s****r Fucks her 4 b*****rs Part 2

s****r Fucks her 4 b*****rs Part 2.

Wayne left the lounge to get Judy her drink as she sat up and wiped the sweat from her face. Her body felt nice and warm as she anticipated who and what to do next. The couch had a small wet patch and Pete asked if she was sure about doing more as he was amazed at how powerful her orgasms were.
“Pete, give a girl a little break you horny little bastard, and don’t tell me your already ready for more.”
“But Judy you don’t understand. I have always wanted to fuck you and had dreams of how we would do it but seeing you go for it like that was never the way I imagined it.”
“There you go Judy” said Wayne and as she turned to grab her drink she asked Pete, “So tell me Pete, how did we fuck in your dreams?”
Pete smiled and thought what the fuck, might as well tell her the truth and let her be mad at him and just be happy that he got to fuck her tonight.
“Well I had you more than once and every time we fucked, it was the same. I walked in on you when you were playing with yourself and when you spotted me I asked if you need some help. You always say yes and tell me to fuck you hard and cum in you pussy. While I fuck your cunt as hard as I can you shove your vibrator up your ass, turn it on and when I feel it on my cock I blow my load and so do you.”
“Have you ever fucked a girl in the ass before?”
“No. I’ve tried to but all the girls are put off by it and say that it’s only porn stars that do that.”
“I think that you haven’t found the right girl yet and it’s funny that they say it’s only for porn stars because I must be one of them. Pete, you have to teach a girl how to take in the ass and you both have to start off slow and build your way up to it but only when she’s ready. You can’t just use a lot of lube and then shove it in, you have get that sphincter ready and open it up for a solid cock to enter. And when you enter, go nice and slow so the girl gets use to it then she’ll tell you how to fuck her ass and love you for it. Believe me Pete, when she’s ready and has your cock nice and deep she will never turn back and not want to do it again.”
“So are you telling me that your ass has been built for ass fucking and you like it?”
“Yes Pete, if I don’t get a cock up my ass when I’m horny and I’m by myself then I have to use whatever I have on hand. There’s nothing as powerful as an anal orgasm and you’ll see what I mean shortly.”
As the rest of the boys got them self’s a drink and were listening to Pete and Judy talking about anal sex, they knew they would all have a turn at her ass.
“Talking about anal sex has got me ready for more boys so why wants’ to fuck their s****r’s horny pussy first.”
John said that he was ready and how did she want to do it.
She quickly got up in excitement of what was to start and kneeling on the couch threw her chest against the back rest with her ass facing the boys.
“Come up behind me and fuck my juicy pussy as hard as you want to John.”
With his cock in hand aiming at her cunt he moved in closer and she asked if she could have a cock to suck. With the head against her pussy lips she spread her knees further apart to receive the fucking she was dying for.
As soon as it popped into Judy’s entrance she pushed herself back and buried John’s shaft as deep as she could. She moaned with a lustful grin knowing that this taboo act with her b*****r’s was feeding her thirst to be fucked like never before. Knowing what she was going to do made her cunt muscles twitch and when John felt this on his cock he went for it.
Grabbing her hips he slowly pulled out leaving just the head in and then thrust into her with great f***e and speed that made her groan for more. He fucked her as hard as he could as she grabbed Pete’s cock and pulled him into her mouth.
As John fucked her she was f***ed deeper onto Pete’s cock and Pete loved it.
Wayne moved in closer and she guided her hand to his cock and pushed his foreskin back with a solid grip. She moved her hand to his mouth and inserted three fingers in so he could wet them for her. With her fingers nice and wet she smeared them over the head of his rock hard cock and he moaned.
Pete looked at Wayne and said, “I can’t believe she’s taking all of us on and look at how fucking horny she is. I can’t wait until I get to fuck my s****r in the ass, this is so fucking hot.”
Judy released him and looked him straight in the eyes and said, “I didn’t get your cock nice and wet for nothing so how about you shove it in there Pete.”
As he moved around the other side of the couch she told John to stop for a sec and to sit down. When he pulled out and sat down holding his cock at the ready she inserted two fingers into her cunt and scooped out her juices to smear them on her ass hole. She was ready for the hard fucking to start and sat down facing John lowering herself on his shaft as her body trembled with excitement.
With his cock buried deep she stayed there and asked.
“Ready Pete?”
“You bet s*s.”
As she waited for the penetration she summoned Wayne and Mal to come closer as she wanted to have them all at the same time.
Pete took his time and when he popped the head past her sphincter she yelped. He asked if she was alright and she said yes and to slowly push it in. The tightness around his cock was amazing and he knew that the thrill of doing this to his s****r wasn’t going to take him long to unload his sperm into her. When he saw her ass swallow the whole length and she didn’t complain he knew that she was ready to be fucked hard.
“Come on you two, start fucking me,” she told them as she continued taking turns at sucking the other two b*****rs.
John was lifting his hips into her as deep as he could and felt Pete pushing against his cock through her thin wall. Pete was ramming her ass so hard that he made her moan with every thrust. He didn’t know how long he could take the pounding his cock was receiving from John’s cock on the other side but he didn’t want it to stop.
Judy’s body was sweating and so was John’s as she took the pounding she was after.
She always wanted her sex to be hard and brutal even when she masturbated she was just as brutal. She was so powerful that sometimes it would scare men away who though that she was too crazy or on d**gs. She even had wet dreams about fucking horses and after she orgasmed subsided she wondered if she was crazy after all.
The heat was building up in her holes and she was close to cuming. She cried out, “Oh yes boys fuck me, fuck me harder, I’m going to fucking cum, harder come on give if it to me.”
“Here we fucking go s*s, take my fucking load,” Pete yelled out and pumped into her with a blur.
When John heard his s****r’s orders it threw him over the edge and he started grunting that he was cuming. As he thrust into her and stayed their unloading his sperm he could feel Pete’s balls slapping faster against his shaft. His cock was throbbing with every deep blast and then Pete did the same.
Blast after hot blast of cum shot deep into her bowels as his body jerked uncontrollably.
Judy was taking it all and as she felt the heat filling her holes she screamed out as her orgasm ripped through her entire body. Her anus was clenching around Pete’s spewing cock and her cunt muscles were contracting hard on John’s shaft at the same time. Her body trembled and it made her voice do the same as she cried out, “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, fuck yes.”
Pete was exhausted and wanted to pull out but her anal muscles were still spasming around his shaft and thought that he should stay there for her to enjoy. John was spent and had no way of moving as she f***ed herself down on his cock. She wanted her orgasm to keep going and knew that she would have to replace the cocks in her holes soon. As her body tightened around the softening cocks she waited for one of them to pull out and she hoped it was Pete.
As if he read her mind he groaned and pulled out of her wet ass and collapsed to the floor.
“Wayne, come and fuck my ass, quick, fuck me.”
John said, “s*s I’m done.”
“Thank you John, that was just fantastic, I love you,” and gave him a big wet tongue kiss.
She lifted herself off and when his cock flopped out so did their cum juice. Her body shivered from their separated bodies and she told Mal to come and sit down.
He took John’s place and told her to go for it. She smiled back at him and said, “Oh I’ll go for it, don’t you worry. But now you two have to fuck me twice as hard, so are you ready for it?” “Yeah s*s, bring it on,” he said to her with a grin.
She got into position and when they were ready to fuck her she said, “My holes are so wet so I need you both to shove those big cocks in deep at the same time and don’t hold back.
They aimed their cocks at each hole and when she felt them both she yelled out, “Now shove them in.”
At the very same time they penetrated her holes with one fast stab that made her scream as they held her down.
With their cocks pushed in deep she grunted at them to start fucking her hard.
They fucked her with so much f***e that every breath was pushed out of her lungs and yet she pushed back down to receive every inch of them.
Wayne knew how hard she fucked and how hard she worked for it and with one hand he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. She grunted, “Oh yes, do me fucking hard, pound that horny ass of mine, come on give me more, I fucking need more.”
“I know what you need s*s and I know how tight you like it so I’ve got a present for you.”
“Do me how ever you want Wayne, just don’t stop.”
Wayne pulled out of her ass and fed his cum soaked cock into her cunt. Mal grunted out, “What the fuck are you doing Wayne?”
“Oooooooh, yessssssss, that’s it, that’s it Wayne, fuck me,” she screamed.
She could feel them both pumping her cunt at the same time and she got into the same rhythm with them as her cunt was stretched and her walls pushed apart. Another orgasm was building and this time it was going to be the strongest one so far.
With a tremble in her voice she said, “It’s coming, don’t stop, please don’t stop fucking me hard while I’m coming, I need it so bad, yes oh fuuuuuck I neeeeeeeed,” She was out of control as she screamed through her massive orgasm.
Mal was trying to f***e his tongue in her opened mouth as they continued fucking her hard and could feel his balls were about to explode.
She loved the brutality of her orgasm fighting every nerve in her body as two cocks f***ed their way deep into her uncontrollable cunt. When Mal unleashed his hot sperm as deep as he could she screamed from the over powering heat her cunt was going through. Her finger nails were digging into his back as she f***ed herself to keep riding both cocks. Mal’s cock was feeling the pain from blasting load after load into his s****r as Wayne’s cock kept slamming into his.
Judy’s head was banging against to couch with every thrust that Wayne was giving her cunt and he was driving his cock in faster and deeper. He was going to cum and cum hard. With one hand he grabbed her shoulder to pull her onto him and as he started to moan she cried out for him to give it to her.
“Ooooooh fuuuuck yeeeeesssss,” He yeld as he pushed his hips into her and shot his first hot load. She squealed in total delight through her continuing orgasm as she felt him jerk with every blast that filled her. Her cunt was overflowing with the mixture of her cunt juice and sperm and it was running out onto Mal. Even the wet slapping sounds coming from her cunt were turning her on.
Mal was covered by her hot sweaty body as cum was coating his balls. His cock stayed hard through the whole onslaught. He couldn’t release himself until Wayne had finished and Wayne was still unloading his balls and pushing as deep as he could. He was amazed at how powerful his orgasm was and wondered if he would ever stop.
Judy was panting in Mal’s ear as she concentrated on the contractions her orgasm was giving her cunt. She tried to squeeze her cunt tight around the two cocks to prolong the pleasure. She knew that the cocks would start to go soft and leave her cunt with a void that would need to be filled.
Wayne was still buried deep and flinching every time he felt her contracting her muscles to keep him hard. He decided he had enough and slowly pulled himself away. When his cum covered cock was released her cunt let out a little fart and splattered their mixture on Mal’s balls. All Wayne could say was, “Your one fucking horny slut s*s and I love you.”
Her cunt flexed around Mal’s cock when she heard him call her a slut and started bouncing up and down for more.
Mal grabbed her by the hair and guided her face to his and said, “His right, you are one hot slut s*s.” With sweat covered faces they kissed like never before. They swapped spit as their tongues went crazy into each other’s mouths. She was determined to push through her orgasm and get another one. As she bounced harder onto Mal’s softening cock she went into overdrive with her tongue kissing. They were grunting and panting at each other as they wrestled their tongues in and out. With every bounce more and more cum escaped her cunt and he knew what she wanted. His cock was semi hard and sore and decided to shove a couple of fingers in her ass.
As they swapped spit she never knew what was coming. With his right hand he spread her left cheek and with his left hand inserted two fingers straight into her cum soaked ass.
“Yeah, fuck my ass, shove all your fucking fingers in there, go on do it, do it, give me all of them,” she gasped.
With his two fingers he pulled her open and slid two more in and she sucked hard on his tongue. She was gasping for air as her ass tried to hump his four fingers and then it started. Her orgasm was kicking in and she amazed all the other boys by forcing two of her own fingers up her ass as well.
Mal couldn’t believe that she was doing this and just followed her thrusting fingers until she orgasmed. Resting her head on his forehead and breathing heavily she whispered, “I’m cuming Mal, I’m having another orgasm so please don’t stop. Her voice went higher as she begged him not to stop and her orgasm hit her hard. Sweat was running off her face as she held her breath and f***ed her ass down on their fingers. With a final yell she removed her fingers and felt her cunt and ass hole contracting uncontrollably. With ever pant saliva was escaping her mouth as Mal shoved his hand as deep as he could and held it there. She pushed down on him trying to get his whole fist in her ass to intensify her orgasm. Another hard attack on her nerve endings and she rode through it all. Her body trembled as her contractions tried to suck in as much as it could. It seemed like it would never end and she knew that when it did it was going to hurt. A hurt that she longed for. A hurt that can be fixed by doing it all over again. And a hurt that only a good bath can fix later.
As her orgasm started to calm down she passionately kissed Mal and then thanked him.
“Your just built for this, aren’t you s*s.”
“Like I said Mal, the harder the better.”
The a****l in him took over and he threw her on the couch. He was going to give her another orgasm even if she refused.
On her back with a look of surprise she watched him spread her legs apart and dive face first onto her cunt. He lapped at her sore lips and attacked her swollen clit like a man possessed. Like bolts of lightning her body jerked as she tried to move away. He tasted all of their cum and he swallowed as he sucked.
“Stop, stop, wait,” she cried as he continued his attack. He didn’t stop and he didn’t hold back. Mal flicked his tongue across her ass hole and pushed it in and then back to her clit.
She used both hands to pull his hair and remove him from her cunt to get his attention. As he was pulled up by his hair he yelled at her, “What.”
“I know what the fuck you’re doing so do it right. Fist fuck me.”
“Are you sure you can take my whole fist?”
Breathing hard and looking him in the eyes she said, “Show me how deep you can do me.”
“I’m gonna fuck you up so bad s*s, so bad.”
“Fuck me up Mal, the harder the better.”
He shoved four fingers into her mouth and it surprised her as she gagged. She knew he wanted his fingers wet and she obliged. Tears were running down her cheeks as he kept shoving them down her throat and her cunt twitched in anticipation of what was to come.
There was no holding back and she knew that he was going to fuck her up go and proper. She fingered herself and spread the cum around her cunt as she gagged. She was going to be fisted by her b*****r and the brutal treatment she was getting was turning her on.
She had enough of this and wanted to be filled. f***efully grabbing his wrist she pulled herself up to his face and with gritted teeth said to him, “I want it in my fucking cunt and when I start cuming shove whatever the fuck you want up my ass. Fuck me up Mal, fuck me up.”
Mal kissed her saliva cover mouth and she held his head with both hands. They continued kissing as she felt his had snake between her wet crutch.
With his fingers pointing out he started going into her in a rotating action. She moaned in his mouth and he entered further. He pulled out and smeared his fingers over her cunt lips and returned inserting them again. They stayed locked to each other’s mouths as he slowly went in deeper. She moaned and when he removed his hand and smeared her cunt she broke their kiss and with a lustful grin she said, “Mal, you’re gonna make me cum so just stick it in me now.”
She went back to kissing him as she waited for the penetration that she needed. He slowly pushed with a twist and as he eased into her she stayed still enjoying the feeling of her cunt walls being stretched. Once he had the knuckle to his thumb inside her let out a long guttural groan. He didn’t move as her cunt adjusted to his fist. Her legs went into a tremble as she held his head and tried to relax.
“Judy if you want me to stop I will.”
“Don’t you fucking dare Mal,” she groaned, “Don’t you fucking stop.”
When she felt her cunt was ready she said, “I need your hand into a fist so pull out now and when you’re ready just push in all the way.” He pulled his out stretched fingers out of her tight cunt and made a fist and said, “Here goes s*s.”
He eased his fist easily into her and with a slow moan she said, “There, now that wasn’t so bad was it Mal.”
He was amazed that she could take it and as they kissed he slowly started twisting his fist inside her. As he kept doing this she quietly and slowly breathed out saying, “Oh that feels good, I love that so deep, fuck I love this so much, don’t stop Mal, I can take this all night.” He knew she could take it all night and he was happy to just stay there.
He decided to see what she would do when he pulled up and then back down and was amazed when she said, “I was wondering when you were going to start fucking it. Remember, the harder the better and I love that way so don’t worry about me, I can take it all.”
With a devil grin he changed from being a loving b*****r to the a****l he was before as kissed her deep. With his hand behind her head holding her close to his mouth he pulled his entire fist out of her cunt and she screamed over his mouth. He shoved it back in and knew it hurt her as she screamed again. He pumped in and out scr****g her tight walls as he held hold of her and she could only snort through her nose on his face. He was working her hard and she was trying to breath and had to grab his ears and pull his face away.
She could tell that he was holding back on her and she had to entice him to give it to her.
“That’s it Mal, fist fuck your horny s****r’s cunt, make me cum my tits off, come on give it to me, fucking harder, come on harder, stop holding back on me, fuck my cunt harder.”
He was smiling at her every word as he stayed to the same speed until her demanded he give it to her.
She had enough of this and wanted him to brutalise her cunt for the orgasm she wanted and decided to let him know.
“Stop fucking holding back on me and fist my fucking cunt as hard as you can,” and then spat at his face and said, “Fucking give it to me now.”
He was shocked when she did it and he spat back while pumping into her as hard and deep as he could.
“Oh fuck yes, that’s it harder, harder, she screamed with every thrust. She lifted her hips to meet his downward thrust and her orgasm was ready to kick in.
“That’s it Mal I’m going to cum Mal, harder, give it to me harder Mal.” And then it hit her so hard that she grabbed her breasts and nearly pulled them off. Mal felt her cunt gripping his fist as he f***ed it to keep fucking her.
She had hold of Mal’s head and was grunting with every breath as tears streamed down her face.
“Oh.......fuck...........yeah............harder..........yessssss............oh.................fuck meeeeee,” she squealed as her cunt contracted around Mal’s fist.
And from nowhere she screamed so loud and stiffened her body as her eyes bulged out of her head.
Pete had shoved two fingers into her tight ass and thought that he might have gone a bit too far when he heard her scream so loud. Mal turned and saw what had happened and then smiled at Pete and gave him a wink.
Her body was still stiff and she wanted to relax but her orgasm was controlling her now. When Pete got the wink from Mal he started finger fucking her ass as hard as he could. Her body was jerking all over the couch and Mal held her tight as he kept fisting her cunt. He felt Pete’s fingers as Judy lost control of her mouth that was spiting saliva out with every breath. Her entire body was trembling and when Pete decided to pull his fingers out and then shove them back in her ass she didn’t even moan.
Mal and Pete looked at each other and decided that she may have had enough. He pulled his fingers from her ass and then Mal slowly removed his cum covered fist from her cunt. With her body still trembling he lowered her down on the couch and watched her hand slowly reach her cunt and insert three fingers in without moving them. She curled her legs up close to her chest and rolled to one side. She was still going through her orgasm and she knew that she would fall asl**p very soon.
She had worked her body to enjoy this moment and in the morning she would remember every detail of what she had done. When she wakes and feels her tender holes come alive she knows that she will have to satisfy them before she gets up and have a shower. This is how she likes to fuck and be fucked, every time.

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great sister
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Very fuckin nice.
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oh yes...the story nice..
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What a wonderful story and so frickin hot. Keep up the great writing and I hope there is another chapter cumming soon....Thanks
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Great stuff I hope there's a part 3 lol
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Another wonderful story, very hot and sensual.
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She is certainly a horny slut. I hope the guys get there mates around and have a good gangbang and use her to the full.