s****r Fucks Her 4 b*****rs, Patr 3

s****r Fucks her 4 b*****rs, Part 3.

This is my first lesbian story, believe it or not, but the “s****r Fucks her 4 b*****rs series will continue on from this one. I hope you enjoy it and look out for part 4

Two nights after Judy got the fucking she needed from all four of her b*****rs she was invited to dinner by Mal’s wife Cathy.
She loved Cathy and they had a lot in common. For one thing they are the same age and she saw Cathy as a very attractive woman. Every time the f****y get together it would be her and Cathy in the kitchen cooking and laughing about life in general. She and Mal haven’t had k**s yet as a result of her advertising business which she started from nothing into a very successful company. She is so smart and beautiful that Judy told her she could save money on actors getting in front of the camera herself. Cathy said that she had turned down offers before because she found that advertising was all about sex appeal and who would believe her as being sexy at her age. She was so wrong. With long brown hair and an hour glass figure that turned heads every where she went she always thought that she was just ok. In the summer she wore a bikini that showed off her small round ass and firm C cup breasts with sexy slender legs making her stand at five two tall. She loved Cathy for marrying her b*****r because now she was like a s****r that she never had. Cathy is now f****y.

Judy and Wayne arrived at 6.30pm with two bottles of Cathy’s favourite white wine. Cathy opened the door and looked so beautiful in a light blue blouse with a very low cleavage. She stood taller in her high heels as she smiled at Wayne and hugged him leaving him with a kiss on the cheek. She then turned to Judy with her arms out to grab her and said, “My god Judy, Mal was right, England hasn’t changed you a bit and you’re as beautiful as always. Come her s*s.” They hugged each other and when Judy went to give her a kiss she quickly broke away but grabbed her by the hand and led her inside saying, “You have to tell me all about England, come on let’s get a drink.”
Judy felt the welcome a bit short and hurried but thought that maybe Cathy just wanted to sit me down and talking. She kissed Mal as they entered the f****y room and saw Pete on the back patio with a girl having a smoke.
“I didn’t know that Pete was coming, is John coming as well?” she asked as she walked out to him.
“Hi Pete.”
“Judy how are you? She kissed him and rubbed her hand on his back as she answered, “Great.”
“Judy, this is Amanda and Amanda this is my s****r Judy.”
“I’m pleased to meet you Amanda and may I say you look so lovely.”
As they hugged Amanda thanked her and said, “I’m so happy to finally meet you Judy. Pete’s told me so much about you.”
Judy’s mind flashed back to the other night of her sucking his big cock and she smiled at him and as she turned to go back inside she said, “I hope it was all good Amanda, you know what little b*****rs can be like.”
As Pete buttered out his smoke and followed Judy in he told her that they were good friends and dated about two months ago but Amanda had to leave for America with her parents. “She’s come back for a friend’s wedding and until she goes back home we want to spend as much time as we can together.”
“So maybe the next time we meet it might be your wedding.” Amanda smiled and said, “You never know.”
The table was all set to start dinner and Mal looked up and told them to take a seat where ever they wanted.
“And what about John?” Judy asked as she came to the table.
Cathy cut him off from answering and as she placed the potatoes on the table with, “No, his not coming. Why, didn’t you see him the other night?”
Judy knew by the tone in her voice that something was up and wondered if she should ask what’s wrong but decided to ask her in private just in case.
“Yes I saw all my boys together for once and we had a great night. I think I had a bit too much to drink though.” “Come and sit down here Judy and I gave you a glass white wine. Is that ok? Cathy said as she waited for her to be seated. When she sat down she expected Cathy to be sitting next to her but saw her take a seat across the table.
Cathy cooked a great meal and Wayne had told her so and everyone agreed. Pete raised his glass and said” To the lovely cook,” and they all joined him.
Later on in the evening while they were enjoying dessert Cathy who was quiet all night asked Judy is she would mind answering a question. Judy felt worried and wondered what was coming.
“Sure Cathy, ask away.”
“So Judy, what was it like with Mal the other night?”
She wondered if it was just a normal question or did she somehow know about the sex. Judy was smart and now knew why Cathy was different all night. Judy was thinking “Did Mal slip up in some way. No, he would have told her if he did.” She wasn’t quite sure so she decided to play her game and find out.
“Mal was great and so funny all night and so were all the boys. It was a great get together, don’t you boys agree?”
As Cathy held her glass she sat back in her seat with a smirk on her face and then asked.
“So tell me then Judy, when did you find the time to fuck my husband?”
Judy was the only person at the table that wasn’t shocked by this but the rest of them were. Mal even yelled at Cathy and asked if she was crazy. Cathy ignored him as she stared at Judy waiting to hear her response.
“Well well Cathy, you have been quiet all night long and now you come up with something like this. Let me ask you. What makes you even think of such a thing?”
“You know me too well Judy to judge my thinking, so if you can prove me wrong then fine.”
Cathy spoke to her as if there was no one else at the table and she didn’t care if there was.
“Last night I was woken in bed by my husband masturbating and just as I decided to help him he called out, “Oh fuck yeah Judy. That was not a shock to me at all as we have discussed many of our fantasies to each other and afterwards we would have great sex. He told me that one of his fantasies was to fuck his s****r and at first I thought he was perverted for thinking of such a thing. As I got to know you I could see way he would want to. Let’s face it Judy you are a sexy woman.”
“Well thank you Cathy,” she said as she smiled back at her while waiting for her to drop the ball.
“So I rolled over when he was finished and knew it was because you were back home that reminded him of his fantasy. But when I saw him come out of the shower this morning I was shocked. His back is covered in scratches and I know what they’re from.”
“And did he tell you Cathy?”
“He told me that it was from cutting the grass under the trees the other week.” She looked at Mal and said, “How stupid do you think I am?” He was about to respond and she told him to shut up and he did.
Amanda was the only person at the table that was excited about the whole thing and found it hard to stop from smiling. She was so fascinated by this but also amazed that she wasn’t asked to leave the room. She couldn’t wait to see where this is going. The three boys knew this was trouble for Mal and hoped their s****r was smart enough to save them all. Cathy continued.
“You see Judy, we have been together all day for the last two days and I know that he didn’t have scratches last week from moving the lawns and I know that no other person has been here until now. I can also assure you that I didn’t scratch his back. But when I met you at the door and went to give you a hug, I saw the whole picture. It was the love bites on your neck that put two and two together.”
“So Judy, tell me, what was it like to fuck my husband.” With a triumphant smile on her face she looked at Judy and waited for her.
Everyone but Mal was also waiting for her reply. Amanda found that she was becoming aroused and wanted this to keep going on and on.
Judy knew Cathy had worked it out and thought that if she wants to put her down in front of everyone and make her look like a slut, then she’s in for a real surprise. She leaned forward towards Cathy and smiled saying.
“Cathy darling, you are so right. Me and Mal did have sex and it was so hot.”
Amanda lost herself and yelled, “Yes, yes, oh shit, I’m so sorry.”
“Oh I know it was fucking hot. The marks on his back and your neck show me that. But tell me this, what kind of person fucks their b*****r? I’ll tell you, a fucking slut that’s who, a fucking slut.” She was quite proud of herself for working it out and telling Judy what she thought of her as she relaxed in her seat and waited for her come back.
Mal told her to calm down and think of what she’s saying and Cathy smiled without taking her eyes away from her and said that she felt fine and that he needs to relax.
Judy wasn’t upset for being called a slut because she was a slut and loved being a slut. And to show Cathy how right she was to call her that she replied with.
“You are so right Cathy calling me a slut because I am a slut. You know how much of a slut I am Cathy; do you want to know how bad I really am?”
“Yeah Judy, please, tell us all how much of a slut you really are?”
“I didn’t just fuck Mal Cathy; I fucked all four of my b*****rs at the same time on the night I arrived.”
Cathy was totally shocked and as she slowly leaned forward she looked at Pete first and then Wayne who had left the table and then her husband. Their body language said it all and when she looked back to Judy and saw her sipping her drink she got up and left the room.
“Honey, honey wait,” Mal called.
She stormed off to the bathroom and told him to fuck off.
“Great Judy, what the fuck were you thinking? Do you know what you have done you stupid bitch.”
“Calm down Mal and don’t you fucking blame it all on me. If she didn’t see your scratch marks then none of this would have happened.”
Wayne came up to her and told her to, “Get off her ass and go after her and fix this fucking mess now.”
She finished her drink and with a grin she said, “You boys worry so much, and ok I’ll fix this and take all the blame. We all know that it was me who started it so I’ll explain that to her and it will all be fine. Ok?”
Amanda was amazed at how turned on she was when she heard that they all fucked their s****r at the same and wondered what they did to her. She was going to find out from Pete later on, one way or another. She was hoping that they had another bathroom in the house as she needed to check her twitching pussy for any signs of wetness.
As soon a Judy left the room and headed down the hallway Wayne said, “Fucking great, just fucking great, what a fucking mess.” He then noticed Amanda and apologised. She looked at him and said that it was fine.
“Can I ask you boys a question?”
Pete told Amanda, “Not now.”
Wayne told her to ask.
“I take it that this really happened and I can see how upsetting it is for everyone but you can all make it up to her.”
Pete asked her what she was on about.
“Well, this is coming from a woman and I might be wrong but I think that what you did to your s****r may have threatened Cathy’s existence.”
“What the fuck does that mean,” said Pete.
“Look at it this way. Here comes Judy, the most beautiful woman on the planet that can have any man she wants. And here comes Cathy, just as beautiful but thinks that only her husband thinks so and no one else does. Then to her surprise the most beautiful woman she has ever known has sex with her husband. It doesn’t matter that it’s your s****r, trust me. Her sexual being has gone out the window and believe me it’s going to be a while Mal before the two of you two have sex again. It’s not because she doesn’t love you it’s because she just lost that sexual spark that all women have in them.” She could tell they were dumb as fuck and tried it straight.
“Look, and follow me here and then tell me if you think I’m wrong, ok.”
“On one hand you have Judy on the other there’s Cathy. Now Judy is smart well dressed and has a hot body that any man would want. Cathy is just as smart and well dressed with a hot body and can also have any man she wants. But that’s how she felt before this. Christ, she thinks her husband wants another woman more than her. If it was me then my sexual being would be gone. The only way to fix this problem is for all of you to have sex with her just like you did with Judy. And trust me boys, when she acts all disgusted and tells you all to fuck off, well once you start caressing her gently she won’t want you to stop.”
There was silence in the room as the boys took in what Amada had said. Mal finally asked her, “So you’re saying that if we went in there right now and had sex with her then she be ok?”
“No. You don’t have sex with her; you all make love to her until she never wants it to stop.”
Pete said, “So why don’t we go down there and do it?”
“No Pete. Not tonight and not in the state she’s in now. You have to take her out to dinner and show her you all love her and when she’s ready she’ll let you know.”
“I think you might be right Amanda and I think we just wait and see what happens when they come out,” Wayne said as he left to get everyone a fresh drink.
Amanda had to ask for a toilet and Mal said she could use the one in the master bedroom and she got up and thanked him.
As she walked to Mal’s directions she felt so horny from what she had said and wondered if they were thinking what she was thinking. She wasn’t just talking about Cathy but about herself and got turned on with the idea of being gangbanged. As she walked an idea entered her head. Having the three men fuck her on the table was too much for her to control and if she didn’t find the toilet soon then she would enter the first room she comes to and do herself.
When Judy came to the bathroom she knew what she was going to say and hoped that Cathy wasn’t crying. She slowly opened the door and called out her name and was shocked when Cathy pulled her into the room and closed the door behind them.
Judy was waiting for a punch or something to be thrown at her but was once again shocked when Cathy threw her against the tilled wall and pinned herself onto her.
They were face to face and Cathy saw the worried look in Judy’s eyes.
“Don’t look so worried Judy; I’m ok with what’s happened.”
“You are, but it’s all my?” She didn’t get to say “fault” as she got cut off.
Cathy kissed her gently at first until she felt Judy opening her mouth for her. They kissed and sucked each other’s tongues as Cathy moved her right leg between hers. She pushed it harder against her crotch forcing Judy’s legs apart and felt her body heat on her thigh.
Judy moaned from the pressure on her cunt and grabbed hold of Cathy’s ass and pulled her in closer. They were out of control with lust for each other and Judy was ready for this.
Cathy broke away and said, “Do you want to fuck me or not?” She wasn’t sure if this was a trick question or not so she smiled and ran her hand down to Cathy’s cunt and squeezed. With a lustful grin Cathy said, “I take that to be a yes. Come with me.”
They raced into the master bedroom and when the door was shut Cathy started tearing her blouse off. When her arm was caught in the top shoulder strap Judy just ripped it open. She continued tearing her cloths as they kissed and when she got to her bra she f***efully pulled it above her head. She grabbed Cathy by the left breast and pulled it into her mouth and sucked as hard as she could. Cathy let out a moan as she pulled Judy’s head in closer.
When Judy came up to kiss her again she stopped and said, “I’m so sorry for hurting you Cathy and please believe that I love you.”
Cathy held her face and said, “Look at me. When I heard Mal call out your name I frigged myself to a massive orgasm thinking of fucking you.” She looked at her for a moment before she asked, “Tell me, did you really fuck them all or was that just bullshit?”
“I’m a slut Cathy. I need to be fucked good and hard and at the time I was in need of it so it was me that made them fuck me.”
Cathy felt her cunt juices bubbling out of her cunt from the thought of how dirty it would have been if she was there and said, “Tonight we are going to fuck like dirty little sluts and maybe tomorrow we might let the boys fuck us both. What? do you think that you’re the only one that needs a good fucking? Judy I’m so horny I want you to fuck me anyway you want to and let me do the same to you, if that’s ok with you?”
Judy thought she was going to orgasm just from what she said and with a lustful smile said, “Cathy I’ll scream if you don’t fuck me as hard as you can, so fuck me as dirty as your mind can think of.”
They kissed so hard as Cathy started tearing Judy’s blouse to get to her beautiful body. Judy placed her hands into Cathy’s knickers and f***efully tore them in two. When one half fell to the floor she rubbed her cunt lips and felt her warm wetness. Parting her lips she inserted a finger in as far as she could which made Cathy groan.
Cathy had ripped one shoulder strap and started on the other one when Judy broke away and stood in front of her and said, “Let me help you tear this off and then you can tear me apart.”
With lust in her eyes and gritted teeth Cathy said, “I can only imagine how hard you and Mal fucked the other night from the scratches on his back but that’s nothing to what I’m going to give you and if you want to stop then you better fucking leave now.”
Judy shivered with excitement. She had sex with a number of women in her days and although it was good, it was never great. She never found a woman who could give her the brutal hard sex she craved. She wasn’t crazy; she was built to be f***efully abused. The dirtier you got with her then you better expect the same. If ever a woman didn’t fuck her hard enough, then, when they left she would finish herself off her way. This is what she was hoping Cathy would give her and she said.
“Cathy, whatever your thinking of doing to me you better know now that I’m going to do the same but twice as bad and I’m not fucking joking Cathy. Give it to me hard or fuck off.”
Cathy smiled and said, “Bring it on you horny fucking slut, let’s get it on.”
She grabbed Judy by the hair and held her face still as she slobbered her tongue across her face and when Judy moaned with a smile on her face, Cathy spat on her face and licked it off.
They slowly moved towards the bed as both of them tore at Judy’s blouse to shreds. Grabbing her bra Cathy pulled freed her tits out and threw Judy on her back then diving onto her breast with her open mouth.
Judy pinched her right breast and pulled hard on her own erect nipple as she panted out the words, “Yeah baby doll, “Bite that fucking tit as hard as you can.” Cathy was sucking as hard as she could and then did as she was told and clamped her teeth down hard and pulled on it.
“Harder you fucking bitch, bite it harder, I can take it.”
Cathy closed her teeth down hard and pulled the breast out until she let it snap back. She moved her hand to Judy’s cunt and in one swift movement her hand slipped past her knickers and she inserted two fingers in her wet cunt. She stopped bitting to tell her finger herself at the same and went back to biting her breast.
Judy shoved two fingers into herself and with Cathy’s fingers they fucked her cunt hard. She was breathing heavily with every thrust but wanted to show Cathy that she was serious about going hard on her.
She loved the pain her breast was getting and in a demanding voice she said, “Give me four.”
Cathy nearly orgasmed knowing how much her friend wanted it as bad as she did and pulled her finger out then shoved them with two more fingers into her mouth. She looked up to see Judy sucking and wetting them and she thought about her husband’s cock getting the same treatment from the same mouth.
Was it a scorned woman coming out of her that made her do what she did next? With a frown she ordered Judy to leave herself alone and when she removed her fingers Cathy ripped her hand away from Judy’s mouth and in one swift movement, shoved her whole fist in her cunt.
Judy’s breath was knocked out of her lungs leaving her unable to scream as Cathy kept stabbing into her.
With every thrust she kept saying to her, “That’s it baby, take my fucking fist you fucking slut, you like it when I wriggle it around. Of course you do, don’t you, you horny slut.” When she saw Judy was about to scream from the orgasm that started within her she threw her mouth over hers to muffle her.
Judy was humping her hips off the bed and onto her fist as she wanted it deeper through her powerful orgasm. She screamed into Cathy’s mouth and grabbed her arm her pulling it in deeper. The pain and shock from being brutally punched in the cunt with a closed fist was overtaken by the first massive orgasm her body was going through.
To be continued.............

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