s****r Fucks her 4 b*****rs

s****r fucks her 4 b*****r.
“What time did you say her train was arriving?” Mal asked his two b*****rs who were sitting on the couch having a drink.
“Around six but they must be in caught in traffic” said John.
“Don’t worry they’ll both be here soon enough so chill out you impatient bastards” said Pete.
They were in their older b*****r’s apartment waiting for him to bring their s****r home from England.
The three boys started joking about what their s****r may look like after not seeing her for six years.
John said she might come through that door looking fat and ugly. They all laughed and Mal added that her firm tits would be sitting on her fat guts. Pete nearly choked on his drink at the thought of it. He said, “I know why there so late, she’s too big to fit in Wayne’s sports car and they had to use a bus. The three were pissing themselves laughing so much that they didn’t the door open.
“Well well, it’s good to see that my b*****r’s aren’t fighting for a change,” Judy said as she moved closer to them with her out stretched arms. All three of them stopped laughing when they noticed who it was and how good their s****r looked.
Judy has a models figure and she knew it. Her D size breasts stood firm without any sag for her age and at five foot eight her slim legs showed off her perfect curved ass. Her short blond hair framed her beautiful face and those blue eyes showed everyone how happy she was to see you. She looked like a lady who could make men weak and even women envied her beauty. The boys had a goddess as a s****r and they all had dreams of bedding her.
Judy got to Mal first and gave him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek and then moved to Pete to do the same. When it was John’s turn he said, “You look great s*s” and lifted her off her feet and twirled her around. She laughed and when he put her down she asked for a group hug which they all did.
England’s been so good to you s*s, you’re looking fucking awesome for a fifty year old,” Pete joked. “Fuck you very much Pete you pee wee penis,” she said with a big smile on her face. They all laughed and Wayne asked her to take a seat and what she wanted to drink. “White wine if you have one thanks.” “Coming right up my lady.”
She sat on the couch and kicked off her high heeled shoes then lifted her legs up to her side. They sat around her and asked all the normal questions about her life overseas and she answered them all.
She asked about mum and dad and Wayne told her about the cruise they have booked with all the details. She was happy for them and said that she can’t to see them next week.
The three boys took turns answering all her questions about themselves with what they have been doing for the last three years. She was happy to hear that they were all going well.
By this time she was having her glass filled for the second time and was feeling relaxed and very happy to be home.
While she was listening to the boys she was also reminiscing about their c***dhood days back home, mainly the sexy parts.
Like the first time she had sex at s*******n with Mal who is two years older than her at thirty one. She has never forgotten how big he was back then and how great the sex was for her first time. Now she wondered how big it was now that their older.
Even when talking to John she was thinking of all the times she would play with herself knowing that he was spying on her. It turned her on like crazy knowing that he was outside her door watching and most likely doing the same. She was such a bitch, cock teasing him all the time but she knew it was more of a turn on for her. John is twenty eight and she noticed how handsome and strong he had grown.
And then there was her younger b*****r, Pete, who at twenty two was the tallest of all the boys. He was the devil out of all the boys. He would always walk into the bathroom when I was taking a shower or have a pee and every time he would say, “Oh, it’s you again,” and then leave. Once I caught him under my bed while playing with one of my toys and when I told him to fuck off he always answered with, “Oh it’s you again.” He was such a little bugger but he always made me laugh.
“Well I’m happy to know that life is going good for all of you and you can fill me in with the rest when we get together one on one.” “Hey, you didn’t ask about big boof head Wayne, not that he has much of a life,” said Mal.
“I know everything about my big b*****r’s life from when he came to visit me a month ago.”
Mal asked if she had found the love of her life in England and she said that she didn’t need to.
They all looked confused and waited for her to explain. “Top me up please Wayne because I think the boys are in for a bit of a shock.”
“The reason why I don’t have a man in my life is because I get as many men as I want. My girlfriends and me go out on the town and pick up who we want for the night, take them home, and, well you know the rest. But the best thing is when we get them home, we share them with each other.”
“You swap partners on the same night, in the same room,” asked a shocked Pete. “Alright,” said Pete. “Have you ever had two blokes at the same time? He asked as Mal told him to shut the fuck up.
“It’s ok boys. Yes Pete, I have had two men in me at the same time and yes that means I take it up the ass, so there.”
She was amazed at how forward she was about her sex life but she was so turned on she didn’t care.
Wayne said that he thought the wine was letting her tongue loose and she better not get carried away.
She was getting aroused at the thought of giving herself up to the four of them and letting them fuck her. As she looked at each one of her b*****rs the idea was getting her hotter and hotter. She knew that the thought of being fucked by all her b*****rs was taboo and that idea turned her on even more. Her mind flashed to images of being fucked in every hole and sucking on their cocks until they unloaded their sperm down her throat. Her cunt twitched as she wondered what their sperm tasted like. Would they all taste the same or have their own flavour? She wanted to know, no, she had to know.
That did it and she had made up her mind.
“Boy’s, I have a present for all of you.”
It was young Pete who smiled and said, “I hope it’s you s*s,” and the boy’s broke out laughing.
They all stopped when Judy smiled back at them and said, “You bet your hard cocks it’s me and I’m going to let you all fuck me tonight.”
They stopped laughing as their jaws dropped and they looked at each other in surprise.
She placed her glass on the coffee table and got up to take her clothes off. When she undid the zip to the back of her skirt Wayne said that she could stop with the joke now and she turned and dropped her skirt and said, “Do I look like I’m joking?”
She stepped out of it and moved to Wayne and told him she wanted to be fucked like they did in England.
The boy’s now knew something they didn’t know before and realised that this was no joke. John got up and started undoing his shirt and said, “I’ve always had dreams of fucking your tight body s*s every time I caught you masturbating and now, not only am I going to fuck you but all of us are.”
“Bring it on then boys, come and fuck your horny s****r as hard as you want to, I’m so fucking ready for it,” she told them.
She was kissing Wayne and trying to get his cock out when she felt someone run a hand between her ass cheeks. It was Pete who touched her private parts first and he guided his hand up to her cunt. He was amazed at how wet and warm her knickers felt and when Judy lifted her left leg onto the couch to give him better access he pulled them to the side and shoved one finger straight into her cunt.
She let out a small moan and then turned around to see who it was and smiled to see Pete. “Shove two in Pete, quick,” she demanded. He pulled his hand away and with a devilish grin he shoved three fingers in deep.
He was expecting her to yell or scream but she only let out a long slow moan and he knew at that very moment that she was going to fuck their brains out. He pumped his fingers into her deeper and faster and he wanted to be the first of the b*****rs to give her an orgasm.
While still in Wayne’s arms she asked Pete if he was ready to fuck her. He stood up and pulled his wet fingers out and rubbed them on his erect cock. He grabbed it and rubbed it between her ass and cunt and bent his knees as he aimed the head at her entrance. With one quick forward thrust he had his cock in to the limit and she gasped out, “Oh yes, that’s what I needed, drive it into me Pete, drive that fucking cock of yours into me.” Pete got the message and gave it to her as hard as he could and grabbed her hips to pull her down on every thrust.
Judy was surprised at how big her little b*****r’s cock is. The feel of it spreading her walls apart and pulling and pushing them with every thrust was what she needed. She thought that if all the boys were built the same size then she was going to have the fucking of her life. And she was ready for it.
As she kissed Wayne she had worked his cock out and started pushing the foreskin back and squeezing it as tight as she could. She looked at Wayne when he moaned and said, “Just like back in England, only better.”
He ordered her to suck him and she didn’t hesitate. As she bent down with her mouth opened she saw another cock arrive to her right. It was John with his cock in one hand and he said to Wayne, “Mind if I cut in?” “She gives great head John, be my guest,” Wayne said as he moved back.
“Come back here, I’ll suck you both” she said and had hold of both cocks. She started with John first and spit a couple of times on his cock and as she spread it with her warm hand John grabbed her face and kissed her deeply. She moaned and sucked his tongue as she squeezed them both as hard as she could.
Pete was grunting with every thrust he was giving her wet hot cunt and said to Mal, “She so fucking hot b*o I could do this all night.” Mal had his cock in one hand and was squeezing her right breast and said to Pete, “Take your time Pete, I’m not going anywhere.”
She was sucking the two boys like she has never done before. Sucking her b*****rs drove her wild that she was face fucking their cocks not sucking them. She made herself gag as she f***e a cock deep down into her throat until she couldn’t breathe. When she released it a trail of saliva followed and she gasped for air then returned to the other one and did the same.
The boys were rock hard and letting her do all the work. When Wayne was down her throat he started moaning and said he was ready to cum. Judy let him go and said in a lustful voice, “Cum in my mouth, all of it,” and then returned to sucking him harder.
“Ooooooooh fuck yes I’m fucking cumming, yes, yes, take it, take it,” Wayne yelled as he shot his full load into her mouth.
This is what she was waiting for. She could feel her orgasm ready to take her and when she felt him cuming in her mouth she screamed. Her screams were muffled by cock and cum in her mouth as she tried to keep sucking and swallowing his load. She had to come up for air and some cum had run down her chin. Her whole body was trembling and Pete was holding her tight as he kept fucking into her.
Pete pushed past her contracting muscles that were trying to suck his cock in and he knew he wouldn’t last long.
John was pulling his cock hard as he watched her having an orgasm and the sight of her screwed up face made his balls react.
As she cried out, “Oh yah, oh yah, don’t stop Pete, don’t stop,” cum was running out of her mouth and while she held onto Wayne’s cock for support, John grabbed her by the hair and shoved his cock in her mouth and let go a massive blast of cum.
She sucked him as deep as she could and felt another wave coming to hit her hard. This is what she wanted and she didn’t care how they gave it to her.
She was their fantasy come true and she knew it.
Her orgasm continued hitting her hard and she found it hard to stay standing as her legs trembled beneath her. With Pete banging into her and holding her by the hips she had to let go of John’s cock and wanted to rest against the couch but Pete wasn’t having any of it. He was going to blast her cunt full and deep and started grunting with every thrust.
Judy knew by the f***e and speed her cunt was getting that he was ready to cum. “Don’t cum in my cunt Pete, please in my mouth, I want it in my mouth,” she hissed with every thrust.
“Oh fuck, come here then, quick, quick,” Pete yelled at her.
She pulled away and slipped her ass onto the couch. Turning around to face Pete she saw a stream of sperm coming her way. It hit on the side of her face and she quickly grabbed his squirting cock and shoved it in her mouth. The taste of his cum and her juices drove her crazy. Pete was yelling, “Oh fuck yes s*s, don’t stop, yes, yes, take it all s*s,” as his hips jerked forward with every release.
She had slipped to knees and threw her arm behind Pete’s ass to pull him in closer as she rubbed her clit to prolong her orgasm. Her body twitched and jerked on her knees and she was fighting her uncontrollable body to get every drop of Pete’s cum down her throat.
Pete had hold of her head and watched her trembling as she sucked him clean and wipe the cum off her face using his cock and sucked some more. When she finished she looked at him and said, “You boys taste so fucking good, I want more of it.” Pete dropped to the couch to get his breath back and replied, “Bring it on s*s, you’re a fucking dream coming true.”
“And more cum you shall have, my lady” said Mal.
He was completely naked and holding his cock as she smiled at him knowing that there was more cum to come.
Judy got up and sat her ass on the edge of the couch with her legs spread and cunt dripping. She wanted to be fucked but decided she wanted to swallow his load first.
As she grabbed his cock and pushed back hard on his foreskin she saw pre-cum on the tip of the head. one lick and it was cleaned.
“I’m going to give you the best hand job you have ever had and I want you to fuck my throat when you cum and don’t hold back on me, ok?” she told him as she inserted two fingers into her wet cunt and pulling out her juices. She pushed his foreskin back to the base and squeezed with her left hand and with her wet fingers she rubbed the head of his cock.
Mal moaned as he watched her inserting her fingers and repeating the same over and over again. When she had his cock covered with her cunt juice she made a ring with her fingers and tightly pushed them over the purple head. With a very slow and tight push around the head only he moaned and when she passed the widest point it would pop through her fingers and make him twitch every time. It felt like a small rubber o-ring forcing its way past an object that was way too big for it to fit.
The more she did it the dryer the head became and she knew the friction would be driving him crazy. She could feel his shaft spasm in her left hand with every pop through her fingers. She wanted to rub herself so bad but didn’t want to stop her torture on her b*****r’s rock hard cock.
“This feels so fucking good s*s that it hurts,” he said and she smiled and asked, “Can I go harder on you Mal?” “Do whatever you want s*s just don’t stop. A lustful grin spread across her face and she was happy to hear him say that. This was going to make him cum so fucking hard that she couldn’t wait any longer.
She spit in her hand and spread it just over the head with her right hand and then licked the tips of her fingers. When he was wet enough she grabbed the whole head in her right hand and with her left hand she grabbed the base behind the head and held it tight. “You ready for this Mal? “Yes, yes, just do it.”
She f***efully gave the head a Chinese burn as her hand twisted back and forth and he started twitching madly about. “Pete, get ready to hold him before he falls down.” Pete got up at the ready for what was to come.
As the head started to dry she spit on it and continued her assault towards her final reward.
“Fuck Judy, harder, harder I’m about to fucking cum.” She kept her eyes on his cock and was ready to throw herself over it. “Yes Judy, now I’m fucking cuming now.” She placed her mouth near her clamped hand and knew that the instant she let go she would get one hot f***eful blast of cum straight down her throat.
And she was right. As soon as she let go it entered her mouth and she quickly swallowed it and then deep throated him for another blast. With every hot blast of cum hitting her throat she swallowed and used then face fucked his spasming cock for every last drop.
Mal was yelling out his pleasure and Pete grabbed him as his legs bucked under his weight. Mal was now begging Judy to stop and tried to pull her away but she had hold of his balls hard as she continued face fucking him. She was screaming on his cock as she rubbed her clit through another hard hitting orgasm. When she released herself from his cock they both collapsed on the couch breathing heavily.
With her left hand she f***efully dug her finger nails into her left breast and pulled as her right hand grinded against her contracting cunt. Little gasps of air escaped her squeals as she tightened her muscles through a powerful orgasm that looked like it would never stop. She was brutal on herself as her uncontrollable body jerked back and forth. Harder and faster she rubbed her cunt and when her legs flung open she took the advantage and quickly shoved two fingers into her contracting hole.
When she felt her fingers against her contracting walls her body stiffened and a long and loud guttural scream escaped her mouth. She spasmed on the couch and with a trembling voice cried out, “Oh god, oh god, oh yes, oh fuck, oh my fucking god.”
The boys were amazed at what they just saw and Pete cried out, “Well b*****r’s, I think that’s the end of you lot getting to fuck her tonight. At least I got to fuck her sweet pussy and cum down her throat but all you got was a blow job.” He laughed at knowing that they knew he was right and decided it was time to leave.
Judy heard what he said and as her climax started to wind down she didn’t move but said.
“I just swallowed each and every one of you and if you think that I’ve had enough then you don’t know you s****r very well. I’m just fucking warmed up for the fucking you boys better give me. Hell none of you have had my ass yet and I like my ass fucked as hard as my pussy. Remember, this is my present to all of you and if you do me good tonight then I promise you it won’t be the last. Is that ok with all of you?
Wayne said, “Judy, we fucked for two days so I know the boys think you had enough. Boys, it’s going to be a long night.”
Judy said, “If someone would like to get me a drink I would be very thankful. And I mean, very thankful.”

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