit to her ass hole. Her cunt lips were pulled apart and she could feel Judy’s entire face forcing its way into her hole. She was sucking on Judy’s clit as hard as she could and then felt a tongue enter her. She let out a muffled moan and when Judy felt her moan she pushed her face deeper into her cunt.
She wanted to taste her orgasmic juices and when she came up for air she inserted two fingers from each hand into Cathy’s cunt to really open her up. Cathy yelled from the sudden pain but Judy didn’t care because she wanted to get into her deeper and give her a massive orgasm. She threw her head straight down into her with an extended tongue. Judy was on a mission and determined to get that orgasm out of her so she decided to give her something more. Again she came up for air and removed one hand from her cunt and inserted a finger in her ass hole and when Cathy screamed Judy returned to tongue fucking her.
Cathy bit her on the ass to muffle her screams as Judy roughly finger fucked her ass while buried her face into her cunt. Her orgasm was coming and she tried hard to lift her hips off the bed and into Judy’s face.
Judy knew she had her and the pain on her ass cheek from teeth and fingernails was an extra thrill. Harder and harder she fingered and licked her waiting for her just reward. When Cathy’s legs clamped around her head she quickened the pace.
Cathy’s orgasm tore through every nerve she had as tears ran down her soaked face. Judy felt her body trembling under hers as her cunt went into spasms. She pushed her finger deep into her ass and wriggling it against the wall that separated her two holes for an extra thrill. With her tongue in her cunt she could feel her finger against it. Cathy was squealing under her for her not to stop and she didn’t.
Hearing the moaning from the bedroom Amanda decided it was time for her to join them. She picked up the bottle of wine first as she slowly opened the door. Her cunt leaked at the sight before her. Two sweat covered bodies in sexual ecstasy going at each other hard. This was the first time she has ever seen two women having sex in real life and she wanted to see more.
She put the bottle down and quietly and closed the door. In the position they were in she knew that she was not seen and sat on the floor resting against the wall away from the bed. The view in front of her and the moaning and smell of sex made her shove three fingers into her very wet cunt and start fucking herself. She fucked her cunt so fast that it made squishing noises and she started to moan. She knew what was happening to Cathy and was aroused at the way Judy kept attacking her cunt. When she heard Judy say, “You like your fucking ass fingered, hey slut?” Amanda lost control and stabbed her fingers deeper as a massive orgasm hit her.
Amanda couldn’t help herself and cried out, “Ohhhhh, goddddddd, yessssss.”

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